Grupeer review – Sign up process and first impressions

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What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is a P2P platform I have been following on the sideline for quite some time now. (Actually, I think it’s more appropriate to call it a P2B platform, as all their loans are to businesses.)

The company was registered in October 2016 and the platform was launched in February 2017. When I found them in September 2017 they only had a small number of investors so I was a bit hesitant to get involved. I chose to put them on the radar and follow them closely for a period of time.

More than 7 months have passed since then. They have grown in size and credibility and proven their existence to the point where I’m ready to invest. More than 1.000 investors have joined at the time of writing. One of my readers often points out that Grupeer is his favorite P2P platform so I’m excited to get started!

Grupeer’s business model is quite similar to Mintos. They are a P2P marketplace where loan originators can offer their pre-funded loans to investors. By doing this, they have more money available to fund new loans so they can leverage their businesses. I won’t go too much into details here, Grupeer has an extensive “How it works” site and a FAQ site that will answer most questions you may have.

Grupeer is planning to release about 2.000.000€ of loans per month in the near future. The current average is approximately 600.000€ per month distributed between 13 different loan originators. More originators will join the platform shortly. No official financial statement has been released yet but you can find more info about their financials here.

Signing up

Becoming a member is very straight forward. Fill out the required data in the form and your account is created.

Grupeer signup process

Transferring money

To add funds to you account you simply make a SEPA transfer through your bank. All bank account information is available under the “Deposit / Withdraw” -> “Add funds” page. Remember to include your personal investor ID number in the payment details.

Website interface

It’s quite easy to navigate the site and find the information you need. There’s only 4 headlines in the menu:

Grupeer top menu

    • The overview page gives you a clean and simple overview of your Account Balance and Income. From the overview you can also find “Account statement” which gives you a nice overview of all incoming and outgoing transactions and “Income Statement” which is a generated PDF you can use for tax reporting.
    • Investments are divided into Loan deals, Development Projects and Secondary Market. The Secondary Market is still a work in progress, it has not been released yet.
    • My Investments shows the loan deals / projects you have invested in and, if you have a lot, you can filter them by loan type, interest rate, purchase date or active/inactive.
    •  Deposit / Withdraw. From this menu you can Add funds, Withdraw or Refer a friend. Grupeer has an attractive referral program as they’re still seeking investors to expand their business. You can earn up to 1.25% of the amount your referrals invest. The money you earn is automatically added to your Grupeer account.

Investing in the first project

Do you just want to get started and care less about each project? If that’s the case then you simply click one of the loan deals that suits you and click “Invest”. All the loans on the platform are secured loans and they all come with the 60 day buyback guarantee.

Many loan deals to be found under “Invest” -> “Loan deals”. Duration from 1-12 months.

Grupeer has recently released a few projects that I find quite interesting. Especially the PROMENADA project with a 65% LTV (loan to value) and 12 month loan period has caught my attention. They offer a 14% interest rate, buyback guarantee, and on top of that you get a 1% cash back.

Grupeer PROMENADA project
The blue € circle indicates that you get 1% cash back when you invest in the PROMENADA project

A lot of information about the project is available under “project information”, including a link to the official website and a 14 page PDF presentation.

Once you click the Invest button, you can choose how much you want to invest. The minimum is investment is only 10€.

Grupeer investing into a loan
Press the green “suitcase” to add the investment to a “shopping basket”.
Grupeer shopping basket

You can go ahead and invest in more projects or go to “check out” to confirm your investment. From the confirmation page you can download the loan PDF agreement with one click if you want to save or print it. This agreement is also available under “My Investments” once you’ve invested.

A payment schedule for future repayments is available under each project. I would have liked a combined repayment schedule for all projects I invest in on the “Overview” page. Hopefully they will add this later on.

Short term loans

If you’re into short term loans, the creditor MONIFY SIA offers several Business Loans with a with a loan term of 1-9 months. 14% interest rate and buyback guarantee also apply here. The businesses vary from heat insulation equipment, wood distributors to construction companies. MONIFY SIA provides a financial analysis of each company directly on the investment page, which is quite handy. See example below.

