Portfolio update October 2018

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Hello fellow Financial Freedom and Wealth seekers!

It’s THAT time of the month and you know what it means.. It’s time for another monthly portfolio update!

Not much has happened in the world of Crowdlending since last month. But no news is often good news in the world of finance.

The stock markets on the other hand, have corrected and the latest drop has sent the American S&P 500 index back to early January 2018 levels. A lot of people are worried that the markets will drop further. Some technical analysts even point out that the charts look a lot like what happened just before the crash in 2007/2008.

However,  once everyone starts talking about a crash, I think it’s unlikely to happen in the short term. History shows that market crashes usually happen when no-one expects it.

But nevermind the stock market, here at Financially Free we focus on Crowdlending and alternative investments. These portfolio updates tend to get long enough already, so let’s get right to the numbers!


October 2018

Crowdlending Income XIRR Invested Value
Bondora -58,63€ 1,13% 18.100€ 27.360€
Crowdestate 52,67€ 7,40% 7.000€ 7.530€
Crowdestor 61,43€ 18,66% 4.000€ 4.431€
Envestio 233,56€ 19,07% 20.000€ 21.907€
FastInvest 53,78€ 14,52% 4.100€ 4.342€
Grupeer 62,17€ 10,75% 10.000€ 10.623€
Mintos 111,30€ 14,52% 8.000€ 9.284€
Robocash 20,73€ 12,51% 6.000€ 6.715€
Swaper 164,98€ 16,60% 9.000€ 10.489€
Twino 29,18€ 15,57% 939€ 2.306€
731,17€ 87.139€ 104.991€
Real Estate Income XIRR Invested Value
First property 660€ 68,21% 18.080€ 24.616€
Total 1.391,17 105.219€ 129.608€

My comments to the returns

October income from investments was 1.391,17€ (+248,16€ more than last month.) I reached 46,37% of my first goal (+8,27% more than last month).

What a great month!

If it wasn’t for Bondora, my Crowdlending income graph would be a lot prettier though…


Another negative month on Bondora. I don’t expect to experience a positive month ever again, unless a miracle happens in the recovery department.

To any new readers, I do not recommend investing with Bondora unless you plan to use the “Go & Grow” product only. There’s too many defaults related to the “Portfolio Manager” or “Portfolio Pro” and the costs of recovery is too high. Chances are, that your income graph will look much like mine after a couple of years.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.
162,15€ was recovered from Bondora defaults in September. Not enough to turn the numbers green.


Crowdestate had a few borrowers that didn’t pay on time in October. The project “Steel Express” was supposed to pay on 31-10-2018 and the payment arrived today instead. It’s no big deal but the interest is carried over to next month in my reports.

I’m still missing payments from “MMMSprattus OÜ” and “Global Nord Timber (III)”. Global Nord Timber did payoff the full amount of their second project “Global Nord Timber (II)” on the 31st and thereby made a successful exit of that project. So that’s good.

It does happen from time to time that a payment is late but it’s usually only a few days. Sometimes I receive a late fee as well so I’m okay with it. As long as I get paid eventually 🙂

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

The XIRR calculation for Crowdestate is low because half of the projects I invest in, only pay interest as a bullet payment in the end of the total investment period. I expect the XIRR to rise above 17% eventually.

Most of the development projects pay interest when the project is finished.


Things are starting to speed up for Crowdestor. Since they decided to take part in the Invest 2019 event in Stuttgart, Germany they now have 7 exciting projects in the pipeline.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

3 new projects were published on the platform in October. Interest rates offered are 12% for “Development of Apartment building”, 17% for “INCH– Increase of operating capital” and 18% for “Restaurant The Catch”. I’m probably going to invest in INCHand Restaurant The Catch. I really like to invest in (and support) small businesses rather than financing personal loans. And 17-18% interest in return is decent don’t you think?

Many of you who like Envestio have asked if there’s any similar alternative available, to spread the risk. Crowdestor is probably your best option! Give it a shot and see if you like it. I know I do 🙂


When I wrote my Envestio review in July, 736 active investors had raised 1.246.273€ on the platform. Today, only 3,5 months later, 1.991 investors have raised 5.436.919€. Impressive!

