Portfolio update May 2018

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Hello fellow freedom and wealth seekers!

May was another great month setting a new personal record for me (again).  I’m amazed that the numbers keep rising. Of course, I keep investing so, in theory, income should be following along. But theory doesn’t always match reality and the path to your goals never follow a straight line. The tide goes in and out, there’s ups and downs like in all parts in life. But one thing is sure: We have set our sails and the destination is clear. We might spend the night in a new harbor we didn’t expect to visit, but that’s also what makes the journey interesting isn’t it?

This months growth came mainly from a higher blog income. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. I really enjoy your company and truly appreciate your support!

Here is my income statement for May 2018.

P2P Investments: 

Platform Return Compared to last month Account value
Bondora -56,58€ -120,43€ 30.379,20€
Twino 16,51€ -0,88€ 1.695,97€
Mintos 62,26€ +4,11€ 5.570,09€
Swaper 81,96€ +4,18€ 9.809,25€
Robocash 80,63€ +29,75€ 6.449,98€
Crowdestate 11,71€ -49,45€ 7.330,60€
Crowdestor 89,18€ +60,85€ 4.117,51€
Grupeer 1,12€ +1,12€ 2.204,77€
FastInvest 8,45€ +8,45€ 2.108,45€
Total 295,24€ -62,30€ 69.665,82€

Real Estate:

First property returned 660€


Blog returned 406,38€ (+203,46€ more than last month)

Grand total: 

1.361,62€ (+141,16€ more than last month) which equals
45,39% of my first goal (+4,72% more than last month)

Portfolio update May 2018

The law of averages

Will the income graph take a beating again some time in the future? I bet it will! Will one of the investment platforms go out of business? Probably! Will the law of averages make sure we reach our goals, if we stay focused and persist pursuing our dreams? Most likely!

If you have not heard Jim Rohn talk about the law of averages, I strongly recommend to rip out 25 minutes of your time right now and listen:

“First … The Birds Will Get Some”. Jim Rohn must be talking about Bondora?!


May 2018 was the first month(but probably not last) where “Net interest earned” was negative. Principal was planned to 896,49€ but principal + interest received was only 839,91€.

Bondora income graph

I withdrew 3.000€ this month. A total of 5.200€ of 26.100€ invested has now been withdrawn. Bondora recently intensified their recovery efforts. It’ll be exciting to see how much they will recover. I should probably be happy if I get my original invested principal back over the next 5 years.

Even though it looks pretty bad, I have received a relatively stable cash flow of at least 800€ every month. Let’s hope it continues like that.


Global Nord Timber OÜ finished their first loan and the principal payment was scheduled for 31.05.2018. But “due to the payment limits of the Sponsor’s internet bank 31.05.18 scheduled payments will be made on this occasion in three sections: 31.05, 01.06 and 04.06.”

This means the principal and interest will be paid back with a small delay of a few days – I’m completely fine with that. All other investments on Crowdestate paid on time. 

The amount of new projects published has declined, only 1 new project was published in May. It’s very hard to get a share in a new project, too many investors have idle cash waiting to be invested in their accounts! Your best chance is to enable Auto-Invest and pray. (Auto-Invest has priority over manual investments)

New investors keep flowing to the platform, and I’m not surprised; It’s a great platform with great returns! Hopefully they will publish a lot more projects in the near future. 


The first project TESLA TAXI Park Riga made their second repayment on time on May 5th. I also received the first repayment from the Cryptocurrency Mining Farm on May 25th as scheduled. Everything is looking good so far on Crowdestor.

I have e-mailed and talked with head of Product & Services, Gunars Udris, on the phone a few times. They have a lot of plans for expansion in the near future. Hopefully, new projects will be added soon, so I can reinvest my earnings.

I also wish for a a few updates to the webpage; a better account statement for example.

Crowdestor income graph
89,18€ return for a 4.028,33€ investment in one month. Not bad!


The Mogo Cashback campaign was extended once again, this time to 16.06.2018. That means you still can get up to 5% cash back if you invest in 60 month loans from Mogo. It’s a great opportunity to invest in Mintos if you plan to get involved in the platform.

In May, reinvestments in Mogo loans gave me a cash back of 53,86€! That’s almost equal to the amount of interest earned for the same period. Additionally, some of the long-term loans that generates cash back, now come with 13 and 14% interest rate. Last month it was ‘only’ 12%. I’ll take it!

I wrote a complete review on the Mintos platform a few weeks ago. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.

Mintos income graph
Cashbacks are not included in this income graph. In total, I have received more than 157€ in cashbacks on top of the regular interest payments.


Swaper returned a bit more than last month. On 16.05.2018 I invested another 2.462€ in Swaper so my total deposit is now 9.000€. This should bring the monthly returns well over 100€ every month from now on. Yay!

