Portfolio update July 2018

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Hello fellow Financial Freedom and Wealth seekers!

I just returned from a wonderful 3 week holiday and I’m ready to get back into action.

Let’s see how much money I made while I was sweating in the sun, cooled by the swimming pool, drinking wine and enjoying Italian cuisine. Isn’t passive income the greatest invention of all time?

The crazy uptrend continues. 2018 has been an incredible year so far.

Portfolio update July 2018
View from our vacation apartment in beautiful Marche – Italy

income statement for July 2018.

Platform Return Compared to last month Account value
Bondora -56,81€ -138,77€ 30.272,58€
Twino 22,85€ +3,72€ 2.237,60€
Mintos 93,76€ +24,79€ 8.983,25€
Swaper 125,40€ -20,51€ 10.080,64€
Robocash 57,81€ -17,80€ 6.579,50€
Crowdestate 68,86€ +38,71€ 7.425,43€
Crowdestor 28,33€ -73,43€ 4.247,60€
Grupeer 27,47€ +4,28€ 2.303,55€
FastInvest 50,47€ +26,59€ 4.182,80€
Envestio 39,60€ +14,84€ 6.254,85€
Total 457,74€ -137,58€ 82.567,80€

Real Estate:

First property returned 660€


Blog returned 981,90€ (+397,15€ more than last month)

Grand total: 

2.099,64€ (+259,57€ more than last month)
69,99% of my first goal (+8,65% more than last month)

Portfolio update July 2018
‘FIRE’ is short for Financial Independence Retire Early.

My comments to the returns

I’m debating with myself whether I should move the Blog income to a separate graph.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to show people how it’s possible for almost anybody (with a stable day-job income) to become financially independent within 10 years.

I realize that not everyone is able to start a Blog and do the same as I do, while everyone can invest in P2P/P2B platforms and buy rental properties!

What do you think? Should I separate the two?


As expected, Bondora went back into negative territory again. 210,54€ were recovered from defaulted loans but that was not enough to catch up with the missing principal and interest repayments.

Bondora income graph

Bondora recovery graph


Yesterday Twino announced that they will be launching investments with Currency Exposure. Those loans will carry a 14% interest rate and have buyback guarantee. But the 14% is not guarantee because it will follow the Russian ruble.

They wrote a blog-post about how it works here.

While it’s great that they are introducing higher interest rate loans again, I’m not keen on having exposure to RUB. I like the normal loans where I can predict the return.

The ruble has been quite week over the past few years. However, if you think the RUB will be stronger in the future, you could get some very nice returns.

RUB/EUR chart
RUB/EUR chart from 01.08.2018


The 3.000€ I transferred to Mintos on June 7th made the income jump to 93,76€.

Unfortunately, the interest rates have gotten a significant hair cut since last month. 13% loans are currently only available through the African “GetBucks” loan originator.

Mintos income graph


2 personal milestones were hit on Swaper this month.

  • Total interest earned > 1.000€
  • Account value > 10.000€

Swaper income graph


Some cash drag still exist on Robo.cash. I think this is the main reason for the lower income this month.

Robocash income graph

They recently introduced a new type of loan called “installment” loans.

Repayment period is up to 12 months and expected interest rate is 14.5% per year. This should help reducing cash drag as the loan volume increases. Unfortunately however, this loan type only pays interest after the full loan period.

While the overall return will still be good, it will reduce my monthly cash flow and make my monthly income graph look worse until it will get a big spike a year from now. As much as I dislike this, I’m not a fan of cash drag either so I will have to include them for now.

Contrary to the short-term loans, the installment loans can be sold to other investors and you will receive interest based on the amount of days you held the loans.

If you’re interested in Installment loans remember to update your auto-invest settings to include them.

Robo.cash autoinvest settings


As interest is accumulated on the platforms, I like to reinvest it as soon as possible to get the snowball rolling.

I reinvested 100€ in the MMMSprattus OÜ project in July. It has a 15% interest rate and monthly interest payments, which I prefer.Crowdestate MMMSprattus project

I recently published a review of Crowdestate . If you have not read it yet, you can find it here.

Crowdestate income graph
The income goes up and down because interest accrues differently from project to project. This is expected. In 2020 it will make some really big spikes when some of the development projects finishes.


Income from Crowdestor was lower in July due to the fact that I only had one active investment, namely the “TESLA TAXI Park Riga” project.

