Portfolio update May 2017

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Interest Returns in May

To no surprise, net interest received for Bondora also declined in May.  (Click on images to view full size in a new window).

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To be fair, “Interest planned” on Bondora for May was expected to be less than last month. June should be higher though, let’s see how that goes!

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Bondora returned 226,41€, (-27,42€ less than last month)

Twino returned 119,73€,  (+21,32€ more than last month)

Mintos returned 12,51€, (+1,15€ more than last month)

Swaper returned 3,40€ (first month with Swaper, only a few 20 day loans have returned interest)

This gives me a total of 362,05€, (-1,55€ less than last month)
That equals 12,07% of my first goal, (-0,05% less than last month)

New funds are added

This month I will add another 1000€ to Swaper to get to the magic 5.000€ mark. This is supposed to give me the VIP status and give me 14% interest rate on all loans, instead of 12%. Swaper just updated the webpage design by the way.

New opportunities

Next up, I want to invest in ViaInvest or Crowdestate (I haven’t decided which one yet). ViaInvest seems to be very similar to the other P2P platforms with buyback guarantee offering up to 12,2% interest rate. Crowdestate is based on individual projects where the interest rate usually is above 15%. However, only about one project is added every month currently which could lead to some cash drag.

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