Investment start date: 06.07.2017
Total deposits: 7.000€

Stats from 01.05.2018

Net profit according to Crowdestate: 314,71€
Principal balance: 7.149,63€
Cash balance: 165,08€

No buyback guarantee on Crowdestate.

Expect the income graph to go up and down a lot. Interest accrues differently from project to project. Some pay interest every month, some pay every quarter and others pay everything back in one payment at the end of the loan period.

Expected next payments:  

31.05.2018 Global Nord Timber OÜ €708.75
31.05.2018 Decoreter OÜ €37.12
31.05.2018 Global Nord Timber (II) OÜ €14.17
30.06.2018 Decoreter OÜ €37.12
30.06.2018 Global Nord Timber (II) OÜ €12.38

Active investments: