Portfolio update September 2018

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Hello fellow Financial Freedom and Wealth seekers!

Another month has passed which means it’s time for another monthly update.

The monthly statement has been improved with a XIRR percentage (internal rate of return). This shows the calculated return on investment.

Furthermore, I removed decimals from “Invested” and “Value” to make the table easier to read.

Grupeer Raffle Winner

In this blog post I announced that any new investor who signed up with Grupeer between 21/9 and 30/9-2018 and verified his account, would enter the Grupeer Raffle and have a chance to win 100€.

The winner has been randomly chosen using random.org

And the lucky winner is…

Adrian Bolonio from Austria!

Congratulations to Adrian! Your Grupeer account will be credited with 100€ tomorrow. I wish you the best with your investments!

Monthly portfolio update

I know you’re here for the numbers, so let’s get right to it!

September 2018

Crowdlending Income XIRR Invested Value
Bondora -152,90€ 1,25% 18.100€ 27.397€
Crowdestate 35,88€ 6,70% 7.000€ 7.477€
Crowdestor 61,43€ 18,54% 4.000€ 4.370€
Envestio 162,46€ 17,87% 13.000€ 14.263€
FastInvest 51,49€ 14,03% 4.100€ 4.288€
Grupeer 28,64€ 15,36% 5.000€ 5.536€
Mintos 93,87€ 14,19% 8.000€ 9.174€
Robocash 50,25€ 13,26% 6.000€ 6.694€
Swaper 133,50€ 16,05% 9.000€ 10.324€
Twino 18,39€ 15,44% 939€ 2.274€
483,01€ 75.139€ 91.802€
Real Estate Income XIRR Invested Value
First property 660€ 51,43% 18.080€ 23.078€
Total from investments 1.143,01€ 93.219€ 114.880€

My comments to the returns

September income was -11,58€ lower than last month.
I reached 38,10% of my first goal (-0,39% less than last month).

If it wasn’t for Bondora, my Crowdlending income graph would be a lot prettier!

My Crowdlending income is very predictable. The drop around January was due to a large withdrawal, used to finance the down-payment of my first property.


To my surprise, people are still signing up with Bondora. I hope they are planning to only invest through the “Go & Grow” concept.

The state of my portfolio should be enough evidence to convince anyone that Bondora is a bad investment. There’s too many defaults and the price of recovery is way too high.

I lost 152,90€ on my Bondora investment in September. Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.
203,15€ was recovered from defaults in September


Crowdestate continue to crank out projects. A total of 6 new projects were released in September. Even at 11% these projects are now devoured in a matter of minutes by hungry investors.

The income goes up and down because interest accrues differently from project to project. This is expected. In 2020 it will make some really big spikes when some of the development projects finishes. Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

The XIRR calculation for Crowdestate is low because half of the projects I invest in, only pay interest as a bullet payment in the end of the total investment period. I expect the XIRR to rise above 17% eventually.

Most of the development projects pay interest when the project is finished


Not much to report here, Crowdestor is still going strong. I’d like to see more projects to invest in though. It feels like they’re a bit slow compared to other platforms.

Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

Both projects paid according to schedule.


When I wrote my Envestio review in July, 736 active investors had raised 1.246.273€ on the platform. Today, only 2,5 months later, 1.504 investors have raised 4.056.454€.

Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

11 new projects were released in September and most of them are funded already. All projects released last month had interest rates above 20%!

If you’re not investing on Envestio yet you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Where else do you get 17-22% interest rate and buyback guarantee?

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days. That’s 9 full months!


I’m planning to meet FastInvest in November. They already agreed to meet me for an interview and we’re in the process of finding a date that suits all of us.

A lot of people including myself have a lot of question we’d like to have answered. If you’d like me to ask them a question for you, please head over to this post and put your question in the comments section.

Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.


Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

Things are going well at Grupeer. I just transferred another 3.000€ today bringing my total investment to 8.000€. I expect it to arrive in my account on Wednesday.


Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

Interest rates at Mintos are currently sitting around 12%, which is better than last month’s 10% but still inferior of the 13-14% we got 3 months ago.

I’m investing into 12% short-terms loans from Varks at the moment. Short-term loans makes it easier for me to get back into 13-14% loans again, if they should appear on the platform.


Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

The earned income and XIRR on Robocash is not completely accurate. The reason is the “Installment loans”. They only pay interest when the loan is returned or sold. If I sold those Installment loans now, XIRR would be above 14%.

“Accrued interest” builds up because of “Installment loans”. I will receive this interest eventually.

There’s still more investors than loans available on Robocash. It’s popularity has risen to the point where they have stopped affiliate deals with guys like me, in attempt to reduce the influx of new investors.

