Crowdestate Review 2018 – Results after 12 months

Crowdestate review

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This Crowdestate review is based entirely on my experiences. Always do your own research.

Crowdestate review

Have you considered putting Real Estate into your portfolio, but struggle to find the capital needed? Or don’t you like the thought of being a landlord where tenants can call you any time of the day? Then Crowdestate could very well be the platform for you. Minimum investment is only 100€.

This Crowdestate review is 100% unbiased and based on my own experiences after 1 year of investing. 

What is Crowdestate?

Crowdestate is an Estonian real estate crowdfunding platform that primarily connects real estate developers with investors all over the world (except USA). They also offer Corporate finance and Mortgage loans.

The website  launched in January 2014 and the first project was released in May 2014. In the time of writing, 19.078 investors have raised 36.210.692€ across 77 projects with an average return of 22.23%.

If you are new to the crowdfunding concept, you can read more about it on this Wikipedia page.

When did I start and how much did I invest?

I started on Crowdestate on 06.07.2017 with a 1.000€ deposit, just to try it out. I liked it and deposited 7.000€ in total over the next 6 months.

Crowdestate review

You can see the details about my account in the menu P2P portfolio -> Crowdestate. Like the rest of the blog, it’s updated every month!

How do you start investing?

It’s very easy to sign up and invest with Crowdestate. If you have a Facebook or Google account you’re ready to start after a few clicks.

Crowdestate review

How does the website work?

I believe pictures say more than a thousand words. So I will show you some screenshots from my account. You can click on some of the pictures for full size view. Use your browsers back button to continue reading.

Investing in projects

For each project you will be able to find a lot of information. Examples of information you can find:

  • A short overview with picture galleryCrowdestate review
  • Executive summary
  • A very detailed project description
  • Location shown with google maps.
  • Sponsor description (information about the developer)
  • SWOT analysis
  • Crowdestate rating (with explanation behind the rating)
  • Repayment schedule
  • Finances
  • Attachments (further documents available for download)
  • Q&A (where you can ask your questions directly)

Account overview

I really like the new graphs that were implemented in the last update. It’s easy to see how your portfolio evolves over time. Especially the “Expected next payments” is handy, to see when the next payments are planned.

Whenever there’s an update to a project available, you can find the information in the “Recent news” section. I appreciate the updates where you can read if your investments are still on track.

Crowdestate review

Portfolio overview

There’s also a nice graph showing expected next payments. This view comes with 3 different filtering options; 6 months, 1 year or all.

Crowdestate review

Below you will find an overview of my active investments. They have an average expected return of 18.82%. If all the projects are paid back according to the plan, Crowdestate will probably turn out to be my best investment ever!

Crowdestate review

You can also see the diversification level of your portfolio, divided into asset classes, investment types and ratings.

Crowdestate review

When investments are finished you’ll be able to see how much you earned.

Crowdestate review

Secondary Market

A secondary market was recently added to the platform, which is great. Now you can exit your investments faster if you wish to do so. From your active investments page you can click “Manage share”. From this page you can choose your selling price and see your expected return as well as the buyers expected return.

Crowdestate review

Personally, I don’t like the possibility to add mark-up’s to the investments. Like concert tickets, some people will buy more than they need, just to make a profit on the secondary market.

Setting up Auto-Invest

Like most platforms, Crowdestate have an “Auto-Invest” feature so you don’t have to select loans manually every time your account has cash available. A recent update to the auto-invest tool ensures that everyone gets an equal share.

In the following example, I have chosen to invest in all projects with an expected rate of return from 15% per year, maximum 1.000€ and an investment horizon up to 24 month. If you have more specific investment criteria, you can set those under “show more settings”.

Crowdestate review


You can create an interest statement by month, previous month, current year or last year. Additionally you can create a balance report. Unfortunately, the reports are in Estonian language only. It would be nice if reports matched your choice of website display language.

Crowdestate review


This is where you can check all account activity. The transactions page provides a good overview of all monetary transactions. The list can be sorted in various ways. There’s even a free text search box which is handy if you want to search for a specific project. If you would like to have an offline copy, you can download the list as a CSV, XLSX or PDF document.

Crowdestate review

Zero defaults

There is no buyback guarantee on Crowdestate. However, they do have an excellent track record with zero defaults due to their rigorous due diligence process. Only about 5% of the best investment opportunities are opened for investing. 25 projects have been successfully exited. Note: past performance does not guarantee future results.

