Robocash loan shortage

Robocash loan shortage

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Shortage of loans has been an issue for several P2P platforms and now it seems to have hit Robocash too.

This morning I noticed that 327€, about 10% of my Robocash portfolio, was not invested. I checked the “Available loans” site and for the first time the list was empty… (!)

Robocash loan shortage

Why is it happening?

Is the amount of loans decreasing in general or does it happens because more investors join the platform? I never hesitate to reach out to support when I have questions and this is the answer I got.

Robocash support chat

Now what?

I was planning to add more funds to Robocash in November. My first goal is to reach 5.000€ and I’m still 2.000€ short of that. So far, my investing experience with Robocash has been flawless. Actually, it has been the best investing experience between all P2P platforms until now. However, if not enough loans are available, then why invest more money? That would only lead to cash drag and frustration.


I hope they are able to provide more loans in a short period of time. I’m not a fan of cash drag. It’s too early to conclude anything yet though, it’s only been two days since the portfolio manager was able to pick up loans. Maybe everything is reinvested again tomorrow, who knows? I’ll keep you updated in the monthly portfolio update on November 1st.

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6 Replies to “Robocash loan shortage”

  1. You are like me. Sent them email about this too 🙂 i hope they increase. Mintos is always full otherwise, or Viainvest also does good for me.

    1. Hi Damjan,

      You’re right, Mintos have plenty of loans with good interest rate at the moment. That was not the case 6-12 months ago though. I guess every platform struggles to keep up with demand from time to time. I’m sure things will get better eventually 🙂

      1. I’m doing also Klearlending, Iuvo group -both bulgarian loans – not ok, not enough loans, too many long term loans and not clear like others.
        Mintos, Viainvest and Robocash are all three ok, also Dofinance i have around 1500 euros – also automatic and smooth. Twino also seem to work well.
        Swaper would you recommend?

        1. I would have to disagree on Twino. To get 11% loans I need to be online exactly when they are released. Manual invest is required, Auto-Invest doesn’t pick them up. Of course I could go for 8-10% loans, but I always aim for the highest possible return.

          Swaper is working quite well for me, I would surely recommend them.

  2. Hi Jørgen,

    Please keep on writing short articles ! They’re a great way to keep the community updated on what’s happening in the P2P lending world and I greatly appreciate them !

    Regarding Robo.Cash, my main concern isn’t the loans volume but the sustainability of the interest rate. Will they be able to maintain it at the current level, which is very high ? Time will tell !

    1. Hi Jérôme,

      You’re right, only time will tell if Robocash is able to maintain a 14% interest rate. Twino was not able to.

      On the other hand, Mintos offer plenty of 13,5% loans now. One of their partners, ID Finance, are even offering 17,5% interest rate with buy back guarantee for a short period of time, if you want to invest in Georgian Lari.

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