The high yield short-term Cryptocurrency mining project finished last month. It was nice to get 36% interest rate even though it was only for 2 months.

Next month I should get payments from the “Increase of operating capital” project as well, so I’m expecting 28,33 + 33,10 = 61,43€ from Crowdestor in August.

Crowdestor income graph


It was my second full month of repayments from the projects I invested in at Grupeer. Flawless experience and they all paid on time.

Some of you have wondered why personal verification this was not a part of the sign-up process. Grupeer just announced that they will start verification of all existing users within a month or two. It’s a short process identical to being verified on any other platform.

Grupeer income graph


FastInvest has picked up speed and the returns are now very close to the expected target of 52€ per month.

I see that quite a few of you have joined me on FastInvest and it’s easy to understand why: 15% interest rate, buyback guarantee and no lack of loans which means instant re-investments.

There’s no secondary market on FastInvest, but you can sell your loans back to FastInvest and receive your invested principal back within 24 hours. The drawback is that you don’t earn any interest for the time you held the loans.

Most loans are 4-8 months so the best option is stop reinvesting and wait until the loans expire. But it’s a great option to have, in case of emergency!

FastInvest income graph

If you register and invest with FastInvest in August you will receive an extra 1% cash back on your investments after 12 months!


Envestio is slowly but surely becoming my favorite choice for investing. My hopes are really high for this platform.

I transferred 4.000€ to my account in July bringing my total deposits to 6.000€.

The plan is to have 10.000€ invested as soon as possible so I will add more funds my account in August.

Envestio income graph

I recently published a review of Envestio , where I traveled to Riga to meet the team behind the platform. If you have not read it yet, you can find it here

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days. That’s 9 full months!

Real Estate

The tenants are still happy and pay their rent.

Owning a rental property is not a passive investment though. It takes some of your time but it’s definitely worth it!

My first property has a garden that I need to take care of. Weeds were growing everywhere so I had to do something about it. I bought a rake, a spade and a pair of gardening gloves for 45€ and got to work.

Maybe I’m not like most others, I actually enjoy the work.

The weeds grew happily in the gravel
Several hours later it’s finally possible to see the difference between lawn and gravel.

Savings rate

My savings rate for July ended up at 56,95%, which is really satisfying here in the holiday season. We have visited 4 gourmet restaurants in Italy and eaten out a lot more than usual.

Average savings rate for 2018 so far is 56,27%. If I should have any chance of reaching my goal of a 60% savings rate for 2018 I need to tighten up for the rest of the year.

FIRE savings rate 2018
Average savings rate for 2018 = 56,27%


Below you can see my expenses for July.

– Costs of living –
Rent: 703
Electricity: 102€
Groceries: 249€

– Transport –
Fuel: 436€. Driving 2.000 km to Italy is expensive but still cheaper than flying.
Road taxes: 65€
Parking: 67€
Taxify rides: 17€

– Vacation –
Restaurant visits: 347€
Wine tasting and wine buying: 76€

– Misc –
Banking fees: 4€
My daughter’s phone bill for 5 months usage: 27€
Toilet visits on highways: 2€

– Blog –
Google Ads: 45€

Total expenses for June: 2.140€

Blog statistics July 2018

This blog now returns almost as much as all my investments combined. Almost 1.000€ in one month. I think it’s fascinating, ridiculous and amazing at the same time.

In a way it makes sense though. Someone once told me “Income can only come from other people. There is no other source unless you start minting money and I wouldn’t recommend that. The more people you can help or service, the more money you will earn.”

Visitors: 3.650 (+67,43% since last month)
Page views: 14.928 (+100% since last month)

242 subscribers (133 WordPress, 109 Sumo) (+76 since last month)

I’d love to get to 10.000 visitors per month, that would be pretty amazing.I’m not really sure why the traffic is increasing so much, but I’m really grateful for it. Writing is much more fun, when you know that a lot of people are going to read it.

Most of the traffic is coming from organic Google searches. I saw that most other bloggers in the same space are experiencing growth as well. Maybe there is an increased interest for alternative investments in general?

See you next time

That’s it for this month’s portfolio update. Enjoy the last month of the summer!

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58 Replies to “Portfolio update July 2018”

  1. Hey Jorgen,

    Really enjoy your blog, please keep it up 🙂

    I was wondering how your blog is an income source. I don’t see any monetization so how do you make money off of it?