What could be better

I have invested with Crowdestate since 06.07.2017 and I’m very satisfied with the platform and the returns. There’s only 2 main things I’d like to see different.

  • More available projects.

77 projects in 4 years corresponds to 1,6 projects per month. As more investors joins the platform, it gets harder and harder to get a share in the new projects. Projects with interest rate above 15% are funded almost instantly.

  • Monthly interest cash flow from real estate projects.

I know, this wish is very specific to my investment strategy. I like to build a predictable monthly cash flow. Unfortunately, only Corporate finance and Mortage loans provides monthly interest payments. Real estate projects usually pays the interest as a bullet payment in the end. I understand that bullet payments might be the best solution for real estate developers. However, if interest payments were paid monthly, I would double or triple my investment on Crowdestate!

Crowdestate review: Conclusion

If you’re looking for well established real estate investing platform with a long working history, Crowdestate would be an excellent choice. The platform is very easy to use and the support is great as well. Like previously mentioned, they have a 100% success rate after 4 years of operation and 22% average. Where else do you find a track history and high returns like that?

That being said, interest rates have typically been in the range of 13-17% lately. It’s still pretty good, but I’d love to see more high yielding projects. With the stable investor growth they have experienced over the years, I wonder if those > 20% projects are a thing of the past.

In the end, there’s only one way to see if you like it. Why don’t you try it for yourself?

Please share your thoughts

Are you considering Crowdestate but still have unanswered questions? Go ahead and post your questions or concerns below!

Or if you’re already a seasoned Crowdestate investor, what are your thoughts about the platform? Are you satisfied with the investing experience?

40 Replies to “Crowdestate Review 2018 – Results after 12 months”

  1. I’ve used the site for about year and a half and I have about 3000 € invested there. So far only positive results. I also would like to see more even returns from month to month and more projects on the site. At the same time, I believe that the thorough project assessment is what has been giving this portal such results, so I would not like them to compromise that.
    But it has been extremely difficult to get part of the projects lately and my success has been zero since the change in the pre-booking process. So either I do not understand that correctly or the autoinvest is not working as it should.

    1. Hi Snowy,

      I assume you already reactivated the Auto-Invest after updates to the Terms & Conditions? I managed to get 900€ (full available amount) in the Steel project. It was even open for a few hours after all auto-invests were finished, I think.

      1. Yes, I reactivated them. Maybe I had something wrong in the settings of the autoinvest so the project was not relevant to the settings I had? I deleted them some days ago and created new ones- will see if they work when a new project comes up on the site.
        I really like that for example in Mintos it shows how many possible loans comply with the settings you have set. So it is good to test different interest / timeframe / country etc combos. Not possible in crowdestate, so maybe I managed to have several autoinvest rules so that the project(s) have somehow been slipping through the cracks.

  2. I have just signed up for Crowdestate and I have noticed that apart from requiring an ID number, they have not asked for proof of residence or identity. How can I submit those?

    1. Hi Lolo. I don’t remember exactly how I did on Crowdestate. It’s normal to submit your passport, drivers license or national ID. If you are unsure where to do it, Crowdestate will be happy to help you. Just ask them in the chat or through email support.

  3. At this time, October 2018 there is no available project to invest on Crowd Estate… I really hope they introduce new opportunities soon.

    1. Hi Lefteris. Projects are usually funded the day they’re released. Several new projects are published every month. More opportunities will be posted soon.

  4. Hi, thanks for the review.
    I have doubts about the fees. In the FAQs they talk about 4% one-time fee and a success fee, but it is not very clear to me how it works.
    I would like to receive better information from who already used this portal.

    1. Hi Roberto,

      The 4% fee is for the companies who seek funding on the platform.

      Any fees to investors are already calculated into the expected yield, meaning that it is not deducted from the interest payments made to investors. In other words, if the projects go as planned you get the projected interest and pay no additional fees.

  5. Thank you for the overview. What about depositing and withdrawing money, what the available options and expected fees there?

    1. Hi Anton,

      To deposit money on Crowdestate you just transfer money to Crowdestate’s bank account with your reference number included.
      There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing money.

  6. I see, that you have quite different amount invested in different loans: some are over 2000, others 100.- EUR’o. How do you choose to invest in some loans more, than the others. Are you analyzing each opportunity ?