Oskars Skreija from Robo.cash writes: ” In the near time there will be added the loan originator from Russia that will considerably improve the situation with loans.”


Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

Like Robocash, Swaper‘s popularity is rising to the point where cash drag is a real issue. It’s hard for investors get all their money invested.


Click the graph to watch detailed portfolio info.

My children’s savings account continues to return about 20€ per month. Much better than what the banks offer them!

There’s still some work involved in getting 11% loans (forget 12%, those are near impossible to get?!)

Real Estate

Not much to report this month. The rent was paid on time and I didn’t hear from the tenants at all.

I bought this garden sprayer to help combat the weed in the gravel. 2 months ago I spent 5 hours digging it all up by hand. The weed is growing back really fast!

Since I don’t want to spend 5 hours of hard work every couple of months, tougher measures are needed. Hopefully some weed killer once in a while will do the trick.


Savings rate

My savings rate for September ended up at 69,82% (+2,43% compared to last month) which is very satisfying. A few more months like this and I’ll reach my goal of a 60% savings rate for 2018.

New Facebook page!

I recently created the Financially Free Facebook page for your those of you who want more content. I will post inspirational content like this several times per week!

Be sure to like the page to stay on track to Financial Freedom with other like-minded people!

Blog statistics

Visitors: 8.043 (+34,90% since last month)
Page views: 30.346 (+22,56% since last month)

459 subscribers (261 WordPress, 198 Sumo) (+104 since last month)

298 Facebook followers

That’s all for this episode

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How was your month? Are you on track to hit your goals for 2018?

79 Replies to “Portfolio update September 2018”

    1. That’s correct, there’s no auto-invest on Envestio yet. It’s in development though! It’s not a big deal to me, it’s easy to select a project or two each month. But it will be nice feature to have.

  1. Just curious, why is the income on the blog so high? How do you make money with your blog, i do not see advertisements present, is it from the referal links?

    1. Hi MT,

      Take a closer look at the income report. It says “Affiliate commission” 🙂

      A lot of people have invested with my affiliate links. Some have invested very large amounts as well.

  2. congrats! impressive stuff. i am curious how your blog is so profitable. Is there an explanation article on that=)

    1. Thank you Benny. There is no article on this. I guess a lot of people like to invest in Crowdlending platforms and find my blog informative 🙂

  3. Congratulations for your blog. Honestly speaking, yours is the best for now, a clear and honest vision of crowdfounding platforms. keep the good work and you’ll be free sooner than you think! I too used your links to create my accounts as thanks for the infos you gave me on mail.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Andrea. I appreciate all your support! Feel free to reach out anytime if I can help you with anything.

  4. Can you share the Spreadsheet/tool you use for calculating returns on the different platforms?
    And where do I find the affiliate links for signing up on the various platforms?

    1. Hi Lasse,

      I could my spreadsheet, but it’s really a mess so I prefer to keep it for myself. However, I’ll gladly help and show you how to create income graphs and XIRR calculations. Just write me an email 🙂

      Not all platforms have affiliate links. Those who do are usually partners with TargetCircle.com. You can signup and get links from them.

      1. Hello Jorgen. What do you mean exactly? That you get the affiliate links from TargetCircle when you sign-up on their site or from the single lending platform (e.g. Envestio.. etc etc)? And you are “paid” from TargetCirlce?

        1. TargetCircle is a service that connects companies with promoters. They handle the affiliate links and the income I earn is paid out through them.

          1. Thanks man! And that is a service that comes at some additional costs? Or this costs is paid by the companies you promote? What is the added value of this service compared to links platform provides already?

          2. The platforms pay for the service, it’s free for me. The payments are combined and transferred to my bank account. If I used the standard links the payments would be deposited to my investment accounts.

  5. Holy sh** Jørgen, well done!
    Any idea if the income from the blog is going to continue at this rate?
    If you can keep it at that level, you’ll be retired sooner than you thought, I guess 😉
    I heard some rumours that the avg. interest rate on Mintos has been declining for a while. You managed to net a nice 14%. Is Mintos still one of your top picks for “crowdlending beginners”?

    Keep up the good work!


    1. I really don’t have a clue Nick. I’d expect blogging income to stabilize at some point.

      Mintos is a great platform. It has a long history and a lot of satisfied investors. It’s not the easiest platform for beginners, because of the many loan originators and the manual work required to adjust your auto-invest settings. Unless of course, if you just want to select one of the predefined strategies, then it’s pretty straight forward. To a complete beginner I’d rather suggest Envestio or Grupeer.

