Portfolio update June 2018

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Hello fellow Financial Freedom and Wealth seekers!

Another month went by and I’m ready to present my portfolio update for the month of June.

This time, I’m having difficulties finding the right words to express myself. All numbers keep going up, and not just by a small amount… I should be thrilled but it almost feels like it’s going too fast. It seems unreal. Let me show you what I mean:

income statement for June 2018.

P2P Investments: 

Platform Return Compared to last month Account value
Bondora 81,96€ +138,54€ 30.344,80€
Twino 19,13€ +2,62€ 2.214,99€
Mintos 68,97€ +6,71€ 8.884,59€
Swaper 145,91€ +63,95€ 9.954,86€
Robocash 75,61€ -5,02€ 6.521,69€
Crowdestate 30,15€ +18,44€ 7.356,57€
Crowdestor 101,76€ +12,58€ 4.219,27€
Grupeer 23,19€ +22,07€ 2.264,38€
FastInvest 23,88€ +15,43€ 4.132,33€
Envestio 24,76€ +24,76€ 2.123,76€
Total 595,32€ +300,08€ 78.017,24€

Real Estate:

First property returned 660€


Blog returned 584,75€ (+178,37€ more than last month)

Grand total: 

1.840,07€ (+478,45€ more than last month)
61,34% of my first goal (+15,95% more than last month)

That income graph is litteraly on FIRE!

Almost 500€ gain in one month. That is crazy. Next month must be lower, this can’t continue.

My comments to the returns


If you remember last months update, May 2018 was the first month (but probably not last) where “Net interest earned” was negative.

This month, recoveries from defaulted loans managed to push the returns into positive territory again.

Bondora recovery graph
Let’s hope this recovery trend continues.


I invested 900€ in the new Steel Express Haldus OÜ project in June. It has monthly interest payments, which I prefer.

I recently published a review of Crowdestate . If you have not read it yet, you can find it here.


All projects paid on time on Crowdestor.

The Cryptocurrency Mining Farm exited early and paid back investors everything including a 20% early exit bonus on remaining interest.

2 new projects were published in June. I reinvested the principal and interest from the Crypto project into the Transport project.


I invested another 3.000€ in Mintos on June 7th. It will show in next months update. We should get close to 100€ per month soon.

The Mogo Cashback campaign came to an end. For 6 months investors were able to get up to 5% cash back for loans with durations over 60 month. It was a great opportunity to get some extra capital deployed.

I harvested 408,02€ from cash back campaigns so far.


The 2.462€ I deposited on Swaper last month made a nice income spike this month.


June was a decent month for Robo.cash. Some cash drag still exist though. From my 6.500€ invested I’ve had 800-1.600€ sitting idle most of June. Reinvestment still happen daily but the amount of principal paid back is greater than the new loans acquired. Robocash are too successful, they get more investors than their current loan volume can handle.


I invested another 2.000€ on FastInvest in June brining my total investment to 4.100€.

I’ll write a complete review about FastInvest when I have gathered enough information and experience to do so. 


I received my first full month of payments from the projects I invested in at Grupeer. Flawless experience and they all paid on time.


When I find a new platform I’d like to invest in,  I like to meet the team in person to see what they’re all about. It gives me a good feeling about the company so I know if it’s somewhere I’ll feel safe to put my money.

I just returned from a trip to Riga, Latvia where I had the opportunity to meet a part of the Envestio team, see some of their projects and ask all the questions I could think of.

It was a great experience and I will make a complete blog post about the visit shortly!

My mom on the left, the Envestio team on the right

Real Estate

Not much new here. One of my tenants called because their oven died. I purchased and installed a new one the very next day. As a landlord I want to act quick and offer good service to my tenants.

The property also has a garden that I need to take care of. During the summer everything is growing quicker so I spend about an hour a week to remove weeds, mow the lawn cut down trees etc. Owning a rental property is not a passive investment. It takes some of your time but it’s definitely worth it!