    I’m sorry if you already explained this at some point but there’s no search feature on the website and going through all of the posts is a daunting task (even if the content is super relevant and interesting!).

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Alex.

      I get this question almost every day, maybe I should make a separate page explaining it 😊

      The short answer: affiliate links.

      If someone invests in the platforms I use, I typically get 5€. It’s a win/win situation because in some cases the investor also gets a small bonus he wouldn’t have got if he registrered directly with the platform.

  2. Hi, I see that you dont have any ads, so how do you make revenue on your blog?

  3. Hi Jørgen & good evening!

    Glad to see things are going so well. I think you might have gotten a lot of extra visitors because of your review on Envestio.
    I saw they had shared your blog post about your visit on their social media so that might have given a boost.

    Happy to see FastInvest is doing so well! That would be the next on my list also. And I agree, Envestio is for sure my favorite at this moment also.

    Very glad you’re growing so quickly now. Gives me extra motivation to document my received interests every month also.

    Have a lovely evening!

    1. Great to hear from you Ken!

      You’re right about the Envestio Facebook share, I completely forgot about that.

      When I’m thinking about it, Crowdestate shared my review on their Facebook page as well. I guess that attracted quite a few visitors.

      Well spotted 😊

      Have a great evening too!

  4. Hi Jorn. Some readers can’t blog, you’re right. But others can’t buy a house, or do X. What’s important is to follow your journey, learn what’s working for you and what takes you to FI. It can be inspiring to try new stuff, to push harder… Whatever, but the highest value is sharing openly your journey. Please, don’t stop publishing parts of your journey
    Just my thoughts 🙂

      1. No worries buddy. I know what you ment 😊

        Thanks again, 70% in less than 3 years seems unreal to me. Let’s see if it can continue. Just like the stock market I’m waiting for a correction 🤣

    1. Hi Juan,

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this topic. I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

      Maybe I’m over thinking it. It’s just that I never thought that the blog would turn into a source of income. It didn’t cross my mind at all when I started out. And now that’s it’s such a big part of my income Im worried that it takes focus from the important message about investing I wanted to share.

      Any way, I really appreciate your input and I will definitely keep being transparent and share every part of my journey with you!

  5. Hi Jorgen,

    Only recently I found out about your blog and I honestly really like it. Detailed, simple and extensive info about your goals and actions. Glad I found it!

    Anyway, I was wondering wether or not you advise buying on the Marketplace of Crowdestate. As you mentioned in your review, there are hardly any open investments (1,6 p. month), so their Marketplace is a good way to start I thought.

    What are your thoughts on it? Anything I should look out for in particular? What’s the maximum price (> remaining principal I mean) you ideally would buy?

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Gideon,

      I don’t like the premium I’d have to pay for buying on the marketplace of Crowdestate.

      People are greedy and most loans are only for sale because “well, if someone wants to buy my loan part for this price, I’ll sell it with profit and wait for a new opportunity”.

      If you can find a project you like that sells for paar value I’m all for it!

      As with any investment diversification is important so I would try to aim at having a share in at least 5 projects. The more the merrier of course.

      You might not be able to find 5 projects right away but you can add to your position later on. No need to rush into it. Be patient, new attractive projects come for sure.


  6. Hi Jørgen,

    Interesting to see your monthly return (minus the blog income) almost cover my monthly expenses – and on such “a small” invested amount. That is really motivating.

    Are you in any way taking the Danish capital income taxation into consideration when you are looking into your numbers? What are your approach on it in general – do you just consider it as a side expense?

    BR Jesper

    1. Hi Jesper,

      Like death, tax is one of the things you can’t avoid. I just compare my FI numbers to the salery I’m getting now and counting on ~40% taxes.

      Best regards,

  7. Good info. I like how you lay everything on the table, so anyone can see how each of the investments is doing – and try to relate them to their own. Thank you

    1. Hi Mr. 39 months,

      I’m glad you like it. Really nice to have you here, I hope you will stick around 🙂

      Best regards,

    1. Thank you MrGoGreenDollar. It’s probably not as safe as index investing but I hope it gets me to FI. All roads lead to Rome, right? 😊

  8. I recently had the experience that there are no loans available at swaper. All money sitting around idle. Who else had this experience?