I’m starting to wonder if  they will be able to keep up with investor demand as they continue growing. So far they have not disappointed.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

All projects released in October had interest rates above 20%! One of them even offered 23.5% if you invested in it within 2 days after being published. I was quick to act, transferred 7.000€ immediately and invested it all in that project. If everything goes as planned, that investment alone will add ~137€ to my monthly income. Not bad!

My total investment on Envestio is now 20.000€. If you’re not investing on Envestio yet you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Where else do you get 17-22% interest rate and buyback guarantee?

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days.


Now to one of the best news in this month’s update: I’m going to meet FastInvest on November 15th! The visit is scheduled and everything is planned. Flight tickets are paid for and the hotel room is booked.  I’m so exited and really look forward to the trip.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

A lot of people including myself have a lot of question we’d like to have answered. Be sure to head over to this post and put your question in the comments section. I’ll happily ask for you and post the answers in a blog post later this month!


Grupeer is still going strong. For the first time, the recent popularity put them in a situation where all loans were sold out! They are working hard and new projects are released every week.

If you have an account already, make sure to enable auto-invest to grab the 15% loans as soon as they are published.

I bumped up my investments from 5.000€ to 10.000€ on this great platform during October.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


While people are debating on the  Mintos Fellows Facebook group, whether interest rates are high enough, my Mintos portfolio broke the 100€ mark for the first time! Yay! 

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

Yes, interest rates are still 2-3% lower than they were a few months ago but I still think it’s a good investment.

Like last month, I’m still investing into 12% short-terms loans from Varks at the moment. Short-term loans makes it easier for me to get back into 13-14% loans again, if they should appear on the platform.

Also, the very popular Mogo loans appeared with 12% rates today. It’s definitely a good sign and it could force other originators to follow troop.


Good news for Robocash investors! The long-awaited Russian loan originator “Z Finance” started to publish their loans on the platform. That means no more cash drag (at least temporarily).

Z Finance loans comes with 12% interest, which is alright, but to be honest I had expected 14% like the other loan originators on Robocash offer.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

The earned income and XIRR on Robocash is not completely accurate. The reason is the “Installment loans”. Interest is paid when the loan is returned or if I sell it on the secondary market. If I sold those Installment loans now, XIRR would be above 14%.

“Interest by today” which means “accrued interest that I will receive eventually” grew from 84,50€ last month to 138, 23€ this month. Add the difference of 53,73€ to the 20,73€ I received and the total for the month is 74,46€. That would be close to the expected XIRR of 14%.


October was a record month for my Swaper portfolio. Interest earned amounted to 164,98€ even with the cash drag that still exists on the platform.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


My children’s savings account returned 29,18€. A healthy bump from 18,39€ last month.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

They have saved up 300€ from birthday gifts and are ready to invest some more. I’m so proud of their attitude towards spending vs. investing already at the age of 6 and 8.

The girls are ready to go out for “Trick or Treat”.

Twino was a great platform when they had 14% loans and plenty of them. Now, offering 10-11% loans, not so much.

If you’re willing to take on currency risk with the Russian Ruble AND you’re lucky enough to snatch them on the marketplace, some loans do offer 14%. But it’s a rarity these days.

Real Estate

Not much to report this month. The rent was paid on time and I didn’t hear from the tenants this month either. That’s 2 consecutive months without a call.

Fall is here, which means that the trees have shaken off most of their leaves. I was out with the rake but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. I promise I will remember next time 🙂

You can enjoy this image I found on Google as compensation 😛

Now that the Blog income has risen so much lately, I hope I’ll be able to buy my second rental property within 6 months.

Savings rate

My savings rate for October ended up at 66,27% (-3,55% compared to last month). I’m almost at my goal of a 60% savings rate for 2018, I just need to make sure I finish the year off strong.

Current average savings rate for 2018 = 59,63%.