I’d love to buy another rental property as soon as possible. I will have to set up another meeting with the bank. I was turned down last time, because they insisted on me bringing 20% cash. But I’m not giving up! Bringing proof of a solid cash flow should be just as good as cash, right?

Savings rate

In June I managed to get a savings rate of 43%, which is okay. Optimally, it should be more than 50% but at the same time, I still want to spend money on experiences with my family. We got coupons for the amusement park Djurs Sommerland at an attractive price, including transport and lunch buffet for ~27€ per person. The kids deserves trips like this once in a while. Who want’s to be remembered as the stingy father who saved every penny he earned?

I also paid for the rest of our vacation in Italy, so naturally the expenses were higher this month.


Some of you have asked if I could outline my expenses for you. I will give it a shot and post a simple list of my expenses for June. Maybe I’ll find a better way to present it next month.

Costs of living:
Rent and electricity: 805€
Last payment for vacation: 575€
“After school care” for the children: 364€
Groceries: 127€

Djurs Sommerland (amusement park): 108€
Lunch for 2 on the AirBaltic plane to Riga (both ways): 56€
Beer and water at a concert: 18€

Gasoline for the car: 136€
Car taxes for ½ a year: 45€
Train tickets: 21€
Airport parking: 14€

Present to a work colleague: 4€
Banking fees: 10€
Google Ads: 25€

Total expenses for June: 2.308€

If you wonder why there’s no internet bill on the list, it’s because my employer pays for this. And I don’t watch TV 🙂

The blog keeps growing

2.180 people visited financiallyfree.eu in June 2018 with a total of 7.448 page views . That’s a 43,6% increase compared to May! It’s still a small number compared to other personal finance blogs, but I feel incredibly blessed to have so many readers. Writing new posts is much more fun, when a lot of people want to read them.

Wordpress visitor statistics

That’s it for this month’s portfolio update. Enjoy the summer!

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55 Replies to “Portfolio update June 2018”

  1. Congratulations! Getting €600 from all the investments is amazing. Getting that from the blog alone is insane…

    You must be really happy and proud. I need to leave for work, but I might drop you an email this evening to catch-up / chat some more.

    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you Ken!

      I’m happy even though it feels quite unreal. Most of all, I’m happy about the comments from people finding value in my posts. That is ultimately the biggest reward for me.

      Feel free to drop a mail any time 🙂

  2. Thanks for this site. I like your posts & reviews & personal experience and also the fact your site is clean, super simple, click bait free 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Jan. I’m grateful for having you here. I never intended to make money from the Blog. Main focus will always be to deliver simple and clean content.

  3. Hi,
    nice blog and results. Congratulations!

    You could add another column for your income that shows theoretical income in % from investment per year. Like as for Bondora this month its something like 0,27 %/june or 3,24%/year that is very very small. That would allow to compare your results to for example of my results and make some conclusions on profitability of different sites. It seems as if you have invested your money elsewhere than Bondara you might have reached your goal already.

    1. Hi Normunds,

      Thank you! That’s a great suggestion, I actually considered doing that last month. But then, what do I write when Bondora return is negative? Just write negative percentages?

      No regrets 🙂 If I had not invested all that money into Bondora I would probably never had invested into the other platforms in the first place. I appreciate the learning process and try to improve as I get more insight. Hopefully my experiences will make it easier for others to decide where to invest their money.

  4. Hi,
    Congrats on your amazing progress!
    I started following your blog as I found many common things between me and you in terms of investments and future goals!
    What is your opinion regarding Housers,com (similar to Crowdestate)?

    1. Hi Ash,

      Thanks a lot and thank you for following! I think more and more people realize that financial independence is actually possible, no matter where you are in life. It’s a great and very motivating goal to have!

      I have browsed through Housers a few times but never tried it. I looks similar to Crowdestate just with slightly lower interest rates? Personally, I will stick to the Baltic region for now. The potential seems much higher than UK.