    1. This is common at Swaper (and Robocash). There is some cash drag and lag of loans. However, as you can see on my graphs it doesn’t affect the returns much. My XIRR is 15.17% on Swaper at the moment.

  9. Hi Jorg

    Am I correct to assume that most of the blog income comes from affiliate links to Envestio and Crowdestate?

  10. Hi Jørgen
    What is your general stategy regarding real estate ?
    I remember you responded on other site that if you had 1 mio. kr. you would buy 5 more as the same type you have now.

    My question is are you going to change from crowdlending towards that now or is real estate strategy in general?


    1. Hi Balder,

      That’s right, I’d like to buy more rental properties in the future. It takes a while to save up for the down payment though. That’s why I invest my savings and when I have enough saved up, I will withdraw some of the money from the platforms and invest it into another rental property.

  11. I love it Jorgen – you have invested a completely different way to me there is loads I can learn here.

    And fabulous we are on the same timetable to FI in a few years – looking forward to reading about your progress.

    1. What a pleasure to have you here Ms ZiYou.

      That’s the power of sharing our numbers, we can all learn and benefit from each others experience.

  12. Amazing to see how you’ve managed to document your progress.

    I’m impressed with the work that you’ve done and how things are going for you!

    On the topic of the blog – you are getting a huge increase in readers now it seems – is that because the blog is getting better, getting better known or because there is a wider audience for FI/RE?

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Gentleman,

      Welcome to the blog and thank you for the kind words!

      I’m not sure why I’m getting this boost in traffic. I think it’s a combination of different things. Of course, I do what I can to spread the word about it, but I can only do so much. Most of the traffic is coming from Google. It feels like Google has recognized my persistence and upgraded my rankings?

      The FIRE community is definitely getting bigger as well. More people are searching for the keywords I use for paid traffic (even though it’s only a fraction of users who are coming from this source).

  13. Hi – New reader here! Great blog and nice with a personal strategy. Looking forward to see your progress. Do you have knowledge of other danish based blogs besides yours and MoneyWow, Frinans and Finansfilosoffen??
    Mvh/best regards

    1. Hi Mikael,

      Welcome to the blog. Make sure to subscribe if you like what you see 🙂

      I know a few other Danish personal finance blogs but unfortunately they don’t focus on Financial Independence.

      Best regards,

  14. Hey,

    How you calculate monthly income ? Its only interest and profit or also money back for loan payment ?

    1. Hi Vytautas,

      Monthly income is only interest on loans. Principal, cashback campaigns and bonuses are not included in this number.

  15. Hi again,

    I’m thinkng of starting with a new platform alongside Robocash. My target is short term loans (1mo), buy back guarantee and hopefully no cash drag. Is Swaper the best bet? I put 100€ there and they never got invested during 2 weeks.
    What would you suggest?


    1. Hi Mihnea,

      I don’t have any suggestions to 1 month loans. You would most likely have the same experience on Swaper with only 100€.

      You could consider Envestio. They have a 4 month loan where the borrower has given personal guarantee as security. Interest rate is 18%.


  16. Hej Jørgen

    When you look for a new property what are your critirias before its interesting buy ?

    1. Hi Balder,

      – Main criteria is location. It needs to be in an area where I’m sure it’s easy to find tenants. I also prefer properties within a 30 minutes drive from where I live.

      – Second, how much rent it generates compared to the price of the property. I’m looking for long term cash flow, as I plan to keep the property for 10 years at least.

      – Third, how much maintenance I can expect. Lower is better of course.

      That’s pretty much it.


  17. Hi Jorgen! Your blog and monthly reports keep getting better and better! Thank you very much for everything you are sharing with us.
    I have open account in all the platforms (via your links of course) and everything is going just fine, except Swaper, and i can see im not the only one by the replies, do you consider normal a 3 day cash drag? Until now not even one loan…
    Best regards,
    Sérgio Costa

    1. Hi Sérgio,

      Good to hear from you again! Thank you so much for your kind words and your continuous support. I’m constantly trying to improve the blog in order to show the information in the simplest way. There’s still much room for improvement.

      Good old Swaper.. They are getting more loans but more investors also join, so it’s not easy to see they’re improving. However, the latest change to the auto-invest tool makes sure that loans are distributed equally to all investors over time.

