Portfolio update February 2021

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Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

March has arrived and spring is just around the corner. I can’t wait to feel the heat of the sun and walk barefoot outside!

I’m in the process of revamping this blog. My goal is to provide better value with less information. As I’m investing more and more into equities that doesn’t produce monthly cash flow, I think it makes sense to track my net worth instead of cash flow. This will also give you full insight into my economy including cash and stocks. My first goal is to reach 1 000 000€.

I will soon create a table which shows all my stocks, incl. buy date, buy price, ticker, exit date etc. Until then, make sure to follow me on Twitter @FinanciallyFr33 to get alerts when I make changes to my stock portfolio.

Some good news: Investment property #3 will be added to my portfolio on March 15th.

Many of you have asked how I find trading ideas and stocks to invest in. One of my most reliable sources has been InTheMoneyStocks*, which I have been following since 2015. Not many companies can show a verified track record* like theirs.

I also follow different people on Twitter, YouTube and investment forums like valueinvestorsclub.com

With the introduction out of the way, let’s move on to the numbers from last month:

Income statement: February 2021

Crowdlending Income Invested Value
Bondora* -178.12€ 7 019€ 5 965€
Bulkestate* 0€ 1 778€ 2 757€
Crowdestate* 0.05€ 5 012€ 6 117€
Crowdestor* 1 044.50€ 70 036€ 86 756€
Mintos* 207.36€ 17 660€ 26 051€
PeerBerry* 89.75€ 6 000€ 7 367€
ReInvest24* 6.89€ 1 000€ 1 109€
Robocash* 123.35€ 6 281€ 10 296€
Swaper* 132.51€ 7 000€ 12 536€
Viventor* 8.57€ 4 576€ 5 981€
1 434.86€ 126 365€ 164 937€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1 380€ 18 080€ 44 482€
Property #2 1 167€ 61 200€ 65 646€
Property #3
1 547€ 79 280€ 110 128€
Stocks (DEGIRO*) 47 760€ 130 084€
Cash 70 944€
Total 2 981.86€ 253 405€ 476 093€


  • I wrote off and removed Grupeer and Wisefund even through they’re not technically declared bankrupt or identified as scams by the police. I’ll let you know if there’s any progress in the recovery.
  • I removed FastInvest. I don’t have any active investments with them anymore.
  • XIRR calculation was removed to optimize mobile viewing experience.
  • Investments in stocks from 24.3.2020 to 10.02.2021 was 95 010€. I recently withdrew 47 250€ for the down payment of the 3rd property, which is now sitting in cash.

Individual crowdlending charts

To shorten the monthly update, I removed the individual crowdlending charts. However, they’re still available and updated every month! Find them in the top menu.

Daily interest on your bitcoin

FreeBitco.in* (operating since 2013) is the most trusted bitcoin faucet site in the world. It pays up to 5.10% interest rate on your bitcoin balance! You can also grow your balance with freerolls and free daily spins.

Best European stock broker?

I buy my stocks and trade on DEGIRO*, which I consider the best and cheapest no-bullshit broker in Europe. If you use this link* to sign up we will both receive a 20€ in transaction reimbursement (fee deduction).

Free EUR bank account with no fees

Do you live in Denmark, Poland or Sweden? Having an N26* bank account will save you from currency exchange fees when dealing with euros!

I use N26 to transfer to and from my investments. It even comes with a free debit MasterCard. N26 is by far my favorite banking provider!

N26 bank account

That’s it for this month!

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23 Replies to “Portfolio update February 2021”

  1. Great short, yet insightful update, looking forward to the future updates, best of luck!

    1. Hi Leonid,
      I have crypto worth ~1 000€. I bought a tiny amount of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Binance coin etc. in 2016 and 2017. I bought it primarily to test and understand the technology. To buy crypto believing the price will go up is speculation (just like forex trading, speculating in prices of commodities or buying gold etc.) While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with speculation, I prefer to invest in loans or companies that produces a product or service.