  6. Hi,

    Looks great and good returns are of course always welcome, but isn’t it a lot of hassle to have investments spread out on so many platforms?


    1. Hi Sune,

      Some extra work is required when you invest in 10 different platforms. But I do it to spread my risk. No matter how good the platform is you never know what the future holds.

      Most of the extra work is related to update the blog with income graphs, account screenshots etc. Most investors only have to deal with tax reporting for each investment.

  7. Good morning!

    The jump from last month and this month in Blog income is insane!
    I know you don’t want to make your blog about affiliate income compared to the income on your investments… But I’m very happy for you either way.

    Take care my friend. I know you think this might be a peak and could go down again, but I believe the only way is up!

    I’m actually a fan of the previous question also > is there a way you could (and would be willing to) share the spreadsheet you are using? As I’m trying to figure out some things now, but sometimes it’s better to not re-invent the wheel again.

    Take care & talk soon.

    1. Good morning Ken!

      I’m happy to see you’re back from vacation 🙂

      I stopped predicting blog income a few months ago. Anytime I thought I couldn’t possibly go higher, I was wrong. Trees don’t grow into heaven, like they say, and I think blog traffic has found it’s peak. The traffic rise in September was primarily because of paid traffic from Facebook. I’m not sure if it was worth it though.

      Like I told Lasse, feel free to write me an email, I’ll gladly help you create graphs and calculate XIRR.

  8. Its always a pleasure to ready your blog update!

    Why don´t you use the secondary market (mintos) to get better loans? I´ve been getting around 13.5% the last 3 weeks, manually of course.
    It would be great if auto invest works with the secondary market too.

    A hug from the portuguese lands!
    Sérgio Costa

    1. Thank you, and good to hear from you again Sergio!

      I’ve been looking through the secondary market on Mintos a few times but didn’t find anything better than on the primary market. While I like to optimize and get the best out of every platform, there’s only 24 hours in a day and I’ve been more busy than usual lately.

      I hope spending time developing the Facebook page for example, will provide better returns in the long run, rather than spending time on manual re-investments on the secondary market.

      I’d love to visit Portugal at some point. I hear it’s a great place to retire?

  9. Today im getting 14.5% at the secondary! But i totally understand your priorites!

    Portugal is the best place for retirement! I love to travel and there is no place in europe with better food, weather, beachs and people! With 2000€ a month you can have a cool life 😉

    1. I just browsed the secondary market this moment and I only find 12% loans. Do you pay a premium to get 14,5% loans?

      Sounds amazing! Maybe we should plan our next summer holiday in Portugal to check it out.

      1. Yes, for example in my last loan i pay a premium of 1% with a interest rate of 15.1% resulting in a final YTM of 14.7% (buyback, status:current), seems a great deal! But i have free time so its easy to catch good prices!

        Come to portugal, it would be great to advice you about my country and have a cool beer!

        1. It’s a good deal indeed, IF the loan is not running late and is bought back or repaid early by the borrower. I don’t like to pay a premium because of this.

  10. The filters i use in the secondary market are: buyback guarantee, current or grace period and exclude my investments, then i find the best YTM (usually above 13%) so i think every possible problem is solved right?

    1. Every possible problem is not solved. You still don’t know if the borrower is going to pay back the loan early or if it defaults next month. If either case happens you end up losing.money or, at best, don’t gain any interest for the period you held the loan.

      1. Its a math question, if the premium is lower than the interest gained in the secondary market vs primary market one should buy it! Then again this is viable if you have time to spend looking for good loans with premium! 😉

        1. It’s a math question indeed, but not a simple calculation. You would have to know the probability of early repayment or default, and include those numbers in the calculation. It’s not enough just to look at the YTM. YTM assumes that you will hold the loan for the entire period, which is often not the case.

          1. You r right, i wasn´t taking that in consideration (entire period), and that could make all the diference! Thank you Jørgen!

  11. Hey there Jørgen, I am incidentally in the PPC advertising world and I encourage you to try out Reddit and Quora PPC campaigns. Glad I could contribute. Cheers.

  12. Blog income is crazy-good. Congrats on another great month Jorgen!

    I aspire to be as successful as you 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Hello again Jorgen!

    What kind of plugins/programs are you using to create all those amazing charts?
    Are they free or do you have to pay for them?

