Portfolio update November 2018

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Hello fellow Financial Freedom and Wealth seekers!

First off, I’d like to apoligize. I know my responses to questions on email, Facebook and blog comments have been slower than usual. 

November was crazy busy for me. It started with 2½ weeks in another work location, then traveling around in the Baltics to visit FastInvest, Crowdestor and Grupeer. While it has been a great month with a lot of new impressions I must admit I look forward to December. Hopefully it will be less stressful.

Sometimes it can be hard to live up to expectations from kids and family, my IT job and you guys here on the Blog. Just know, that I do my best.

On the bright side, my investments are doing really good and income keeps rising. Even blog income keeps climbing.

I’m still amazed that some of you write to me directly to make sure you use my affiliate link and support the blog. You guys are the most supportive and loyal readers I could imagine, I can’t thank you enough! <3

On to the numbers!!

Income Statement: November 2018

Crowdlending Income XIRR Invested Value
Bondora -246,92€ -2,52% 16.100€ 25.317€
Crowdestate 37,61€ 7,35% 7.000€ 7.567€
Crowdestor 70,85€ 18,70% 8.000€ 8.502€
Envestio 409,73€ 21,88% 20.000€ 22.946€
FastInvest 54,39€ 14,96% 4.100€ 4.496€
Grupeer 126,79€ 12,62% 10.000€ 10.755€
Mintos 109,69€ 14,82% 8.000€ 9.394€
Robocash 30,33€ 12,06% 6.000€ 6.745€
Swaper 130,43€ 16,76% 9.000€ 10.619€
Twino 20,46€ 15,63% 1.300€ 2.687€
743,36€ 89.500€ 109.035€
Real Estate Income XIRR Invested Value
First property 660€ 75,46% 18.080€ 27.160€
Total 1.403,36 107.580€ 136.195€

My comments to the returns

November income from investments was 1.403,36€ (+12,19€ more than last month.) I reached 46,78% of my first goal (+0,41% more than last month).

Crowdlending income

Again, if it wasn’t for Bondora, my Crowdlending income graph would be a lot prettier…

Crowdlending income without Bondora
Notice, that without Bondora we are approaching 1.000€ income per month from Crowdlending.


Another negative month on Bondora. 180,03€ interest received but 426,95€ principal missed.

To any new readers, I do not recommend investing with Bondora unless you plan to use the “Go & Grow” product only. There’s too many defaults related to the “Portfolio Manager” or “Portfolio Pro” and the costs of recovery is too high. Chances are, that your income graph will look much like mine after a couple of years.

I was able to withdraw 2.000€ again, which makes withdrawals amount to 10.000€. From 26.100€ invested I still have 16.100€ to go to get my money back. It might not ever happen.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.
Bondora recovery graph
195,11€ was recovered from defaults on Bondora in September. Not enough to turn the numbers green.


Crowdestate is still publishing a lot of real estate projects every month. Most of these have interest rates around 11-12%, a bit too low for my liking.

It’s still good for diversification so I will definitely keep reinvesting. It’s just, when you remember the days at Crowdestate where most projects had interest rates abot 18% then it’s a little disappointing to see all those 11% loans now.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

Last month I was missing payments from “MMMSprattus OÜ” and “Global Nord Timber (III)”. Global Nord Timber (III) did pay throughout November but the MMMSprattus payment is still delayed. I was supposed to get more than 30€ but they only paid 3,87€.

Additional information about MMMSprattus was released and I’m not worried about the investment. The company still appears to be in good shape.



As you probably noticed from my last blog post, I recently visited Crowdestor. Read my review and see pictures from my visit here.

Since they decided to take part in the Invest 2019 event in Stuttgart, Germany they now have several exciting projects in the pipeline. A few have been published and a lot more will follow, as current investment opportunities are getting funded.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

In November I invested 2.150€ in “INCH– Increase of operating capital” and 2.136,63€ in “Restaurant The Catch”. The INCHis fully funded, Restaurant “The Catch” is 48% funded and still needs about 50.000€ at the moment.


Envestio keeps the momentum. More than 500 new investors joined the platform in November and they funded more than 1.500.000€ worth of investments.

3 new projects were introduced, but mostly further “Tiers” of existing projects were available. All projects with interest rates above 20%.

Some of you ask what I think about the many “Tiers” for each project. I think it’s totally fine. They do it shorten the funding processes and give the borrowers some capital to work with right away.

I would prefer if Envestio announced the full amount the borrower needed when placing the first project on the platform. This way investors wouldn’t get surprised by seeing 5 x 100.000€ funding campaigns, if the borrower is actually looking for 500.000€. So a little improvement in communication would be good 🙂

My 20.000€ investment gave a healthy 409,73€ return in November. Not bad!

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days.