  5. Hi,

    I am currently 22 (still studying [in Ireland], not financially independent yet), but I started to invest a very small amount (€150) in Mintos after I read your blog posts. I am quite happy to see some return even though it is so small! Also, I am amazed by the amount of capital that you actually invested in those platforms!

    Just curious, what is the % of the tax that you need to pay for your profit? Also, how did you earn money from blogging because I did not see any advertisements?

    1. Hi AJ,

      It’s always good to start small and get some experience.

      I’m not certain about taxes, my accountant takes care of that part for me. It’s most likely higher than what you have to pay in Ireland 🙂

      I earn a small commission when someone signs up and invests through the blog. Sometimes new investors are rewarded by using my links as well, like on Mintos where the investor gets an additional 1% on his investments made in the first 90 days. So it’s beneficial for both of us and I think it’s a lot better than annoying unrelated advertisements.

  6. It’s fun to read this, but I’m not entirely sure your optimism about the crowdfunding is warranted.

    You make 9,15% ROI on the crowdfunding, if every month is as good as this month over 2018. However, the economy is doing great. A lot of the crowdfunding investments may be in serious trouble when we hit another downturn. Up to 22% of all investment may be lost (that’s the rate at which the junk bond securities defaulted in 2008, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bond_credit_rating). 22% of your principal is around 17.800 euro. That will put a crimp in your profits.

    I think the real estate is where the real money is. I do not think that any bank in their right mind would accept your risky cash flow as “cash in hand”, right now, and under ECB rules banks aren’t allowed to. I’m actually surprised they give you 20% – where I live, 30% is the minimum cash you need to bring and 20% can only be given to folks with proven track records and large reserves. I would suggest that if you need that 20%, you could take the money out of the pretty risky crowdfunding, and move it into the slightly less risky and probably much more profitable real estate.

    1. Hi RK,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective!

      If you leave Bondora out of the equasion, the ROI on my crowdfunding portfolio would be a lot better. I made a beginners mistake 3 years ago, by investing such an amount into one platform. This is your benefit of reading my blog, you have a chance not to make the same mistake 🙂

      I’d be happy to loose 22% in a downturn. The risk seems very similar (maybe even slightly lower) to being invested in the stock market, which would take an equally big hit in a downturn.

      I’m shifting more and more towards real estate as I build up enough cash for the downpayments. To me, P2P investments are a profitable way of saving up for those purchases. Most of my P2P investments are very liquid and I’d be able to have a good portion of it back in my bank account in 2 days if I wish to do so. The banks are mainly interested my net worth, monthly income and my spending habits.

      Real Estate is more profitable when you can leverage yourself through mortgages. But they’re not completely passive, so I think it’s a nice mix to have both.

      1. I also plan to have my money invested in real estate (already own one house and two rented apartments). My return is between 5-10% per year (+ appreciation as an extra). My short term investment is in P2P lending which can make 10 to 19%. Have your fingers crossed – I hope soon to have enough cash for another property.

      2. Don’t you think that investing into Real Estate (p2p like CrowdEstate, EstateGure etc) is less risky, because in case of downturn you will still be owning certain share of property, which will sooner or later will be sold out?

        1. Hi INV,

          I’m not sure. When you invest in Real Estate though a platform like Crowdestate or Estateguru you often invest in a property that has not been built yet. In case of a downturn, the property might only be on the drawing board, or it could be half built. In other cases our investments serve as a business loan to fund operation of the company. Estateguru and Crowdestate don’t offer buyback guarantee so it might actually carry a higher risk for investors?

          Best regards,

    2. When your returns are 1%/month that 22% can be covered in 2 years. Since we don’t have a downturn every 2 years it’s well worth the risk IMO. Just don’t invest an amount that would break you if you loose 100%.

    1. Yes, I do consider mortgage payments being an investment. After all, it’s money used to lower my debt. Eventually the debt will be zero but the property will still have value.