      1. But what about your other charts? For example under portfolio.
        I can see that you are using a plugin called highcharts, aren’t those really expensive? I’ve looked into them and they cost close to 600 euros :O

        1. Hi Eluolust & Jorgen,

          I hope I’m not speaking out of turn here but I thought I would chime in on charts as it seems Eluolust is interested in them. I spent about 2 months looking at and testing charts for my site. I eventually found “Tables by Supsystic” (https://wordpress.org/plugins/data-tables-generator-by-supsystic/). The tables plugin is free. The charts you have to pay for but it’s only $29 for unlimited. They work great (see here: https://obviousinvestor.com/my-investments/peer-to-peer-investments/ for a table and multiple charts) and they are really easy to update. Lots of different charts available. Just update the table, and the charts update automatically. The table works like a spread sheet so you can do calculations with it.

          Again, sorry to butt in on your conversation but I thought this might help.



      1. Unless I misread your post, you are attempting to save 60% of your income this year. That is like unobtanium to me.

          1. Not at all. We are all so busy.

            Now one thing I think you do is to count your investment income as part of your savings rate. I don’t, but perhaps I should. Currently, I only consider our primary salary. Our dividend income from our non retirement accounts is significant, and is of course taxed. It might be something to consider.

            Is that what you do, though?

          2. I only use my after tax income from my day job in the savings rate calculation. All income from the blog and my investments are left out of the equation.

  14. How do you get those negative numbers from Bondora ? I guess Bondora is not taking money away from you. Is it true that you subtract the money that comes in from the expected sum ? I think this is not really correct.

    1. Hi Ion,

      I get this number directly from Bondora’s personal statistics page. Why don’t you think it’s correct?

    2. It’s totally possible to lose part of our invested funds at Bondora. But Bondora doesn’t really take money from subscribers, of course.

      What actually happens is that the crazy interest rate (40% or more) they charge incurs a lot of defaults; in this case, the global value of the portfolio drops as the capital of the defaulted loan is considered as lost. Later (much later), part of it may get recovered, slightly increasing the portfolio’s value again.

      I hope this explanation makes sense !

      1. Your explanation is not entirely correct Jerome. Bondora does not write off principal for the entire loan when it defaults. Only the principal that was supposed to be paid that month is written off. Many investors have complained about this approach.

  15. Hi Jorgen, the Robocash and Swaper crash drags are becoming a problem 🙁
    Do you have any news about this situation?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sergio,

      Is it a problem or is it a nuisance? I have some cash drag too but mostly less than 1.000€ sits available in my accounts. As you see in my income statement, my XIRR is above 13% for both platforms. With that kind of return, I do not feel entitled to complain.

      Of course I would prefer that all available cash would be reinvested immediately. I would also prefer to have 14% loans back on Mintos, but sometimes you just have to accept market conditions 🙂

      Both platforms are doing their best to expand markets to keep up with investor demand. They should do this at a pace where they feel comfortable, rather than lowering the quality of borrowers and jeopardizing the business.

      If you read this months report again, you’ll see Oskars Skreija from Robo.cash writes: ”In the near time there will be added the loan originator from Russia that will considerably improve the situation with loans.”

      I don’t have any updates from Swaper, but they did add 51% more loans to the platform this month compared to last year.

      We have 2 options:
      1. Be patient and accept the returns we get.
      2. Withdraw the money and invest them in platforms like Envestio or Grupeer where there is no lack of loans.

      Best regards,

  16. Once again wise words, option number 1 is my choice to keep the diversification 😉
    Thank you best regards,
    Sergio Costa

  17. Hi Jørgen,

    tak for sidst (XIRR calculation example over mail).
    Wanted to turn your attention to change in legislation in LV regards private loans. This relates to customer protection law where main change would disallow 0.07% yields per day (25% yields per year).

    Law has already been approved and will come into force from 01.01.2019.

    I am checking my loan exposure towards LV private loans, maybe something worth to look at for you as well. Spokesperson from alt-finance association [1] speculate that many of current LV issuers will go out of business because of this change.

    Here are some sources:

    [1] https://www.tvnet.lv/6421231/atro-kreditu-deveji-sasutusi-par-izmainam-pateretaju-tiesibu-aizsardzibas-likuma
    [2] http://www.juristavards.lv/zinas/273323-saeima-otraja-lasijuma-atbalsta-izmainas-pateretaju-kreditesanas-joma/
    [3] http://www.mammamuntetiem.lv/articles/42418/saeima-pienem-likuma-izmainas-atro-kreditu-izmaksu-ierobezosanai/
    [4] http://titania.saeima.lv/LIVS12/saeimalivs12.nsf/webSasaiste?OpenView&restricttocategory=1305/Lp12


    1. Hi Janis,

      That is interesting for sure, thanks for bringing it up.

      I’m not sure how it will affect the market or my portfolio in general. Maybe some loan originators will stop their business. If they do so, I expect it to be done in an orderly manner. Maybe they will continue with lower rates for borrowers and investors. It will be interesting to follow.