I visited FastInvest on November 15th. I know you’re waiting for the article about my visit, I’m sorry it has not been published yet.

The reason for the delay is, that I wanted to include answers to all your questions. I did in fact receive the answers from Simona today, however a couple of questions were not answered clearly. For example, I asked how many investors were invested in P2P and how many investors were invested in the ICO and she gave me the total number of 28.000. I’m not satisfied with that answer so I’ve asked for further details.

Feel free to call me nick-picky but I want to be sure that all questions are answered in an understandable way, so there will be no more mystery around the FastInvest brand.

Please have a bit of patience, I want to publish it as much as you want to read it!

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


I met Grupeer in November as well! They were really kind to spend ½ the day with us even though it was a Sunday AND Latvia’s 100 year national day celebration. I will release a short article about this short visit as well.

They are still victim to their own success. They gained a lot of popularity and investment projects are sold out as soon as they hit the platform.

When I talked with them, they promised me more projects would come, even with 15% interest rate as we have been used to.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


Mintos keep adding new loan originators and new markets.

On November 29th they announced that 2 loan originators, DinDin and BIG,  had left the platform. It was done in an orderly manner where all loans were bought back, paying investors all principal and interest accrued.

To me it’s great to see that things work out without losses for investors, even when things don’t go as planned.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


In November Robocash announced that all loans on the platform will come with a 12% interest rate. Booooo! 🙂 I mean, they have been open about this since they started the platform. They said that the 14% was to grow faster and attract more investors and that the interest rate was likely to be lowered eventually. It still sucks when that day arrives though.

12% is still competitive compared to Mintos and Twino but I had hoped that 14% would be the standard a little longer.

Note that the drop in the income graph below mainly is due to installment loans which only pays principal and interest back after 1 year.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

They also stopped paying advertisers for referrals, so it’s pretty clear they reached a stage where they are satisfied with the number of investors.


Swaper is still out of loans most of the time. Money does get invested several times a month but 10-20% of my portfolio value remains un-invested at all times, which is a bit annoying.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.


My children’s savings account came back into the ~20€ territory. We added 360,61€ to their account on November 13th so it should add ~3€ to the monthly returns in the coming months.

Click the graph to watch my detailed portfolio info.

It’s hard to have everything invested as Twino still has problems with cash drag.

Real Estate

One of the tenants was late paying the rent and when it finally came in I was paid 10€ less than planned. I was told that he/she had no more money and would pay the difference with next months rent. Let’s see how that goes.

Going into 2019, I sent both tenants a formal letter that the rent would be raised according to changes in the “net price index”. It’s a small change but it’s always interesting to see if they remember to adjust the payments.

Savings rate

My savings rate for November ended up at 65,91% (-0,36% compared to last month). I hit my goal of a 60% savings rate for 2018, now I just need to keep spending tight in December and the goal will be completed! It might be easier said than done in December, but I’ll do my best!

Current average savings rate for 2018 = 60,24%.

Blog statistics

The blog traffic is slowly increasing again, trying to break the “all time high” from September.

September was higher due to paid traffic from Facebook where at least 2.000 visitors came from Facebook Ads. In October, I stopped paying for Facebook Ads all together.

November actually set a new record for “page views”, where we still need another 1.000 visitors to break the record of 8.043 visitors in a single month.

Visitors: 7.112 (+18,67% compared to last month)
Page views: 30.836 (+12,86% compared to last month)

686 subscribers (384 WordPress, 302 Sumo) (+109 compared to last month)
404 Facebook likes (+40 compared to last month)



As you might have noticed I have added 1 AD to the blog. I hope you don’t mind, I really don’t like ads myself. The reason is, I get some emails from people who want to start their own blog and ask for hosting options.

If you think about starting your own blog I can fully recommend SiteGround, especially if the main part of your readers will come from Europe. I tried other American hosting services for a similar low price but the difference in performance is HUGE.

FinanciallyFree is hosted on SiteGround for the incredible low price of 3,95€ per month. Even with 30.000 page views it’s still pretty fast don’t you think?

Until next time!

I’m still debating with myself whether I should invest more into Crowdlending in December or if I should save everything up for the next real estate purchase. While real estate has higher earnings potential it’s also more work. I will buy more real estate for sure, the question is only when.

Remember, you can always check the portfolio page to see when I invest or withdraw from a platform.

And by the way, check out the quote of the month from Mr. Money Mustache. I love it!

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43 Replies to “Portfolio update November 2018”

  1. Congrats on these outstanding profits from the blog. Someone who gives value FIRST gets it later. And indeed you give a lot to your readers and even spend money to visit the companies you invest in and then report to us all.

    Thank you for all your good work!

