Swaper review

Swaper,com review

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This Swaper review is based entirely on my experiences. Always do your own research.

OBS! This review needs to be updated. A lot of improvements has been made to the platform.

Sign-up and money transfer

Here is a quick review on my Swaper investment. Last Friday I transferred 2.688€ to my account and on Tuesday I got an email confirming my deposit. The sign-up process is hassle-free and very straight forward. You don’t have to verify your identity (by uploading drivers licence or passport) until you want to withdraw your money.

Getting started

Like most other platforms Swaper has an Auto Invest feature. That way you can automate the investing process and avoid most of the manual work.

Swaper review auto invest financially free

Being new to the platform, I was a bit confused about how I should use the Auto Investing feature. A few questions came to mind:

  • Swaper states that all loans come with a 12% interest. Why do I even select interest rate?
  • Should I make one or several schemes?
  • What happens if I set investment amount per loan to 30€ and I only have 10€ in my account? Would the 30€ be a maximum and my 10€ would be invested, or would it only invest if I had 30€ available?

Reaching out to support

Curious as I am, I used the Chat function in the lower right corner of the page to have my questions answered right away.

Swaper chat financially free

The reaction time from the support is instant. I have talked to Danija from Swaper support several times and I’m very pleased with the feed back. Very fast, polite and honest response! Getting support is truly a delightful experience.

Setting up Auto Invest

I hear other investors have trouble keeping their all funds invested on Swaper. I don’t like cash drag so I did some research to find out how to avoid it.

It turns out that you are getting loans according the number of active Auto Invest schemes. Every time a new portion of loans are published on the site, every active scheme tries to get a piece of the pie. If everyone has gotten a piece it runs again to serve the second round. As a result, if you only have one active scheme you can only get one piece. 

Think about it like a lottery; the more tickets you have, the higher the odds of winning. You can set up a maximum of 10 schemes and I would recommend you to create all 10. I mean, why not? If you have a large amount of money to invest, make sure to set a high “Investment amount per loan”.

As you can see on the picture below, I have 10 schemes ranging from 10-100€. I included Extended and Delayed loans as well. They come with a Buyback guarantee after all.

Swaper auto invest schemes- financially free

I had my 2.688€ invested in 2 days. However, I watched the Manual Invest section like a hawk and managed to grab 1.162,52€ worth of loans manually.

Most of the loans I got have a 30 day loan term but I also caught a few with 9, 10 and 12 month loan term.

According to support, new loans are added to the site 5-10 times per day on average.

Selling loans

If you, for some reason, want to sell your loan pieces again you can do so quite easily. List them on the secondary market and they will be sold almost instantly. You can have your money back in your bank account within a few days.

No fees

There are no fees on Swaper. Selling loans or withdrawing money is done free of charge.

The verdict

I have high expectations for Swaper. All in all, it has been quite easy to get going. I’m definitely upping my investment to 5.000€ in the near future to get the VIP status and an extra 2% income on all loans. A 14% “guaranteed” interest is quite compelling, I’m not gonna lie.

I wonder why they even have an Auto Invest feature though. In essence, two buttons would be sufficient; Invest or Withdraw. I guess they’re just doing what everyone else in the industry is doing and I cannot blame them for that. It works pretty well after all.

Do you have experience or comments on investing on Swaper? Let me know in the comments below!

25 Replies to “Swaper review”

  1. Most of my Swaper loans are always delayed for 1-2months (maybe even more), A lot of money is not beeing invested as there is not enough new loans. Me personally would stay away from Swaper as I don’t see them staying afloat for long (probably will go under due to unpaid loans from lenders or scam people)

  2. Hi AZ,

    If you follow my guide to setting up Auto Investing you will not have any problems getting new loans.

    Wandoo Finance is a relatively new company, founded in January 2016. However, they have experienced employees from Twino and similar competitors. I would expect they use similar methods for screening borrowers before lending out money. If they can survive in the long run, only time can tell.

  3. Hi Jørgen,

    Reading your article made me realize that there was a secondary market, something I didn’t notice earlier !

    One minor aspect than annoys me is the color scheme used for toggle buttons (in auto-invest screen, for example). Since when does a red color mean “on” ?

    On a more important note, I thank you for your trick regarding auto-invest. I just created several auto-invest profiles, and will let you know if all my funds finally get invested !