      Many loan originators operate on other markets than Latvia, and those would be able to continue like today.

      Best regards,

    2. Hello Janis,

      In simple English, what does this mean for investors? Does this mean the maximum interest percentage a lending firm can ask is 25% on a yearly base? How does this effect us as investors because we only receive like +/12% yearly on buyback loans.

      I have copy/pasted all those sites into google translate but it’s not clear what the meassures taken by the government mean for investors.

      1. Hello MT,

        I do not know. At this stage it is all speculation. Currently alt-finance association is complaining that they will not be able to get enough money to cover their costs and keep their business running.

        It would affect all of the lenders who issue private loans and, yes, they would not be able to earn as much, but I do not believe it is as bad as spokesperson is trying to communicate it.

        For investors including me, one should be aware of this and in case your whole portfolio consists of LV private loans, be cautious by making it bigger. There will be a case when one/some of lenders run out of the business – that’s natural selection as Jørgen mentions. If it is in small scale I believe platforms like Mintos will cover it up.

        Secondly, for newly issued loans interest rates would most likely go down, thus investor returns would be smaller.


  18. Hi Jørgen. Next time you buy an investment property, make sure it is stated in the contract that the tenant has to remove the weeds themselves. We rent a house and we are responsible for maintaining the garden, and the weeds, ourselves. It is not the task of the landlord, according to my contract (lejekontrakt)

    1. Hi Nicolai.

      Yes, I could definitely do that. Often times though, buying a rental property comes with tenants and existing contracts. I’m not allowed to change the contract, so I’ll have to wait until they move out. Then I can create a new contract for the next tenant.

      On the other hand, I kinda like doing some gardening work. And by doing it myself, I’m sure it’s kept in a good shape. Even if I put gardening work into a contract, the tenants might not always do a good job. There’s pros and cons of both methods. However, I’ll have to adjust sooner or later. When I get to 10 properties I don’t want to be a full time gardener 🙂

  19. Hi,

    Interesting stuff, I am on the same path. What I realized is that the fixed cost for the family (health care etc) are the biggest chunk to carry when thinking financial freedom. When you are working, the employer obviously takes care of a good part, however this goes once you quit your day job. Any thoughts on this?

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Olaf,

      Health care is not related to our job in Denmark. Instead we pay 50% taxes. To me, there will be no difference whether I have a job or not.

      1. Yes, many European countries are like this. But if you plan to retire in another country (Portugal?) it will be slightly different 🙂 Even with good state insurance you will only partly be covered. So better put an extra pot aside..
        Thanks for the good analysis, definitely worth a read!

        1. You’re definitely right about that Olaf. I will have to take that into consideration if I want to retire abroad.

  20. Hi everyone,
    Does anyone has experience with India’s p2p lending online platforms – some of them are offering 30% income. Has anyone tried what are these?
    Thanks, Janis

    1. Hi Janis,

      Sorry for the late reply, I somehow thought I already answered you! I don’t have any experience with India’s p2p lending platforms. If you post a few names here I will look into it.


  21. Greetings from Bulgaria, Jørgen Wolf!

    I am very interested in the things you share on your blog, congratulations for the work so far!
    There is another real estate platform emerging that maybe you know something about and can write an article or share some thoughts, it is called Bulk Estate.

    I am also considering investing some funds in Envestio as you give them credibility, to me these high interests seem a bit suspicious, but if you are receiving your money then I guess it is worth a try.

    Thank you for your attention,
    Will check the blog for every month summary!

    1. Hi Toni,

      Thank you for the kind words! I have been following BulkEstate for a long time. They seem to be a great platform as well, however, they don’t make monthly interest payments as I prefer. In that way, they are very similar to Crowdestate, just smaller.

      The high interest rates on Envestio are high but after meeting them in person I feel confident investing with them.

      Best, Jørgen

  22. Hello Jorgen and thanks for your great blog. While looking for the first investment opportunities and reviews about p2p, I bumped into your blog. It really motivated me to start investing. Yes, only small amounts for now, but I have around 12 years to catch you up to the level where you are now! 🙂
    I am willing to control my income and track my progress as well. I see that from that month you added XIRR calculation. I read several articles about it but still am struggling about calculating and tracking the process. Could you maybe advise (or even share) what do you use as your calculation tool and maybe give a couple of advices on how to do it, bearing in mind different platforms pay the interest differently? I would really appreciate.
    Many thanks in advance and best wishes in moving towards your financial freedom,

    1. Hi Sergejs. Sorry for the late reply, I thought I had answered you already. I will email you a sample of the XIRR calculation right away.

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