Blog statistics

So the blog traffic decreased for the first time. September was higher due to paid traffic from Facebook where at least 2.000 visitors came from Facebook Ads. In October, I stopped paying for Facebook Ads all together.

Visitors: 5.993 (-25,49% compared to last month)
Page views: 27.323 (-9,91% compared to last month)

577 subscribers (337 WordPress, 240 Sumo) (+118 compared to last month)
364 Facebook followers (+66 compared to last month)

Why did I stop advertising on Facebook, you may ask? First of all, even though I have done a lot of research and spent hours and hours on different setups, I have not been able to find a healthy cost per click ratio. Secondly, the traffic from Facebook had a 85% bounce rate, meaning that 85% of all visitors only saw the front page and clicked away after only ~20 seconds. If you’re into digital marketing, that’s not the kind of statistics you want to see. Especially not when the cost per click ratio is 3-5 times higher than my Google Ads.

That’s it folks!

Those are the words I have prepared for you this month.

I promise you won’t have to wait another month for the next post. You can look forward to the FastInvest review that will be published around November 20th, after I have visited their office in Kaunas, Lithuania.

If you pay attention to the portfolio page, you probably noticed that I invested a massive 12.000€ in October. That should be enough fuel to prepare an exciting portfolio update next month, where I hope to set another record!

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54 Replies to “Portfolio update October 2018”

  1. Another excellent report. I saw that opportunity in envestio and had to pass unfortunately because it would take more than 2 days making that money transfer . However , envestio been great so far, so I plan to increase the investment there this month.

    1. Thanks Shlomo! Yes, 2 days is a very short notice. 23,5% interest rate was very desirable but the 1,5% extra doesn’t make much of a difference. More great opportunities will be presented for sure!

  2. Congrats on a very good month! I’m jealous of your blogging income. My blog only generates around 10-15% of your traffic but I’m nowhere near 10-15% of that income. Looking at your graphs it seems that the income per visitor will skyrocket after breaking the 10k views or so.

    1. Thank you B. I posted several reviews during the summer, which I believe is the main cause of the increased blog income. I don’t believe that income per visitor gets higher just because the blog reach a certain amount of views. That could be true if blog income came from banner ads, but affiliate income is different.

      1. There’s some truth in that I guess. But still, also for you it seemed that you got way more traction after reaching a certain number of visitors/views. Maybe only then you started getting more active with the affiliate links?

        1. Yes, it was right around 10k views I wrote these important platform reviews, which lead to more visitors, better google rankings and thus higher earnings.

  3. Good morning!

    Always good to start the day by reading your post. I got distracted after posting mine yesterday so I wasn’t able to read up yet. Nothing better to start the day (at work) with a good cup of coffee and reading through it for a few minutes! :-).

    Good post, just one comment where my feeling is different from yours. That is Grupeer. To me (and I check at least every few days) I didn’t see any 15% loans during October. All were 13-14% and now they are fully out of loans/sold out.

    That is a bit worrying to me, but at least they have communicated a lot of new loans will be coming in November. So fingers crossed it will go in a good direction with them.

    Good luck for your trip! I’m anxiously waiting the post about it afterwards. As FastInvest is a platform I’m not invested in yet but is currently in my top3.

    Have a nice day!

    Kind regards,

    1. Good morning Ken!

      I couldn’t agree more; Coffee and Crowdlending News is a very pleasant way to start the day!

      Regarding Grupeer, it’s easy to see when 15% loans were issued, just head over to the investments list and sort by min. 15% interest rate. Then you’ll see this:

      Have a great day!


  4. Why did you get only 20,73€ in Robocash? I have 2.100€ and got 16,10€ in Oktober. Too many late lons or is it cash drag?


    1. Hi Borut,

      I’ll recommend you read the Robocash section of this portfolio update, it’s all explained there. Hint: Installment loans 🙂

      You can also check my detailed Robocash portfolio page here.