      It will take weeks to deploy your capital, maybe even months depending on the size of your deposit. Typically, up to 500€ can be deployed per week. I wouldn’t be too worried though. You see, my return is 15% at the moment, EVEN with this cash drag.

      Pro tip: if you like to stay up in the middle of the night, there’s a small 30 minute time window where you might be able to grab some loans from the primary market. It’s very, very hard to get the timing right though!

      With Swaper, patience is your best friend.

      Best regards,

  18. Ok, thank you for your advises, i made a 1000€ deposit, lets wait and see what happens in the next 2 weeks!

  19. Interesting blog you got here with a totally different route to FI. Thanks for sharing and I have some reading to do 🙂

  20. Hi Jorgen,

    I was curious what other FI blogs you follow, or which ones do you find an interesting read! Maybe an idea for a future blog post?

    Thanks and all the best,

    1. Hi Gideon,

      I spend more time looking for good and safe investments than reading FIRE blogs 🙂

      I didn’t know many FI blogs until recently. I’m still looking for more high quality European FIRE blogs to follow.


  21. I am starting my blog to help get me keep myself in the habits of saving and the like. Perhaps its the fact that I am a multi-generational New Yorker, but the idea of putting my financial information; how much I earn and the like online is not something I was planning on doing. I would have no problem telling folks how much I have made blogging, or saved with whatever tricks. The idea of posting my networth or income stats is something I am uncomfortable with. How have folks responded to that, both online or in your life? I have seen many bloggers do just that, and I was thinking of posting my % breakdowns, and % changes month to month. I am just curious your thoughts.

    1. Hi GenX,

      I haven’t got a single negative comment on my nunbers since I chose to publish them online. The only thing I hear is “Thank you, for sharing your information, it’s really helpful”.

      I don’t understand why people are uncomfortable sharing their networth or income. Many people have/make much more than I do and equally many have/make significantly less. It doesn’t make you a better or worse person. It’s just numbers, who cares?


  22. I am inclined to agree with you. The company I work for has an office in India, and folks there talk about salary and money openly. The people in my area, the NY metropolitan area, generally don’t. The website glassdoor.com exists in part because of it; it’s how we see what jobs pay within your company and in others. I am rather an open book and obviously I asked because I want to share. I thrive on feedback positive and negative to help me grow. Without contrast, how can you see?

    I think my concerns boil down to income inequality. I earn more than many I know, and much less than others I know. I cheer the success of others, but I fear alienating those I care about due to envy. My wife and I are good savers, in the 20% range, and have been for many years now. Not everyone we know are.

    I think I will continue to be somewhat abstract, talking about % change and % distance to certain goals. Perhaps I will talk about how much earn from any side gigs. As time goes on, who knows. Other bloggers, like Jonathan Ping over at mymoneyblog is quite explicit. I have followed and learned quite a bit from him as well.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice!

  23. Just to update about swaper, 4 days since your advice and almost 500€ are invested! 😉

    1. Hi Borut,

      I don’t like ICO’s in general andthe FastInvest ICO is no exception. However, from what I understand, the ICO and the lending business are two different instances of the company and they have separate economies.

      Most P2P investors are not interested in crypto. I advised them to split into two completely different companies, as that would create more trust in the P2P sector. They replied that they had thought about that, but it was complicated and costly and it was easier for them to market one brand instead of two.

      I’m just ignoring the ICO part.

  24. I created an account on Swaper but I dont see any available investment. Is this temporary or do you often have this experience?

    1. Hi John. Please search for “Good old Swaper” in this blog post (CTRL + F) and you will find the answer 🙂

    1. Hey Panonymouze,

      I’ve been looking at Lenndy for a long time. Their platform is very similar to the platforms I already invest in. The interest rates offered are similar as well, so I’m probably not going to invest in them any time soon. They should be a solid choice though, if you want to give them a shot.

  25. Hi,

    Thanks for your post! very unique strategy.

    Why is the major part of your investment allocated to Bondora?
    without buyback?

    Seems a bit too risky.

    1. Hi Guillermo,

      Bondora was my first investment. I made a beginners mistake by allocating way too much into one platform. I didn’t know any better at that time. Bondora is not a good investment, I have been withdrawing since November last year.

  26. Great thanks! just wanted to know, in case my understanding was not correct.

    I have invested some money in RoboCash, there seems to be some cash drag. Have you been experiencing similar issues?

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