      However, as you can see on the “Real Estate -> First property” page, I don’t include the mortgage payments in the monthly cash flow earnings.

    1. Hi Risto,

      The rental income after mortgage payment is actually 995€. But I set aside 335€ per month for maintenance costs, this is why I write 660€ rental income per month.

      5 x 335€ has been added to the maintenance account. The current balance is 1.062€ after spending ~335€ on the oven, 255€ on a lawn mower, 16€ on a bracket for a kitchen door and 7€ on petrol for the lawn mower 🙂

      I just updated the details on the “Real Estate -> First property” page to show those expenses, thank you for the input 🙂

  7. Hi,
    nice blog.
    In your p2p portfolio i miss 2 really safe platforms:
    Paskolu klubas and Estateguru.

    1. Hi Sarunas,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I have been looking at Estateguru for more than a year. It’s a solid company with a good reputation. However, the interest rates are a bit lower than Crowdestate and they wouldn’t add anything new to my portfolio. I could say the same about BulkInvest.

      I just heard about Paskolu klubas (aka NEO Finance) yesterday. I see they have an “accumulated provision fund” which works like a buyback guarantee. It comes with variable fees which makes things more complicated.

      There’s plenty of good investment opportunities, but I don’t have enough time or money to chase them all. Also, investing into 25 different platforms would be too much, so I have to limit myself 🙂

  8. And for more investments I also suggest :
    Some ETF using Degiro and also some start up shares using Seedrs.

    1. I already have an account at Degiro from when I was investing in stocks. Do you know if they has any Vanguard World ETF’s?

  9. @Jørgen Why do rent your own flat rather than buying, but invest in other properties. Wouldn’t eliminating your own rent make you more money in the long run?

    Also, what are you going to do when you reach your first target? Keep going or make some changes?

    1. Hi Luke,

      Many people ask why I rent my appartment and buy properties to rent out. The thing is, if I should buy a property to live in with my family I would need to spend a good amount on the downpayment. For the same amount of money, I can get a rental property with higher income than the rent I pay now. So I figure, it’s better to keep renting?

      And we are very happy with the appartment we live in now, that’s also a reason to stay. Plus the flexibility we have, we can move to any place in the world with 3 months notice. And we have the luxury to have someone do the gardening, fixing and maintaining the appliances etc. Life as a tenant is quite good 🙂

      When I hit my first target of 3.000 I will keep going for the second target which is 7.000€ per month. The first target makes me financially free but the second target makes financial freedom a lot more comfortable 🙂

      1. Sounds reasonable to rent then. I noticed that you look after your tenants garden and also now that your landlord does yours. Is that normal in Denmark? I live in Germany and it’s certainly not the case here.

        1. It’s very normal that tenants take care of inside maintenance and the landlord does the outside maintenance. How did you know that I rent my appartment by the way? Did I write it in a blog post?

  10. You have “rent and electricity” in your expenses. Keep up the good work and I hope you get your money back out of Bondora eventually. I’m glad you have diversified across more platforms since I last commented. Much more sensible.

    1. Of course, I completely forgot that I started outlining my expenses. Oh well, there are no secrets here, everything about my economy is being disclosed 🙂

  11. Jørgen, as Bondora is getting negative from time to time – why you don’t move the capital to other platforms like Grupeer and Swaper?
    Have you checked NeoFinance? You get 40 € as starting gift + 14+% loans (with buyback)

    1. Ash, I started withdrawing from Bondora in November. The money is indeed going into other platforms. But I will not sell the green/current loans at Bondora, that would be a big mistake. I saw Neo Finance, but I’m not joining it in the near future, 10 platforms is plenty for now. I’d like to get those I have to 10.000€ each.