  2. Congrats on yet another record breaking blog income month, Jørgen 😉
    Well done – and well deserved!

    I was curious if you would start breaking down your blog income, to make it transparent were the majority of the income is coming from? I’m just curious to know where the main income is coming from 😉 I assume you get some of it from the bonus scheme at Envestio, but €15.000 is pretty awesome for a monthly blog income!

    I’m still debating with myself whether I should invest more into crowdlending in December or if I should save everything up for the next real estate purchase. While real estate has higher earnings potential it’s also more work. I will buy more real estate for sure, the question is only when.

    As someone who has yet to enter the real estate market (but are anxious to do so) I have the exact same doubts as you. However, for some reason it’s more clear to me what you ought to do – there’s no doubt in my mind that you should go for Property #2 asap. This whole crowdlending stuff is fun to follow, but ultimately they’re all going to go in the same direction as Mintos/Crowdestate. Interest rates around 10-11% will no doubt be the future norm, making it less attractive to “take the risk” on those types of investments. – Yes, new platforms are going to appear, but for me crowdlending is a means to an end – to get into real estate. It just so happens that the two compliments each other well, so it does make sense to have both in your portfolio – but I’m thinking more like in the 80/20 (real estate/crowdlending) ratio in the long run…

    I know you probably have a different opinion 😉

    Anyway, if you’re in doubt about the work owning two buildings, have you considered a more passive real estate investment instead? There are great alternatives out there. Brickshare.dk could be one, or maybe one of the projects that companies like Koncenton offer?

    1. Hi Nick,

      I have been thinking about your question and come to the conclusion that I’m not going to break down the blog income at the moment. The reason is, it will be even more work for me every month. I already spend a full day to prepare a monthly report, take screenshots, update the site and write the post.

      7 of the 10 platforms I invest in offer affiliate deals. I started the blog with normal links, in the beginning I didn’t even know it was possible to earn affiliate income. Even if all affiliate deals were cancelled I would still maintain the blog exactly the way I do now. I think the investments I’ve made are very interesting and I love to follow the progress! That’s what motivates me to keep blogging.

      I’ve thought about removing the blog income from the reports again, as I don’t want it to be the main driver on the blog. However, to remain transparent to you guys, I will keep the blog income in the updates.

      The extra income is great but it’s not my passion, investing is. But if I can earn money simply by putting one link instead of another, I mean, why not?

      Regarding crowdlending and the direction for the market. Even if 10-11% will be the norm at some point, it’s still better and more predictable than the stock market. I would take it any day of the week!

      Brickshare and Koncenton are interesting Danish platforms. But I still prefer the Baltic platforms I invest in for the simple reason that the income is a lot more predictable. I can calculate monthly expected earnings without any kind of speculation in real estate prices or historical returns over the past decades.

      When I want more real estate in my portfolio I’d definitely prefer to own it myself 🙂

      1. Hi Jorgen, don’t you think there is the risk some of this platforms are just Ponzi schemes and so they offer extremely generous referral fees and in the end many people will lose their savings?

        1. Hi Sextus Empiricus.

          That’s a great question. It’s actually the main reason why I started the Blog. How can a common investor know if the opportunities presented on the internet is real, a Ponzi scheme or outright scam? There are many examples of investors who have lost money, because things weren’t what they appeared to be. I have a good understanding of IT and have seen several hundred Ponzi schemes over the past 20 years.

          I do as much research as I possibly can to make sure the sites I invest in are the real deal. That’s why I also visit them in person to get even more insight. It’s much easier to spot if someone is lying when you’re talking face-to-face.

          I know several sites that offer much higher interest rates, but I’m almost certain that they are Ponzi schemes – not because of the interest rates but because of the reply I have received from them when digging deeper. So I stay away from these. Of course, you don’t see those sites because I don’t write about them. The best way to stop a scam is not to mention their name anywhere.

          The affiliate commission offered is actually very low. Typically 1% of the invested amount in the first 90 days after account creation. For Ponzi schemes it’s typically 20-50% for lifetime. I have not yet encountered a Ponzi scheme that offers less than 3%. Have you?

          1. Usually Ponzi schemes are so easy to spot that I don’t even investigate further and wouldn’t know what the going affiliate rate is.

            But here, in the P2P world, things are a bit more challenging.

            Platforms with high returns (20% plus) and high affiliate commissions raise some red flags.

            Platforms where the person providing the affiliate link receives more than the person being referred raises another red flag.

            And platforms being promoted and the promoters not detailing the fees earned also raise a red flag, especially when those fees are way higher than their investment returns.

            I know you are actively trying to do your due diligence, but I’m starting to see many people that never invested, don’t know a thing about investing promoting some of these platforms and it is absolutely clear that their only intention is to get people to invest using their link.

            Typical post:
            ” If you sign up and invest with …. through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days. That’s 9 full months!”

