Portfolio update May 2021

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Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

In May I finally pulled the trigger on a “larger” crypto investment. I invested 8650€ into ETH and swapped it to 232 160 HEX on 1inch.io*. Then I staked (locked up) everything for 10 years on go.hex.com. Now I can track my portfolio on my phone using the Staker App*, which looks like this:

HEX is currently the 8th biggest crypto currency according to nomics.com and it’s the first crypto currency to offer a true Certificate of Deposit savings option.

I learned about HEX last year but I wasn’t too keen on crypto at that time. It came to my attention again in early March, where I decided to learn more about it. While learning and doing research the price made a 5x from 0.008$ to 0.04$ in 2 months. I guess that’s the price I had to pay for my due diligence.  Today the price is 0.07$ and it’s not looking to stop going up any time soon.

The interest I earn from staking depends on how many other people stake their HEX coins. There’s a built-in inflation function of 3.69% per year. The inflation goes to stakers (instead of miners). Currently only about 10% of HEX coins are staked, which gives stakers ~36% extra HEX per year.

VERY SOON a new crypto network called PulseChain will be released. It’s a fork of ETH and I’m planning to invest 10-20k EUR into PulseChain during the sacrifice phase.

Here’s the overview of my finances from last month:

Net worth: May 2021

Crowdlending Income Invested Value
Bondora* -138.60€ 6 602€ 4 948€
Bulkestate* 2.52€ – 2 567€ 218€
Crowdestate* 0€ 4 851€ 5 866€
Crowdestor* 328.87€ 67 067€ 86 687€
Mintos* 82.85€ 2 858€ 11 716€
PeerBerry* 84.68€ 6 000€ 7 617€
ReInvest24* 4.94€ 1 000€ 1 182€
Robocash* 0€ – 4 176€ 0€
Swaper* 76.11€ – 5 886€ 38€
Viventor* 0.59€ 4 083€ 5 730€
441.96€ 79 833€ 124 009€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1 710€ 18 080€ 46 505€
Property #2 1 167€ 61 200€ 68 487€
Property #3 464€ 54 793€ 49 693€
2 341€ 134 073€ 164 686€
Stocks (DEGIRO*) 84 961€ 152 624€
Crypto 10 650€ 15 210€
Cash 10 646€
Total 2 782.96€ 309 517€ 467 177€

Comparing to last month

My Net Worth dropped 2 161€ from 469 338€ last month. This was mainly due to falling stock prices. *Spoiler alert*, I can almost certainly tell that June will be much better.

Crowdlending updates

Robocash* and Swaper* turned out to work exactly as I expected; Being liquid platforms where I can get my money out relatively quickly if I need them. I cashed out from both of them to be able to get into PulseChain.

Selling my loans on Swaper was instant and all the money was returned to my bank account in 2 days. On Robocash I only had short-term loans (less than 60 days) and I simply let them mature and withdrew as they were paid back.

If I’m not able to earn more than 15% per year on the stock market, I’ll definitely return to Swaper* and Robocash*. To be honest, I miss having investments with them already, they’re prime examples of how crowdlending should be. Both platforms have been very reliable and profitable for 4 full years.

The Crowdestor* Equity Campaign matured and I turned my 12k principal + 3k interest from the project into 15 shares, which means I now own 0.45% of Crowdestor Holding.

I listed all my Mintos loans for sale on the secondary market at a 2% premium. 2.2k EUR worth of loans have been sold so far.

Real Estate

Not much new in the Real Estate portfolio. All units are rented out.

A tenant called and said they had mice. Another tenant called because the WC was running. I called a pest controller and a plumber and both issues were quickly solved.d


Most of my stocks fell a bit further in May. I didn’t make any trades during the month.

Remember, you can see my stock portfolio here and follow me on Twitter to get live updates when I make a trade.

I buy my stocks and trade on DEGIRO*, which I consider the best and cheapest no-bullshit broker in Europe. If you use this link* to sign up we will both receive a 20€ in transaction reimbursement (fee deduction).


