Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?

Updated 16.01.2020

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Is Kuetzal a scam? Is Kuetzal a fraud?

These questions are often posted in many private forums and Facebook groups these days. I think it’s time to share my concerns about Kuetzal with my readers. EDIT: It’s not really a question anymore, it’s more a statement.

I have been investing with Kuetzal since 13.05.2019, so about 6 months. It’s a much shorter duration than many other platforms in my portfolio. Unfortunately, I keep finding things I don’t like.

I’ve discussed most of the issues with the former CEO Alberts, who have been giving his best explanation every time. There’s probably a logical explanation to some of the concerns, I just don’t see it! EDIT: There’s no logical explanation.

I will meet the new CEO Maksims on December 18th. I hop e he’ll be able to shed some light on the concerns I have listed below. EDIT: Maksims had not much value to share. Continue reading “Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?”

Meeting Grupeer in their new office

Why this post?

The purpose of this post is to give you some insight into my experiences with the people behind Grupeer.

They have a warmhearted and caring team with a “we’re all family” spirit I have not seen in any other P2P platform. They do not only think about themselves, they try to take care of the whole P2P industry. For that reason, I think they deserve some attention!

It’s just a short post to show you some pictures. Maybe you’ll find some information that you didn’t know already.

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Mintos Financial Report 2018

Is Mintos profitable?

If you’re invested on Mintos you might be interested in how the company is doing financially (at least you should be). They just released their Financial Report for 2018 which you can review in detail here.

If you don’t want to read through all 34 pages you can find a summary with highlights below, written by Mintos.

(If you’re looking for a one-line answer, here it is: Yes, Mintos was marginally profitable by 13.496€ in 2018) Continue reading “Mintos Financial Report 2018”

Grupeer deposit problems

Hey all,

I just wanted to forward a short official update from Grupeer to those of you currently in the process of transferring money to them.

What was the problem?

Grupeer had 3 options available for bank transfers and they are experiencing problems with the one called “ONPEX”.

Deposit information for ONPEX has been temporarily removed from the site, until the issue has been resolved. The two options available “SatchelPay, UAB” and “Baltic International Bank” works without any issues.

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Grupeer Signup Raffle: 100€ Giveaway!

New investors can win 100€

I’m always looking good investments and good opportunities to pass on to my readers.

So I had a chat with Grupeer today and they offered to give 100€ to one random user who signs up from my blog from 21/9 to 30/9-2018.

Signup today through THIS LINK to participate in the 100€ raffle! There’s only 3 simple conditions you need to meet to qualify:

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