  12. Hi Andrea. Thank you for commenting and sharing your concerns. The website you have read about on the FCA webpage is neofinance.loan. Not neofinance.com. It’s two different sites. I have not investigated neofinance.com so I cannot say if they’re legit or not, but from my first impressions and reading about them, they seem real to me. If you choose to invest with them, as always, please be careful and do your own research.

    1. Yep, they are pretty much legit and bit unique with high interest loans (like 23%) and having your money in separate IBAN account. The downsides for now are: not fully translated to English site and having mostly long term loans. Neofinance.com is also bit more transparent with the information regarding the loan takers – their education, assets, income and etc.

  13. Hi Jorgen

    Why did you have to replace a broken oven? Had the rental property already electrical appliances like that oven, refrigerator etc? Is is a requirement in Denmark or has the property more rental value if it includes those?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Christos,

      Electric appliances is my responsibility. It’s not a requirement by law but it’s very common in Denmark. It’s easier to rent out if they are included and you get more rent as well. Most tenants don’t stay for the life time of the appliances, so it makes sense to include them.

      Best regards,

    1. Yes it is. I don’t like ads and I only recommend platforms I use myself. So I think it’s the best way to get some support for the blog.

  14. Hi Jørgen,

    Thanks for an inspirational blog, I just went through it end to end.

    Your approach of not putting to many eggs in one crowdlending-basket made me decide to start up with an extra platform (to begin with). My current investments in crowdlending is with Mintos (have most of my investments in index stocks though). Who would you add as a number 2, your experience taken into consideration?

    BR Jesper

    1. Hi Jesper!

      Thanks for joining me on this journey to financial freedom.

      Well, your choice of platform depends on your strategy, investment horizon and risk level. Besides Bondora, I think they’re all good.

      I just transferred another 4.000€ to my Envestio account today, it should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. This is where I get the highest return on my investment at the moment. Visiting Envestio in Riga gave me confidence in the team, so I will probably keep adding to the position over the coming months.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi Jørgen,
        I looking closely at Envestio now – they have nice return BUT no buy back and no clear explanation what happens when the business you invested in get bust. I see that some of the projects are with secured debt and etc but getting back the principal may take years…

  15. Hi Jorgen, what’s been your due diligence on Fast Invest?

    I checked out their website. But found almost no solid information on what they do, and how.

    Their 23 year old CEO seems very good at promotion, but a bit young and inexperienced

    The company’s crypto currency venture does not inspire much confidence either.

    Would love to hear your view on this.

    1. Hi Sander.

      I haven’t done much due diligence other than talking to the people behind the platform. I also search other ressources to make sure it’s not an outright scam.

      This is one of the reasons why I diversify so much.

      The answers they provided combined with their partnership with TargetCircle was enough for me to trust them.

      Their crypto business is not related to the lending business, they are totally separated. I’m not interested in their crypto business.

  16. Hi Jørgen

    Nice blog you have. Its very interesting read.

    Does your wife also save as you or ?

    what are your take on funds as alternative for crowlending ?

    1. Hi Balder.

      Thank you so much.

      My girlfriend does not save, we have separate economies.

      I’m not sure I understand your last question, can you explain further?

        1. I have no hans-on experience with any of them. Index funds would be my second choice if I couldn’t invest in P2P/P2B. It seems like the “safe” long-term choice that people like Warren Buffet, Tony Robbins and many more agree on. I think it’s rather boring though.

  17. Hi Jørgen
    What was the trigger that made you change lifestyle into investing and saving ?
    Did you save money before or how big was your changes in lifestyle ?

    1. Hi Balder,

      The trigger was actually studying personal development. A few years back I became a certified “Thinking Into Results” facilitator with Bob Proctor. The things I learned changed my perspectives on many things and inspired me to create multiple sources of income.

      Before this, I did save up, but once I had a considerable amount I would spend it on something I desired (mostly on new cars or expensive car accessories).

      Everything else about my life style has been pretty much the same since I stopped that leak in my wallet. Now my only desire is financial freedom 🙂

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