Swaper income graph


As expected, May was a good month for Robocash. Some cash drag has started to build up over the past week though. I expect this is due to the high number of new investors joining the platform. 17,70% of my cash is idle at the moment. I really wanted to max out my account to 10.000€, but seeing this cash drag makes me hesitate. Give us more loans Robocash 🙂

Robocash income graph


I invested 2.100€ on FastInvest in May. This is a relatively new platform and thus the risk is a lot higher! It’s a relatively new platform but I decided to give it a go. I already received quite a few repayments and the auto-invest tool has reinvested the principal and earnings very quickly.

To give you a brief overview, I have invested in loans with these properties:

  • 15% interest rate
  • 6 month duration
  • Default guarantee
  • Buyback guarantee

The default guarantee is actually what other platforms call buyback guarantee. If a borrower doesn’t pay back, FastInvest will give you your principal and interest earned back.

FastInvest has no secondary market BUT you can choose to sell the loans back to FastInvest at any time. This is what they call Buyback guarantee. If you choose to do so, you will lose all interest earned for the loans you choose to sell, but you will get your principal back within 1 business day, guaranteed. This is an interesting approach.

I’ll write a complete review about FastInvest when I have gathered enough information to do so. 


I joined Grupeer in May as well. Other investors in the P2P community have stated that Grupeer is their favorite platform, so I had to try it. The platform is very easy to use and the returns are great. Loans with 14% and 15% interest rate are very common. All loans at Grupeer comes with a buyback guarantee.

Grupeer recently added an Auto-Invest option. This tool makes investing effortless!

I wrote a complete review of my first experiences with Grupeer. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it here.


I invested 2.000€ in Envestio today. This is a relatively new platform and thus the risk is a lot higher! I have emailed a lot with Eugene Kukin, COO of Envestio, and the answers he provided gave me enough confidence to give it a try.

If you decide to test the platform with me, consider using my link. You will get:

  • A bonus amount of 7€ just after you make the first deposit to your investment account for a minimum amount of EUR 100€
  • 0,5% cash back on all investments made in the first 270 days (That’s 9 full months!)

Be sure to sign up from directly from this link to get your bonuses: https://financiallyfree.eu/envestio

If you sign up from https://envestio.com/en/signup/ you don’t get any of the bonuses!

Real Estate

I had a meeting with the bank earlier this month. Unfortunately, they demanded to see at least 20% of the value of the property in cash, if I wanted to buy a second property. I had hoped that 10% would be enough, when the seller offered the last 10% as a loan. Oh well, I will need to save up more!

The second property I had in mind was for sale at 335.570€, but it would take me some time to find 67.114€. Now I’m looking at another property priced at 234.900€. To buy this I will have to save up ~47.000€. I should be able to do so within a year, if I also sell some of my P2P investments when needed.

Savings rate

In May I managed to get a savings rate of 65%. I’m very satisfied with this. It will be lower next month due to our summer holiday payment. In July, we are going to my favorite spot in Italy and I’m really looking forward to it!

Savings rate 2018

New pages and better overview

During the past 14 days I have updated the blog with new pages, more graphs and more information. I hope you like it! Now you will be able to see:

  • Investment history: Every time I make a new investment or withdrawal I will post it on this list. I will not send you any emails about new investments, you will have to check this list yourself if you’re interested.
  • Savings rate: I have tracked my earnings and expenses for a long time and decided to make a page with all this information, going all the way back to 2016. Starting now, I will show you exactly what I earn, how much I spend and how much I save every month. I try my best to provide full transparency about my economy. I hope you can relate my numbers to your own economy, at least in percentages.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal graphs: If you check my list of P2P investments, you will now be able to see a graph with deposits/withdrawals for each platform. This should give you a better indication of why the income graph looks like they do.

The blog is gaining momentum

More than 1.500 unique users visited financiallyfree.eu in May 2018. That’s a 39% increase compared to April! It’s still a small number compared to other personal finance blogs, but I feel incredibly blessed to have so many readers. Writing new posts is much more fun, when a lot of people want to read them.

Wordpress visitor statistics

Last words

With this blog I gave myself the obligation to test out new platforms with MY money, so YOU don’t have to take the risk, until you feel certain that the platform can be trusted and provides the returns you would expect.

If you choose to invest in any of the platforms I invest in, please proceed with caution and do your own research first. Remember, I’m just showing what I do, in attempt to reach financial freedom.

Enjoy the summer!

P.S. Do you believe in the law of averages? Leave a Reply below to let me know if you liked the videos!

15 Replies to “Portfolio update May 2018”

  1. Are you recommending Bondora or not? Is it some old bad loans or a general negative development at Bondora that is causing the losses? I have only had positive income so far from Bondora but this post makes me anxious about having 20% of my crowdlending capital on Bondora.

