Portfolio update April 2018

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Hello fellow freedom and wealth seekers!

Spring is here, a month has already passed since last update. April was another great month setting a new personal record for me (again). As you can see on the Income history page, things are looking pretty good. This months growth came mainly from a higher blog income. Thank you so much for being on this journey with me, I really appreciate your support!

Here is my income statement for April 2018.

P2P Investments: 

Bondora returned 63,85€ (+12,82€ more than last month)

Twino returned 17,39€ (+0,67€ more than last month)

Swaper returned 77,78€ (-26,86€ less than last month)

Robocash returned 50,88€ (-21,36€ less than last month)

Crowdestate returned 61,16€ (+28,44€ more than last month)

Crowdestor returned 28,33€ (first month with this platform)

Mintos returned 58,15€ (+10,48€ more than last month)

Real Estate:

First property returned 660€


Blog returned 202,92€ (+50,96€ more than last month)


1.220,16€ (+83,48€ more than last month) which equals
40,67% of my first goal (+2,77% more than last month)

Comments on the returns


All investments on Crowdestate paid on time this month as well. They are still publishing a lot of new projects every month. I’m really pleased with the development of this platform.

A new design update was released, introducing useful graphs and better account overview. I should probably write a complete review of Crowdestate to showcase this. It’s one of my favorites.


The development of this new platform continues and it keeps getting better. First project “TESLA TAXI Park Riga” made their first repayment on time on April 5th. In May, I expect the second repayment from the Tesla project and the first repayment from the Cryptocurrency mining farm. Everything looks good so far on Crowdestor.


April was a record month for my Mintos portfolio. I have been adding 4.000€ in 2018 so my total investment is now 5.000€.

The Mogo Cashback campaign was extended once again, this time to 16.05.2018. That means you still can get up to 5% cash back if you invest in 60 month loans from Mogo. It’s a great opportunity to invest in Mintos if you plan to get involved in the platform.

I started writing a complete review on the Mintos platform which will be released later this month.

Cashbacks are not included in this income graph. I have received more than 100€ in cashbacks on top of the regular interest payments.


Swaper returned less in April, but this was expected after the huge return in March. It should go up again in May. Investing on Swaper is so easy. It only takes a few clicks to setup the auto-invest and after that everything is automated.


March was a weak month for Robocash and it kinda puzzles me. I have experienced zero cash drag, available funds are invested several times daily. With ~6.350€ invested I would expect a monthly return of ~75€. It’s probably due to delayed loans and I will have to wait a month for the buyback guarantee to kick in. Next month should be better.

Real Estate

So how is it being a landlord? The lenders in the first property have called me a few times but nothing out of the ordinary. The rent is paid every month.

Last week I bought a lawn mower and for the first time I did a few hours of gardening. We live in an apartment where I don’t have to do anything outside myself, so I actually enjoy maintaining the garden in the rental property.

I’d love to be a full time landlord once I have enough properties.

Until next time

I’m in the process of buying my second property. The purchase agreement has been made, now I just need to convince the banks to give me an 80% mortgage. It could turn out to be hard to get, it wasn’t easy when I bought the first property! I have a meeting with my bank on May 5th, I really hope it will work out. Cross your fingers for me 🙂

Enjoy the spring everyone!

11 Replies to “Portfolio update April 2018”

  1. Glad to hear things are going this well.
    Fingers crossed about your second property! 🙂

    1. Hi Kriss,
      Well according to Bondora this month had a net return of 63,85€. However, I too noticed that the “Net profit according to Bondora” is 7€ less than in March and I wonder why. Maybe it’s related to the new fractional ownership update. I’m going to ask Bondora for an explanation.

  2. Really inspired by you! Started pushing towards maxing out the Robocash investment limit myself :).
    Good luck with the bank!

    1. I’m very humble and honered to hear that Mihnea. I think it’s the first time someone said they were inspired by me. We all need inspiration to persist and keep moving in the right direction. We will reach financial freedom, sooner than later, right?!

  3. Are the blog revenues really a part of what you can consider incomes for your financial freedom?
    They don’t seem like the profit you earn letting your money work, but earnings from “your” work 🙂

    1. Hi Paolo,

      That’s an interesting question. I have never considered blogging work 🙂 It’s one of my passions!

  4. Hi Jørgen,
    my Swedbank Estonia asks me about transactions from my corporate account to ROBOCASH SIA RIGA, some user agreement or smth. I didnt find it in My personal account and also on email. Did Robocash send some agreement to you?
    I asked the support too, but it usually takes some time for them to answer.

    1. Hi Eduard,

      No, I have not heard that any further information should be necessary. I’m sure your bank will be able to tell you exactly what they need.

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