First impressions / Verdict

The platform feels like a nice mix between Crowdestate and Mintos. You can get 14% interest rate (sometimes even 15%), buyback guarantee and cash back like on Mintos and at the same time you can invest in interesting Real Estate projects like on Crowdestate. I like that combination!

Additionally, the 1% cash back is instantly credited to your account. You don’t have to wait 7 days like on Mintos.

An Auto-Invest option was added recently. This tool makes investing effortless!

The Grupeer team does a good job answering any questions you might have. Their responses are fast, professional and polite, that’s something I really appreciate. I’m pleased to finally be involved in the Grupeer platform and I’m definitely going to add more funds sooner than later.

Have you invested in Grupeer ? What are your thought about this platform? Please share below!

29 Replies to “Grupeer review – Sign up process and first impressions”

  1. Hello Jorgen,

    Good review, thank you! Do you see any risks of this platform?

    I use this and other p2p platforms and many of them provides 14-20 % interests without buy-back (and 12 % with buy-back or collateral), so it is surprisingly profitable to invest in grupeer. What is more, they do not provide any statistics about late loans – I assume there must be some. I am also surprised why they still cannot update statistics of issued loans value instantly (now issued loans value is 2 658 325 EUR, and it has not been changed ~2 weeks). And finally, they do not have many followers and discussion sites where investors share their experience (alternative investments, p2p hero), I would like to have more publical discussions, concerns and experiences.

    I find it very profitable (as investment with buy-back) therefore I am trying to find something suspicious.

    Good luck!

    1. Hi. Thanks for reaching out.

      In my opinion the risk is more or less the same as any P2P platform on the market.

      Grupeer issued a 9.500€ loan on May 2nd. Are you sure the issued loans number has not changed for 2 weeks? I will keep an eye on it.

      The highest interest rate I have seen on Grupeer is 15% with buyback guarantee. It’s not much higher than other platforms. Swaper and Robocash both have 14% and you can even find 15% or 15.1% loans with buyback on Mintos.

      Grupeer is a much smaller platform than many others, I guess this is why you don’t find many reviews about them yet. They are starting to gain momentum so I expect more and more discussions will start to arise on P2P forums etc.

  2. Yes, I hope that everything is fine there, therefore I am investing in it. There were only my suspicious points. And yes, please check statistics – I got the answer from support that it is updated only once a month..

  3. Hi Jørgen, many thanks, you motivate me to invest!
    I wanted to register at Grupeer (using your link of course) and found out that all countries of EU are eligible except Latvia. Helpdesk replied me that since 22.07.2017 they are not allowed to take investments from residents of Latvia. I don’t understand as Mintos also is Latvian entity. Obviously Grupeer has some kind of difficulties. Just saying.

  4. Hi Santa. It’s not because Grupeer has problems. I’ve discussed Latvian investors with Grupeer before and here is their answer:

    “Currently, there is no legal framework regulating alternative investment industry in Latvia. However, this doesn’t mean that Latvian regulator FKTK doesn’t supervise p2p lending and crowdfunding platforms. These platforms legitimatized the Regulator regarding their business models. When FKTK assessed Grupeer’s business model, it advised us that if we sign an agreement on the territory of Latvia, partial licensing will be required.

    According to consumer protection legislation, the contract is signed on the territory where the consumer is located, hence signing an agreement with Latvian resident will automatically make an agreement signed in Latvia. This can raise tensions with the Regulator. The regulator has no issues with the agreements Grupeer closes outside Latvia. Latvian legal entity has the right to operate in the whole territory of the EU, based on the EU Single Market Act. When Latvian legal entity signs a contract with Latvian individual, we must withhold income taxes in advance, however, Grupeer doesn’t have an infrastructure to do so. Due to the facts discussed above, Grupeer had to refuse to deal with Latvian tax residents and disable registration from Latvian IP-addresses.