    1. I would not recommend Bondora to anyone. The default rate of loans is way too high. You might not experience the general negative development the first year, but it hits most portfolios. Maybe you will end up with a profit after several years but the return is not high enough to compensate for the non-existing liquidity for overdue and defaulted loans. You can find several better investments in my opinion.

    2. I also don’t recommend Bondora!
      I started investing there in march 2016, everything looks good for the first year, but later a lot of defaults come. even AA loans defaulted. From Estonian D loans almost 50% are defaulted.
      Now I have only about 3.5k € investments in Bondora, and some months it produces 7-10 euros… although Bondora shows you very nice numbers, good XIRR and interests income, but thats not true…

  2. Hi Jørgen, nice to meet you. Ever since I got married earlier this year I had this drive to secure our future. After many evenings and days of almost non-stop informing myself online I have now put 2,5K spread over Mintos, Robocash and Bondora. I’ll try to add 1k in different platforms as the month goes for a total of 10K.

    I must admit, it was mostly because of your blog that I got the most valuable info about these platforms. At first I was only getting to blogs from the US, which aren’t really relevant to Europe (I’m Belgian).

    So I signed up for these three platforms using the links on your website. Hoping it will help you some also towards your goal! I’m keeping a log offline for now, but I’m thinking about starting a blog also with some of my own reviews at time goes for these investments. Any big tip you can throw my way in order to generate some income with easy set-up from a starting blog? Few euro’s monthly is fine, basically to cover the €50 or so per year costs, I’m not starting the blog to get a lot out of it.

    Thanks a lot, and keep up the good job! I’ll be following your blog step by step and hope you’ll reach your goal soon. Feel free to contact me either by replying here or via email. Have a nice Sunday!

    1. Hi Ken!
      As Jorgen mentioned before, he would not recommend Bondora now. The same opinion are all my friends not. It is not good platform at the moment

      1. Hi Eduard, thank you for the quick reply.

        I agree, and I know. However before knowing this as a fact I had invested €1000. However once I started reading more and more about it, I withdrew €500. So only half of the investment is left.

        My next ones I’m looking at right now are Finbee, Grupeer or Crowdestor. But that’s for next month, 2.5K this month is enough to start with :).

    2. Hi Ken,

      I’m glad you found value in reading about my investments. Thank you for using my links, every small contribution is very much appreciated!

      Like Eduard pointed out, I don’t really recommend Bondora at the moment. The default rate and the recovery expences are too high.

      It’s pretty easy to create a WordPress blog if you want to blog about your journey as well. If you wan’t a single big tip, try to think of something that would make your blog unique. Regarding income, there’s a lot of possibilities for affiliate links, google ads or even linking to items on amazon.

      Feel free to drop me an email as well, if you want to continue the conversation.

      1. One more notice about Bondora: in March 2016 I’ve made there my first personal account just to understand how does it work (after that I’ve made a corporate account), and invested 100 euros, all this time it worked on autoinvest and on portfolio pro. during first year portfolio has grown up quite quickly to 112, during next year to 115, and now it started moving back, to 113 😀
        it is interesting just to observe how low could it go 😀

    3. Hi Ken, I’m Belgian as well, and looking forward to start investing in Crowdlending, however I’m a bit concerned about taxes. I tried looking around for some info, but could not find much. As we are now a year later, could you please share your experience in this area ? Many thanks !

      1. Hi there,

        There is a 30% tax on accrued interests where crowdlending interest would fall under. However, this is only when withdrawing, in which case the Belgian gov expects you to add this in your income tax.
        So for me I’ve not really had experience in it. When I do, I might ask advice of a tax consultant, I know there are a couple of “options” when reinvesting the earned interest directly into another type of investment -> like buying a 2nd property.
        But that is my goal by 2024 and laws might change by then, so I won’t investigate too much more at this point, that will happen in a couple of years.
        Hope that helps?


  3. Jorgen, how is your Robocash portfolio going?
    I have invested 1000 eur two months ago, and it brings me only 6-7 eur per month (xirr about 8.6%). I could expected twice more. All investments 14% with buyback guarantee, 560eur in time, 450 are late. In Mintos the pay both principal and interest, if buying back, in Robocash only principal

    1. Hi Eduard,

      My Robocash portfolio is experiencing some cash drag at the moment. There’s not enough loans to invest in. Up to 1600€ was not reinvested last week. It seems to get better now though, uninvested amount has dropped to 700€.

      Robocash do pay interest for overdue and defaulted loans as well. You can clearly see this in your account statement. If your portfolio is only a few months old, you’ll see interest earned go up over the coming months.

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