Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?

Updated 16.01.2020

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Is Kuetzal a scam? Is Kuetzal a fraud?

These questions are often posted in many private forums and Facebook groups these days. I think it’s time to share my concerns about Kuetzal with my readers. EDIT: It’s not really a question anymore, it’s more a statement.

I have been investing with Kuetzal since 13.05.2019, so about 6 months. It’s a much shorter duration than many other platforms in my portfolio. Unfortunately, I keep finding things I don’t like.

I’ve discussed most of the issues with the former CEO Alberts, who have been giving his best explanation every time. There’s probably a logical explanation to some of the concerns, I just don’t see it! EDIT: There’s no logical explanation.

I will meet the new CEO Maksims on December 18th. I hop e he’ll be able to shed some light on the concerns I have listed below. EDIT: Maksims had not much value to share. Continue reading “Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?”

Financial Independence Europe Podcast – featuring me

Financial Independence Europe

My first English podcast interview

I was recently interviewed by Alvar and Araminta from the Financial Independence Europe blog. They are very enthusiastic and do a phenomenal job with their podcasts.

If you are interested in Financial Independence in Europe you definitely want to jump in and start listening. I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed participating in it.

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Savings rate – Increase income or save more money?

Savings rate banner

Why is savings rate important?

When you are steering towards Financial Freedom it’s fun and satisfying to look at your income raising from month to month. However, income is only a part of the equation. Expenses are just as important. Still, a lot of people choose to neglect this area. Why? It’s obvious… It means cutting down on all the things you’re used to buy for short term pleasure! Who want’s to cut down on fun? We all want to be rich to spend lots of money, right? Continue reading “Savings rate – Increase income or save more money?”

Visiting Bondora’s office in Tallinn

Disclosure: All links to products and services mentioned on are affiliate links. If you go through them to sign up for a service I will earn a commission. Sometimes you will receive a bonus too.

Last week I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia to visit Bondora. I brought my mom who also invested in Bondora. Visiting a company always gives a better impression of your investment decision. Most of my questions had already been answered on email beforehand but we got a chance to meet and greet the people working there which I highly appreciate.

We traveled with airBaltic from Denmark, through Riga to Tallinn. During the visit we were staying at the TALLINK Spa & Conference Hotel, located in the old town of Tallinn. It’s a nice hotel with a very good breakfast buffet and a wonderful Spa area.

TALLINK Spa & Conference Hotel

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I’m switching from Twino to Mintos

Twino vs. Mintos

Disclosure: All links to products and services mentioned on are affiliate links. If you go through them to sign up for a service I will earn a commission. Sometimes you will receive a bonus too.

Twino vs. Mintos

Twino has been serving me well over the past 1½ years. I have been able to get a 13.58% Return (XIRR) since I started. About 6 months ago the interest rates started dropping from 13-14% to 12% and now 10-11%. On top of that, the 11% loan availability has been relatively low. If you only use the Auto-Invest setting, often the funds will not be reinvested for several days. I have not been overly happy with that, given the large amount invested. Continue reading “I’m switching from Twino to Mintos”

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