Portfolio update August 2017

Portfolio P2P investments Swaper Robo.cash Twino Mintos Bondora Crowdestate reviewSummary of August

Bondora returned 169,25€ (-29,91€ less than last month)

Twino returned 117,99€ (-1,57€ less than last month)

Swaper returned 62,32€ (+18,55€ more than last month)

Robocash returned 21,21€ (+17,04€ more than last month)

Mintos returned 11,89€ (-0,07€ less than last month)

Crowdestate returned 0,00€ (I expected a repayment of €9.26 on 31.08.2017 but it has has been rescheduled to 01.09.2017)

This gives me a total of 382,66€ (+4,04€ more than last month)
which equals 12,75% of my first goal (+0,13% more than last month) Continue reading “Portfolio update August 2017”

Robocash review

Robocash – First impressions

I was a little skeptical investing into Robocash initially. They didn’t have much information available on their website and some parts were written in poor English. Furthermore they had this picture of Dmitry-Balakhnin (Chief Brand Officer) to represent the company. I’m sure Dmitry is a great guy but let me be honest to say I was hesitant to trust him with my money. (They updated the website after I signed up and it looks way more professional now.) Continue reading “Robocash review”

Viainvest review

Getting started

In July I decided to try Viainvest. I’ve talked with other investors who have enjoyed their platform so I decided to give it a try. This Viainvest review is not going in depth with the investing process, as I backed out pretty quickly. Continue reading to find out why.

The signup process

Signing up is straight forward. You just enter the standard information such as name, address and passport number and you’re good to go. Continue reading “Viainvest review”