  5. Jorg, whatever happened to that second property you already posted a photo about? Has it been sold to someone else?
    Again, impressive blog returns, kudos! And impressive salary as well, here I am trying to achieve financial freedom with a salary 9 times smaller than yours. But hey, I like the challenge. Thanks for the Facebook vs Google ad tip, appreciate it.

    1. Hi Kiri!

      The second property I was looking at is still for sale. I don’t have the money to buy it yet, I would need a down payment between 45-50.000 EUR. If it’s still for sale in the beginning of next year I might buy it!

      The good thing about Financial Freedom is that it’s related to your expenses. While your expenses might not be 9 times smaller than mine, I still expect it to be somewhat smaller. My salary has grown over the years, but looking back I should have tried to come up with an idea for other income streams sooner. It’s a tough battle to depend on raises from the company you work for.

  6. Hi Jørgen,amazing numbers! Especially your blog income. 😀 Great! I’m currently only on Mintos and Grupeer, needs more crowdlending experience before I invest in further platforms. Your blog is a great inspiration! Have a Nice weekend.

    1. Hi Nicolaj! I’m glad you find inspiration in my numbers 🙂 That’s what the blog is all about! You’re doing the right thing, start small and get experience. Once you feel like you have gained a good understanding, you can always proceed with other platforms as well. It’s easier than to reverse an investment you might regret. I wish you a very pleasant weekend as well!

  7. The MMMSprattus payment will be 2 weeks late as they communicated today. I only have invested 400 euros with Crowdestate so I was looking forward to that payment, since it’s a big enough amount and I could re-invest without having to transfer any more money there. Oh well, I can wait two extra weeks and maybe a better investment opportunity will appear in those two weeks.

    1. Yes I saw the announcement. At least they communicate fast this time. Sometimes days go buy without a word so I have to ask them myself 🙂 Reinvesting would require at least 100€ though, that is the minimum amount on Crowdestate.

  8. Still killing it Jorgen! Another great month and blog revenue is still out of this world! How high can it go I wonder?

    I still aspire to be half a successful as you!

    Did you notice I totally redid my site last month too? New theme. Gives me something to do 🙂 Traffic nowhere near your numbers yet though. Maybe one day.

    Always look forward to your update at the beginning of the month.

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Mark,

      I did notice your new design theme, I read your October update yesterday =) Good to see that your investments are stable in the UK as well!


  9. Thanks Jorgen.

    Investments are doing well, but I’m not seeing the kind of returns you are. With UK based P2P lenders, that’s kind of where it’s at these days though.

    I’m happy with it for now anyway. 6%-7% with UK regulated lenders is ok by me.

    Good luck for November. Just waiting until your blog is netting 20k per month 😀



  10. Hi Jørgen,

    I came up to your blog a few weeks ago when I was searching for Envestio reviews online (yes I opened an account with your link 😉 ) I must admit that I was impressed by the idea of tracking your investments publicly on a blog and inspired me so much that I am even considering doing so too, just don’t know if I would keep it up as well as you do. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your experience to others, it is being helpful to me as I feel I am not the only one out there trying to reach financial freedom too.



    1. Hi Tony!

      You’re very welcome my friend. Tracking your investments on a blog is a good way to keep track and stay committed. Being in a community with like-minded FIRE seeking people is another good way to stay on track. Hope you’ll stick around! 🙂


  11. Congratulations on another record-breaking month, Jørgen 😉
    Keep it up, and that 2nd property will be in the bag in no time!

    I’m curious to know how you balance your investments on the different platforms?

    This month you went high on Envestio (I can see why – Envestio is also my favorite atm). Do you just go with your gut, or do you aim for a somewhat even spread among the 10 platforms that you’re currently invested in?

    And do you plan to keep it at 10, or is there no upper limit for you?

    I managed to reach 5 this month, and it was scary as hell when you’re a first-timer 😛

    You don’t list your cash reserve anywhere? Since you were able to put in more than €10.000 extra in Envestio this month, I assume you have a cash-stash somewhere? 😉

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thank you buddy! It would be great to have the second property in the first half of 2019.