    1. The loans where I have bigger amounts are the first projects I invested in, when I deposited money on the platform. The projects where I have 100€ or 200€ invested are the loans where I reinvested principal/interest.

      I don’t analyze the projects in detail, I primarily look for higher projected interest and I prefer monthly or quarterly repayments.

  7. Hi Jorgen, I might be noob. On your example finished investment, you have invested 2K EUR and Final returned 2.1K EUR. It means you only earned or gain 100 EUR extra from your total investment.

  8. Hej Jørgen,

    Super gode informationer du giver om de forskellige muligheder for investering.

    Hvad gør du med renter etc i forhold til SKAT? De skal vel oplyses på selvangivelsen, selv om du vælger at geninvestere etc?

    1. Hi Flemming,
      Yes, income from Crowdlending is capital income and must be taxed accordingly. You can find a yearly earnings report on all platforms.

  9. I just made an attempt to transfer funds to both Bulkestate and Crowdestate via Transferwise – both were rejected with the reason: We cannot accept transfer to this recipient currently.

    Should I worry about this or simply just transfer via my bank account?

  10. Hi, can you please explain the ‘ended investment’ picture percentage? If you invested 2000 and got 2100 back, then the rate of return is 5% not 17.20% Even each of the two examples, it says a return of 17.4 and 17.2 but it looks like it should be 2.1% and 7.8% to me?

  11. Thanks, Jørgen, for putting so much work into this. You have certainly given me a lot of inspiration and I have, indeed, used a great number of your recommendations.

  12. Did anyone try also to withdraw the money, not just to deposit it? On some investment platforms there are reported problems regarding this. What is the status here?

    1. Withdrawing money should not be a problem on any of the platforms I invest in! I withdrew 1k EUR from Crowdestate yesterday and they were added to my bank account today.

  13. Beware. Crowdestate is heavily moderating inquisitive comments on their Blog, they are not transparent and they are trying to withhold and cover “bad” information from investors. If this is not a red flag, I don’t know what is. My post highlighting an issue with one of their projects where delay on repayment was more than 100 days already yet the loan was not marked as “red” and no information to investors was provided on actions being taken, instead all loans from the particular project were banned from secondary market, was not approved. I wonder why..

    1. I agree John, Crowdestate needs to step up and inform investors better when projects don’t go as planned. I’m withdrawing for the same reason.

      1. Hi Jørgen
        Are you withdrawing from Crowdestate completely or just from a single project? I’m in the middle of creating an account and am very interested in knowing if you have confidence in the company in general.
        Thank you!

        1. Hi Christian. I’m withdrawing completely. I’ve had too many problematic projects in my portfolio and don’t like the risk/reward anymore.

  14. Bad Customer Support, Unclear responses and bad project management.
    I have been making investments in CrowdEstate for a few years now but have finally decided to try and close out my accounts. If you are good at self serving and figuring out the details yourself it might still be usable as a general consensus between a few of my friends and I.
    One of their projects “Tammelehe project” has been overdue for 5 months – luckily one of the smallest investments I made. At no point did Crowdestate send a proactive email out to let me know the project had problems or what the next steps are. I have had to contact them since then to ask for resolution and still waiting for it.
    They just put a news article on their website which by the way is not often and unless you are checking their website everyday you arent sure what is happening with your investment that is in jeopardy.

    1. I think Crowdestate’s projects are doing alright. Some delays and unexpected events are likely to happen when dealing with hundreds of projects. However, they really need to be proactive and more informative. Investors should hear about problems from Crowdestate first, not from rumors on social media or forums.

  15. Hi Jørgen. I’m starting to know more about P2P and I found your blog and I think it has a lot of good information. At least for a newbie like me. What happens if you invest in a project and it gets canceled?

    1. Hi Pedro. If a project gets cancelled (before launch) or doesn’t reach the funding limit, investors will get their money back.

  16. I would like to make a consideration on Crowdestate, despite the delays and some possible defaults, does this platform seem more real, rather than others, which are many, which distribute interest on time? Thank you

  17. Now that you’re 3 years into it with Crowdestate, would you be interested in updating this review? With a XIRR of 7,29, compared what this review says 12 months into it, how did this go over time?

    1. Hi Mike. If you follow my monthly updates, you’ll see that I’ve stopped reinvesting in Crowdestate and withdraw funds as it’s paid back. I will exit the platform because I’m not convinced they’re good enough at selecting good borrowers. Too many projects have had issues in my opinion.

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