Portfolio update August 2017

Portfolio P2P investments Swaper Robo.cash Twino Mintos Bondora Crowdestate reviewSummary of August

Bondora returned 169,25€ (-29,91€ less than last month)

Twino returned 117,99€ (-1,57€ less than last month)

Swaper returned 62,32€ (+18,55€ more than last month)

Robocash returned 21,21€ (+17,04€ more than last month)

Mintos returned 11,89€ (-0,07€ less than last month)

Crowdestate returned 0,00€ (I expected a repayment of €9.26 on 31.08.2017 but it has has been rescheduled to 01.09.2017)

This gives me a total of 382,66€ (+4,04€ more than last month)
which equals 12,75% of my first goal (+0,13% more than last month) Continue reading “Portfolio update August 2017”

Portfolio update July 2017

Portfolio P2P investments Swaper Robo.cash Twino Mintos Bondora Crowdestate reviewSummary of July

I was on holiday almost all of July but that doesn’t stop me from looking for good investment opportunities.

As stated last month, I was quite keen on trying out Viainvest . However, after only a few hours I made the decision that Viainvest not a good match for me. I started writing a longer explanation, but to keep this post short, I decided to make a separate blog post explaining my decision. (Hint: Internal taxation.) Continue reading “Portfolio update July 2017”

Portfolio update June 2017

Summary of June

June was the first full month with Swaper. I’m pleased to say it has been a hassle free experience. The Auto Invest reinvested everything daily, no manual action was required.

Twino on the other hand needs 100% manual investing at the moment if you’re going for the 12% loans. And even with the manual work you still have to know exactly when the loans are released to get any. If things doesn’t change over the next month I will probably start transferring the funds to Swaper instead. Less work and higher returns. Continue reading “Portfolio update June 2017”

Portfolio update April 2017

Peer to peer investments - Financially free

Funds added

In March I added more funds to my Twino account, doubling my investment on the site. Twino is probably my favorite peer-to-peer investing platform so far, mainly because of these 4 factors:

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • There are no fees for investors.
  • The secondary market is very liquid.
  • Most importantly: The numbers are always correct.

Continue reading “Portfolio update April 2017”