Crypto currencies are extremely speculative, in fact, most coins in existence now will not be around in 10 years. But it’s also the fastest way to earn a lot of money if you invest in the right coins. All I know is, I want some kind of exposure, which is why I have invested a small percentage of my portfolio into the projects I believe have a bright future.

Like stated in the introduction, I bought 232k HEX. I also bought 48 Polkadot and 74 FLOW, which brings my total FLOW holdings to 100.

I’ll also invest 10-20k EUR into PulseChain during the upcoming sacrifice phase.

You can see my crypto portfolio here.

Free EUR bank account with no fees

Do you live in Denmark, Poland or Sweden? Having an N26* bank account will save you from currency exchange fees when dealing with euros!

I use N26 to transfer to and from my investments. It even comes with a free debit MasterCard. N26 is by far my favorite banking provider!

N26 bank account

That’s it for this month!

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30 Replies to “Portfolio update May 2021”

    1. Hi Shlomo,
      I consider Wisefund a scam by now, which is why I wrote off my investment a couple of months ago 🙁 They are not even paying out the “Free to use” balance when requested.

      1. Hi Jörgen, Shlomo,

        Wisefund indeed turns out to be a scam.

        I was contacted by the local police about them, as I too invested in one of their projects. There is an ongoing “international” investigation about their platform.


  1. Happy that you pulled the trigger on HEX 🙂 Contraz, now you are a fellow Hexican

    1. Yay, I’m happy about being a Hexican too! The more I learn about it the more I like it. Not many coins has this much going for it.

  2. Hello !

    thanks for sharing.

    Why are you selling all of your mintos investments ? Only to go on stock market?

    1. Hello Francois. I’m selling my loans on Mintos to invest more in stocks and crypto, where I hope to get higher returns. There’s a good chance that I will return to Mintos, Swaper and Robocash in the not so distant future.

  3. LOL, I immediately can’t take you seriously anymore.
    Seriously, HEX?! Of all the scams in crypto, this has to be the most obvious one.


    1. Hello Mr. “I prefer to promote my company instead of entering my first name”. You don’t have to take anything seriously, I’m documenting my journey primarily for my own sake. There’s plenty of financial bloggers to follow, feel free to unfollow at any time.

      Before you judge, ask yourself a few questions, like “How many hours of research have you done before you came to your conclusion that HEX is a scam? Have you read through the years of chat in Telegram where Richard collaborates openly with developers and anyone who wants to contribute to the project before it was launched? In HEX there’s no middleman, no admin keys, no ways to steal your coins. There’s not even a referral program. It’s a finished piece of software, that has been audited by twice. Inflation payout to stakers is guaranteed by the code (which is publicly available for anyone to read). The price of HEX is determined by the market.

      If it goes to zero I will have lost less than 2% of my portfolio. If HEX becomes widely accepted as the future of Certificate of Deposits, the price could be several dollars in 10 years. It’s a risk/reward ratio I’m ready to take.

      1. It’s my nickname, not a company, you can easily find out who I am. I’ve been in the crypto market for quite a bit longer than you have and Richard Heart has created more scams than you can count on one hand. Hex was a brilliant way to grab thousands of ETH from the “free airdrop for Bitcoin holders” (which wasn’t free). Staking is all nice and good, but it’s not much use when the token goes to zero (and it will go to zero).

        I mean, to each his own, just sad to see that someone who I respected because he did a lot of research in the past fall for the biggest scam in crypto at the moment. (And it isn’t the 8th biggest crypto, it’s number 201 according to marketcap, great research there….)

        1. Please name one scam Richard Heart has created. I haven’t been able to find a single person who says he got scammed (unless he was a fool to emergency end stake without knowing the consequences).

          If you had done some basic due diligence, you’d see that Coinmarketcap shows HEX’s circulating supply is 173.41B HEX, where in fact it’s 571.68B as you can see on https://HEX.vision. Coinmarketcap is rigged after they were bought, now it’s pure business for them. They charge creators 2-3 million EUR to list a coin and if they don’t want to pay, CMC just manipulates the market supply. This is why better sites like Nomics.com have been created.

