Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?

Updated 16.01.2020

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Is Kuetzal a scam? Is Kuetzal a fraud?

These questions are often posted in many private forums and Facebook groups these days. I think it’s time to share my concerns about Kuetzal with my readers. EDIT: It’s not really a question anymore, it’s more a statement.

I have been investing with Kuetzal since 13.05.2019, so about 6 months. It’s a much shorter duration than many other platforms in my portfolio. Unfortunately, I keep finding things I don’t like.

I’ve discussed most of the issues with the former CEO Alberts, who have been giving his best explanation every time. There’s probably a logical explanation to some of the concerns, I just don’t see it! EDIT: There’s no logical explanation.

I will meet the new CEO Maksims on December 18th. I hop e he’ll be able to shed some light on the concerns I have listed below. EDIT: Maksims had not much value to share. Continue reading “Concerns about Kuetzal – Is Kuetzal a scam?”