  4. Hi Jørgen! Did you also research about the taxes that come with doing this kind of investments? I read something about Withholding tax of about 20%. Do you let your accountant know about when you withdraw money from Swaper to your bank account? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Nico,

      Swaper doesn’t withhold any taxes. None of the platform I invest in do this. Unfortunately I cannot give you any advice in this regard you will have to contact your local tax authority or an accountant. Tax rules vary from country to country.

  5. Hello Jørgen!

    I enjoyed reading your review of Swaper and I’m now considering investing with the platform.

    I have heard of a big cashdrag in Swaper. Have you experiencing it or are these things of the past?

    Keep the good work and You’ll definitely be retired sooner than later!


    1. Hello Paul! Today it’s actually exactly 1 year since I invested my first euros on Swaper. I have not experienced any considerable cash drag ever. My current XIRR is 14.7%. It’s probably my favorite platform and unfortunately I don’t even get any affiliate commission for referring people to them. I wish you all the best with your investments.

  6. Hi Jørgen,
    Thanks for your clear review. First of all I used one of your referrals, as an apprecation for your inzet and as a benefit for both of us ;-).

    It looks like the Auto-Invest platform of Swaper changed. Could you make printscreens in the current situations of Auto-Invest. Do you keep the max. amount of each portfolio the same, but do you change the ‘Max investment in one loan’ in every portfolio?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Jaco,

      The auto-invest has changed for Swaper has changed indeed. It’s not necessary to create more than one auto-invest now. I recommend setting “max investment in one loan” is set to a high value. If you set it too low it might take longer to get your money invested.


  7. Hi Jørgen
    It is quite a while since you posted this review. I just want to ask if you are maintaining your positive view on swaper?
    I myself are considering adding up to the 5k in order to get the 14 % yield .

    1. Hi Søren,
      The Swaper platform is great but they don’t have enough loans available. A large part of my portfolio remains uninvested so I consider withdrawing my money. At this moment I prefer Grupeer or FastInvest over Swaper.

  8. Hi Jørgen

    At the moment Grupeer has only 41 available loans. Personally it leaves me with a big cash drag as well. I find Grupeer to be the least efficient of my platforms so far. Contacting their support ensured me though that they would implement new loans soon. But don’t they all say that?

    With your size portfolio how many euro do you invest in each loans at Grupeer? I mean if there’s only 41 available loans and you have 5000 euro to start with it leaves you with a rather big investment in each loan, if you want to get into the market fast to avoid cash drag.


    1. Hi Casper,

      I have a maximum of 1000€ per project. I don’t worry much about diversification within one platform. With 10 platforms, I think my diversification is pretty good already 🙂

  9. Hi Jørgen

    I have a question: The extra 2% you get in Swaper when your account is over 5000 euros applies to your full amount invested, or only for the amount over 5000? I mean, if I transfer 7000 to get the bonus, the +2% will apply to the 7000 euros or only to 2000? I read some confusing reviews in different websites.

    Thanks for your blog, very inspiring!

  10. Hi Jørgen,

    What is your opinion on the transparency and strength of Wandoo Finance, originator of Swaper?

    I’m asking this because it is almost impossible to find any financial report from Wandoo, the only document seems to be this one ( https://regnskaber.cvrapi.dk/01724583/ZG9rdW1lbnRsYWdlcjovLzAzLzEwL2ViLzY1L2ZjL2JhNmUtNGNjMS1hY2Q3LTNiZTQ4N2QwMTRkMw.pdf ), that covers only the Denmark branch, and the result is not very positive…

    Also, the auto-invest tool allows to choose between PL, GE, DK, ES and RU, but I have only bought PL and ES loans since I joined Swaper. Is the business shrinking?

    Just wanted to know your thoughts on the stability of this group, maybe you were able to get further information on their financial state.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      I’m not completely up to date on Wandoo Finance Groups finances. You can download the financial report here (requires membership): https://www.lursoft.lv/gada-parskati/40103970112

      You can also write to Swaper support and ask if they will send you the financial report, they might want to do that. Their business is growing at least in terms of volume measured in EUR. They issue more than double the amount of loans compared to last year.

  11. Hi Jorgen, I would like to ask your opinion about Swaper in this moment? Do you think Swaper is reliable?
    I realised that you don´t have money in TWINO plataform, could you tell me please why, and what you think about TWINO?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Rita. I like Swaper, they have been stable, reliable and communicative through the corona crisis. I used to invest in Twino when their interest rates were higher. I left them when they mostly had PG loans. I didn’t want PG loans because they can’t be sold if they default, which means less liquidity.

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