          1. wow. Seach in coingecko.com
            Not rigged and no way hex is in top10.
            Why not invest in solid cryptos not random stuff…. I think you starting to rush and not doing research.

          2. Again, look at the numbers. Coingecko is right on the total supply, but for some reason it doesn’t know circulating supply (even though its publicly available, even with API) , so it doesn’t rank it properly. I’ve spent about 100 hours on research, that’s enough for me to feel confident about my decision.

  4. Hi Jorgen,

    Do you use any hardware wallet for crypto? Or do you store the crypto directly inside the exchange platform?

    1. Hi Bogdan,
      I use software wallets like Exodus and Metamask. I only hold my coins on exchanges when I stake the coins. My FLOW coins are staked on Kraken and Polkadot is staked on my Binance account.

      1. Ok but what about the fees? For example Cex has 0.25% XPR fee for every withdraw… which is a lot in my opinion…

        1. Exchanges are greedy. They do their best to earn as much as they can when you buy/trade/transfer your crypto.

  5. Good to see you converted to shares in the Crowdestor Equity campaign. Did the same. Hope we can see some good results in the upcoming years.

    1. I hope so too Emile. Crowdestor has a lot of work in front of them, to deal with all the delayed projects. Hopefully they’ll manage to find good ways for investors to stay in profit. I had a lot of faith in Crowdlending when I started my journey and I want to stay true to myself and keep the belief that good things can be created in this industry. For this reason I decided to convert into shares.

  6. Hi Jørgen. How long time do you use a week studying investments? See you dont have any danish stock ? is there a reason for that ?

    1. Hi Christian,
      Investing is my “job” and hobby, it’s hard for me to put a number of hours on it. I don’t have any danish stocks because most of the analysts I follow are American.

  7. In 2018 I chickened out on crypto and look at the prices now, never again.
    I got into crypto a month ago, and now its a really good buying opportunity with prices being low.
    I am moving everything to crypto, specifically mostly in PANCAKE. Its #33 in the top 50 coins regarding market cap. Staking it in auto pancake brings ~112% yearly!

    1. Be careful my friend. YOLO’ing into a single crypto currency with all your savings usually ends bad. What seems to be the best idea now, sometimes doesn’t look so good a couple of years later.

  8. Jørgen is new to crypto, he’ll need to learn the hard way how to do proper investments.

    Small, 5 minutes experiment for you:

    Find the top 10 coins back in 2017 and see how many are still in the top 10 now. Those who are not, check their ranking.

    You’re welcome.

    1. What makes you think I’m new to crypto? I’ve been in crypto since early 2015. Small amounts indeed, but I’ve always followed it closely.

  9. Be careful with altcoins.
    The top 10 coin from 2017 is mostly down from their ATH apart from ETH and BTC.

  10. hi Jørgen, your sign up refferal link for De Giro is not working. Could you share the correct one with me?

    1. Hi Lukas,
      Thanks for letting me know. I’m not sure why it’s not working, it looks like a temporary bug at Degiro. I’ve sent you an email invite to join Degiro, that will work!

  11. Hi Jørgen,

    Regarding Stacker app: have you purchased smart wallet?
    Even if I exchanged ETH and stacked HEX, the app shows me (forces me) to puchase a smart wallet, which costs, obviously. Do you have any idea if when it comes to withdraw hex should we buy/assign a smart wallet via Stacker app?

    BTW, I noticed you have changed the personal goal. 🙂 Good luck. Even if I am not eager to reach a milestone in terms of total net worth (passive income is more important to me), I wish you best of luck. Especially for crypto. 🙂

    1. Hi Bogdan. Yes, I have purchased a smart wallet in the Staker app. You don’t have to buy it though, it’s optional! You can connect your MetaMask wallet and Staker.app will show your account. When you end your stake, your HEX will be transferred to the wallet you used to stake it.

      Best of luck to you too! Cheers

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