      Regarding balancing, I just go with my gut feeling and invest where I feel I get most bang for my buck at that moment. I still try to somewhat diversify between the platforms I like the most. FastInvest and Crowdestor will be next on my list to get to 10K. There’s no upper limit to how many platforms I want to invest in, but there’s no reason to start with new ones just for the sake of having more. More platforms equals more work, both in terms of website updates and tax filing.

      I don’t list my cash-stash anywhere. However it’s usually only a few thousand Euros, I don’t like to have huge cash reserves. I was able to invest more in October due to the income I received from the Blog.

      1. I get it. I’ve been going with my gut too, but eventually I thought I would come up with some sort of system, to balance the different platforms. I got a little way to go, to reach €10.000 on each platform though, so I guess there’s no rush 😛

        So, if you need €50.000 for the down payment on property 2, are you planning to pull that from your platforms, or are you going to start setting the blog income etc. aside during the coming months?


        1. I’d like to keep my investments, so I will set aside the income from the Blog for the second property. It might take a bit longer but I prefer to do it like that.

  12. Hi Jørgen,

    firstly congrats to your achievements especially in blog revenues, great!!!
    One question about envestio…Are you really sure they are legit? Aren’t those interest rates ridiculous for running businesses? I can’t believe they are unable to get standard operational banking loans for under 10%. I was considering investing some money there but I will better wait if the first loans will be paid off (which is still possible even if this was just pyramid/ponzi scheme). Just word of caution…

    1. Hi Miso,

      I’ve seen some of Envestio’s projects and plans and talked a lot with their team. If I didn’t think they were legit I wouldn’t have invested 20.000€ with them.

      Envestio offers Mezzanine- and Bridge financing. Interest rates in this range is normal for these types of loans in the Baltics. Read more about this on the FAQ page.

      I have received principal from successfully completed projects already.


  13. Really awesome! Feeling inspired by this. I opened an account on Mintos recently and have invested my first €1.5K. Envestio is next on the list. Oh yes and I started to blog about my journey to FI as well.

  14. Jørgen – Been following your blog with interest, quick question about your property investment. With a purchase price of €139,470 and monthly income of €1,462 (annual €17,544) this gives a gross yield of ~12.5% Do I have these figures correct? I understand there are costs obviously, but this seems like an incredibly high yield? Here in the UK, you’d be lucky to get 4-6% gross yield. Is this property in Denmark? And is this sort of yield normal? thanks.

    1. Hi Stuart. The figures are correct. The property was listed at 8,5% yield, I made a lower offer to the seller. 4-6% is standard in Denmark as well, depending on location and condition of the property. Remember, this is an old property in a smaller town which is less attractive to bigger investors. I’m sure you can find something similar in the UK if you search for it and put in a lower offer.

  15. Hi Jørgen , Congratulations with the improving results. Related to your calculation of income on Bondora, would you mind to share how you calculate this? When I look at the reports from Bondora I can see the Interests month by month, which other factors besides from :
    Should be deducted to see the “real income”? could you spare your XIRR calculation as well ?
    Thanks in advance, and thank you for a great blog.

    1. Hi Peter. I’m not calculating the net returns on Bondora, it’s available on the statistics page 🙂 I have sent the XIRR calculation to your email. Have a great day!

  16. I made a small deposit (900 EUR) on Bondora a few months and until now my Portfolio manager shows a 20% return…why do you think in the long run defaults get worse ?

    1. Their calculations shows nice returns. Mine showed over 20% for the first year as well:

      Question is: Do you believe their calculations? Try to open you investments list and filter by “Defaulted”. History shows that Bondora recovers about 35% of defaults. Now do you own calculation.

    1. Hi Alexander,

      My Mintos Auto-Invest settings looks like this:

      1. I prefer Mogo loans above 13% but none of these are available at the moment. They might not come back ever, but I’m leaving the auto-invest on, just in case.

      2. Second priority is anything with buyback guarantee and 13% interest rate.

      3. I’m trying to test the new feature to buy from the secondary market, and will buy any loan with 12,5% interest and buyback guarantee where loan term is up to 36 months. I’ve not been able to get any of these.