      I’m open to allocate ~5% of my portfolio to speculation. Not just quite sure what it’s going to be. I’d like to see some more widespread use cases for crypto, that people would use on a daily basis. When that happens, the chance of making 100X my money is gone, but I’m okay with that.

      1. I see Bitcoin mostly as inflation protection asset, same as gold. Other alts, like Ethereum, Binance, BSC are blockchain infrastructure, it’s a product & service with high demand.

        1. “as inflation protection asset” comparing this to gold is not the way to go.

  2. Hello Jorgen, looks like after reworking your blog some links are missing now 🙂 When I clicked on Crowdestate or Crowdestor in your chart – they are not opening and the website shows an error !

  3. Very disappointing to see crowd funding losses just erased from the picture by removing them from your accounts here.

    You are now presenting it as if you only invested 124k into crowdlending and it has grown to be worth 165k. You are ignoring the complete losses by removing them from the invested amount.

    Essentially you are only showing your winners… This is not a fair reflection of your real world results and is pretty poor transparency.


    1. Hi Conor. Thanks for expressing your opinion. I want the monthly overviews to reflect my active investments. If I kept reporting about everything I invested in, the monthly update would be a mess. Maybe you’re not aware, but I’m also removing winners. Platforms I have exited with a profit in the past, like Twino, FastInvest and FlexFunding don’t show in the monthly updates either.

      1. Hi Joergen,

        I understand your point regarding practicality. I would still consider including results of all the already closed positions perhaps even as just one line in the overview. It would surely increase its transparency and credibility. Otherwise you are risking people having their doubts, whether they raise them openly only not.

        However, obviously, it is your call…

        Best regards

  4. Hey Jørgen.

    Dont you have to report taxes on degiro by yourself? If so, is that easy enough? and do you think its worth the time?

  5. Hoe are you using the inthemoneystocks? Your using their investment alerts options and doing trades 3 x a week? Are you cautious which you take from them or fully trust and follow all?

    I am interested but cautious following someone’s advise with my money 🙂

    1. I’m only trading the setups that makes sense to me. There’s many trades I don’t take because of my personal preferences. I don’t like to short and I don’t use leveraged instruments. For the most part, I also don’t trade stocks with market cap below 1 billion. But several of their trading ideas have made sense to me.

      As with any investment, you should always be cautious and do your own research.

  6. Hi Jørgen. Thanks for the blog — very interesting and brave. The recent changes are very sensible.

    I was wondering if you have a plot of your net worth over time? How much of your current net worth was earned by working, vs inheritance, vs investing?

    These facts could be quite illuminating to someone starting out, or living in another country.

    1. Hi Francois,
      Unfortunately, I have not been tracking my net worth over time, I have been solely focused on monthly cash flow. From now on, I’m tracking net worth as well as cash flow.
      Most of my net worth was earned by working. If I had to give a rough estimate, I’d guess about 20% of my current net worth comes from investing. I have no inheritance, I’m lucky to still have my parents and grand parents.

  7. Regarding Crowdestor I am thinking they are slowly going Grupeer path of bankcrupcy. I invested in 6 projects, able to finish only two small and four not even started. Covid-19 is an excuse for everything now, I put all on for for sale, hoping to get something back… P2P looks like a scam business.

    Regarding the price of real-estate properties you bought… If I were you, I would leave everything and do only this. To get more then 1000€ per month from property worth 60.000€ is a greate deal!

  8. Re Crowdestor — They seem professional in their communication but I’ve noticed that a) they’re late in paying back many of their loans b) The interest on their loans have been climbing from 12-20% to >30% on some recent loans

    I don’t understand how anybody would take a loan from them at those high interest rates, when interest rates are generally so low these days. The only people that would rationally choose such loans are people who can’t get loans from regular banks. Why would this be? Most likely because they are in super high risk of default. The whole thing makes me worry, especially since I still have money owed to me.

  9. There is very good content on your blog, I was truly delighted with this information.

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