    Other Latvian-registered p2p platforms have negotiated with regulator their position. Grupeer since the beginning had very few Latvian clients, as we were oriented on the Western European market, so we decided it is not worth it to have a conflict with the Regulator. If we will receive a notice from the Regulator that their position has changed, we will be happy to provide our services to Latvian residents as well.

    At the moment we are working to allow Latvians to register and to invest on our platform. It is very hard to say when it will be done, since there are many legal nuances, but we are on our way to it.”

  5. Hi Jørgen,
    Grupeer requires photo of both side of personal ID. Other p2p sites I am using (Mintos, Envestio) don’t do that. Do you see any risk of personal data being mishandled there?
    I am only suspicious because the others are fine without ID photos.

    Thanks for the answer, you have a very informative blog!

    1. All P2P platforms require picture ID today. You can invest with some of them without, but you can’t withdraw funds 😉
      They have to have your photo ID on file to be able to comply with the European Anti Money Laundering legislation.

  6. Are the funds invested and start “working” immediately or I have to wait until the project are sold out ?

  7. Hi Jorgen!
    I transferred 1550 euro a week ago to Grupeer! Money have not yet appeared in my investor account. At the same day transferred money to other 3 p2p platforms and the next day my accounts were credited.
    I am afraid that I lost the money transferred to Grupeer.

    1. Hi Mihai,

      I’m sure the money is not lost. Take a screenshot of your transfer and send it to Grupeer support. They will sort it out!

      1. Hi Jorgen
        I all ready did this.I sent a screenshot and they teel me that,screenshot can be used as proof. Also I sent my bank statement ,still nothing happened. I hope you right and my money are not lost.Thanks for your answer.

  8. I have had an interesting experience with Grupeer recently. Since I started investing with them in January I have topped up 4 times, with three different sets of bank accounts.
    I had some challenges with getting the money to them when a few days ago I used the second set of bank accounts that were just over a month old, only to be told by Grupeer that they had ceased relations with this bank.

    After pushing I eventually got my money credited @Mihai (required calling my bank and sending an official transaction record in pdf)

    I told their customer service that 3 banks in about 4 months raises concerns with me (Finance director) so I continue to watch, but they did run around and find and then apply my deposit to my account rather quickly after I mentioned Sarbanes Oxley and my Finance background and the ‘trust’ word.

    Other than that the site is simple, easy to use – Still, I am in a watching brief.

    1. As far as I know, they only had issues with one bank and ceased relations with this bank. If you always check the deposit page and use the details presented there, you should not experience any problems. They usually solve any issues within a few days no matter who you are 🙂 If you have the chance, you should go and meet them some day. They’re a great team.

  9. From FAQ: “The only possible means of payment at the moment is bank transfer.”

    Do I understand correctly that Revolut/Transferwise are not supported?

  10. Dear Jørgen,

    Have you noticed Grupeer says in their terms of use that you have to be an *adolescent* natural person (or a duly registered legal person) in order to use their services? This is written in clause 2.1.1, and it is making me take a step back from Grupeer. Do you have any comments/feedback on this?

    Terms of use link:

    Thanks in advance,

      1. I did it. The only feedback I got was that in order to use their service we “should be 18 years old”.
        They didn’t even bother to say “or older”. Either way, that seems to be contradictory to what they have written in their agreement. I didn’t push them any further.

        1. Right. Something could be lost in translation I guess. I’m pretty sure they just want you to be at least 18 years old and not be a politically exposed person.

          1. I hope so. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  11. Hi,

    I have received an email from Grupeer stating changes in user agreement. One of the section says:

    BuyBack guarantee will not be applicable to all purchased claims. The application/non-application of the guarantee mentioned above is specified in the loan originators’ offers on the Website of GRUPEER;

    Wondering if you have checked with them already about this?

    1. I received the same. They have been working on a new product for some time. I guess this new product doesn’t necessarily have buyback guarantee..

  12. I think that grupeer is in trouble and they are not managing it well. The are not communicating in a general way. Only facebook. Asking for patience only creates further impatience. They must talk about action and reaction. I think that they shoul offer extended temporal payments as Crowdestor did.

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