      4. Number four is the only setting that is catching any loans at the moment. I’ve selected A-B ratings with buyback guarantee, min. 12% interest and max loan term up to 12 months. Mostly loans from Varks fit into this category at the moment.

      1. Hi Jørgen,

        Do you think Mogo getting another corporate bond going will have a depreciate effect on the interest of the loans from other originators.

        Regarding your strategy points.
        2 – Aren’t you exposing yourself to non liquid originators? Like Simbo or Bino.
        3 – Is this based on XIRR or base interest of the loan, does it take into account the premium paid?

      2. Hi Jørgen,

        Do you think Mogo securing another corporate bond might affect the interest rates offered by other loan providers as has happened with the previous 50M bond?

        Regarding your Auto invest settings
        2 – Aren’t you exposing to non profitable loan originators? Like Simbo and Bino?
        3 – Are you using the interest rate of the loan or XIRR when doing these? And aren’t you exposing to losses due to premiums paid on loans that are bought back ahead of time?

        1. Hi SavvyWolf,

          Mogo securing another bond at 0,5% lower than last round could affect interest rates again.

          2. Yes I am, but I’m willing to accept a small amount of loans from these companies.

          3. I’m using interest rate of the loan it self, not XIRR. And I set premium to 0.00% as I don’t want to pay any premium.

  17. Hi Jørgen,

    I did not found a post about the structure of your Bondora portfolio
    Did you wrote about this?
    the diffent ratings? (too many HR)?
    the diffent country (too many Spain credits?)
    Which was your strategie?
    thx and greetings

    1. Hi Thomas,

      My Bondora strategy was basically to diversify between all countries and ratings but I tried to keep the interest rates between 20-40%. I didn’t want AA loans or too many HR loans so most are D, E and F rated.

      You can see detailed info about from all of my investments on Portfolio -> “Info icon” next to the platform name.

  18. Hi there, would like to ask, just bumped to your blog recently. I have an account in Mintos and now I’m looking to invest on another platform, where would you recommend to go next? Thank you

    1. Hi Petr,

      I try not to give recommendations, I prefer to show what I do and then people can decide if that investment would also fit their strategy. I like most of the platforms I’m invested in, particularly the companies I met in person gave me really good impressions. Currently my personal favorites are Envestio, Crowdestor, Grupeer and FastInvest.

  19. Hi Jørgen,

    You wrote: ‘ (…)If you’re into digital marketing, that’s not the kind of statistics you want to see. Especially not when the cost per click ratio is 3-5 times higher than my Google Ads.(…) ‘.
    and I am surprised as everywhere I look people are saying that Ads on Facebook are cheaper that on Google.

    1. Okay? Well, the hard cap on CPC works for me on Google, if I set it on Facebook Ads I get no clicks at all. If I use the normal bid strategy it’s way too expensive.

  20. Hi Jørgen! You probably did not see my question:

    “Sérgio Costa
    22/11/2018 at 17:18

    Hello Jørgen! Any news abut Fast Invest? We can hardly wait!
    Best regards,
    Sérgio Costa”

    1. Hi Sérgio. Sorry for the late reply. I met FastInvest as planned and it was a great experience. I will post the review as soon as I get the final answers to your questions from Simona.

  21. Hi Jørgen,

    Wanted to ask, why do you keep your kids’ money in Twino, i see it is getting you 15% APR, but in recent months Twino is under-performing for both interest rate and cash drag.

    Wouldn’t a better bet be something like Grupeer or Mintos? I suppose envestio has higher APR but it is not guaranteed.

    1. Hi SavvyWolf,

      I keep my childrens money in Twino because it was one of the first platforms I invested in and I trust the platform. Unfortunately I can only have one private account at each platform. Since they have the smallest amount of money, it makes sense for me to keep it there, even though it’s not the highest yielding platform. In the end it’s better to have bigger amounts at the higher yielding platforms and smaller amounts on lower yielding platforms. I can always compensate for the lower interest by giving them some extra money to invest in birthday presents etc 🙂

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