            Transparent post:
            ” If you sign up and invest with …. through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days. That’s 9 full months! I will get 2.5% from the money you invest during the same time”

            The impact would be different or not? Why is there no reference to the referral commission?

            Your blog is great in terms of transparency and it is so clearly articulated in your about me so why not add this to every post about platforms and add the affiliate commission breakdown?

          2. Valid points. Do you have a name btw? I assume your name is not Sextus.

            That an affiliate link can offer the promoter more than the consumer doesn’t raise a red flag to me. It’s natural for companies to pay marketers and promotors more, in order to get more people to write about them.

            Agreed, there’s a lot of reviews around where it’s clear that the reviewer has done no research at all. In many cases the reviewer only invested 100€ or less. That’s why you need to figure out if you can trust the reviewer or if he is only trying to earn money.

            I invest and do the reviews for myself. It’s important to me to know that the companies I invest in do their best. After all, most of my savings are invested into Crowdlending! I know a lof of people appreciate the extra insight they get from my research and visits, so I’ll gladly do the extra work to help them. I write about all my investments no matter if they pay affiliate commission or not. When I started out, I didn’t even know affiliate links existed. If no affiliate links existed tomorrow, I’d still be doing the same thing.

            Thank you for the recommendation about including the referral commission into the posts, I never thought about it. Even the Mintos “Invite a friend” email doesn’t mention anything about the invitee getting a referral commission, it’s just not common praxis. Source: Mintos email preview

            The referral commission also changes more often than bonuses for investors. Again, more work to go through all blog posts to make sure the information is up to date. Not a fan of that.

            There’s enough numbers on my blog already, so I’m not going to break down affiliate commission as well. I don’t want the focus to be on blogging income. To me, it’s really not that interesting. It’s a nice side effect, which I appreciate for sure, but it’s not my motivation to blog. If I start getting more questions about blogging income than investment related questions I might consider removing the information again. It’s just not something I want to spend my time on.

            I really do appreciate your input and your point of view, thank you for sharing it with me.

  3. Hi Jorgen, well done this month! I wonder if you could breakdown you blog income? I know few blogs with similar traffic, but income below 1,000 USD. Your blog income looks really high versus others. Is it for the reviews you do?

  4. Very nice work again! As with the other commenters, I’m interested in seeing how the blog income breaks down. It just seems really really high for a blog with “just 30k” page views. For sure 30k is nothing to balk at, and I am still very far away from it, but you’re basically getting 50 cents per view, that’s incredible!

    1. Not to take anything away from Jorgen’s well-earned achievements, but its important to realise that his “blog income” is actually affiliate commission from P2P platforms.

      Blog income usually comes from either ads or affiliate commission for products /services *which are auxiliary to the blog’s topic*. For example, a photography blog might post links to camera products, and a travel blog might post links to flight deals. But most people don’t read these blogs in order to make a purchase, which is why only a small percentage are converted to buyers.

      Investment blogs are different, because many readers come here specifically because they are looking to “make a purchase” (an investment) – so the conversion rate is higher. The investment amount is also typically higher than a common purchase (like a camera tripod or a flight ticket).

      Of course, Jorgen’s openness, honesty and hard work contribute to his phenomenal success. I’m just saying: Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples 🙂

    2. Hi B. See my answer to Nick above and Ido’s answer below.

      It’s not the amount of views, it’s the amounts the viewers invest. Surprisingly many people invest large amounts (20.000 – 100.000 EUR) through my links. I have no idea who they are or how they discovered my blog. Everyone is welcome of course, small and big investors alike. In the end everyone’s situation is different but our earned percentages will be very much the same.

  5. Hi Jørgen Nice work. congrats. Property no 2 comming up soon ? When you are looking for a rentalproperty what are your criterias for a good investment ?

  6. Congrats on another great month Jorgen!

    The way you’re going with your blog, you won’t even need the Crowdfunding income 😀

    Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Mark!

      To be be Financially Free, I will need a reliable montly cash flow like everyone else 🙂

      P.s. I’ve been waiting for your November update, will it be out soon?

  7. Great achievement Jorgen. I thank you for sharing your experience because I started earning money and bonuses throught your referrals. I’m also pledge to share my experience to all the italian guys throught a dedicated italian website (www.social-lending.it) Please take a minute to read it and let me know your feedback about it. Best regards!

    1. Thank you Valerio. Congratulations on creating your site, it looks good! I’m glad that Google Chrome offers translation to English 🙂

  8. I am at the stage to fill in the first tax report for the year 2018. Do you have any tips to make it easier? I am resident of Denmark and I have been to sites like this: https://crowdlendingdanmark.dk/indberetning-til-skat-af-crowdlending-indtaegter/.
    Looks like I would need to split across different countries. Probably need to see each and single platform to make that decision. Twino and Mintos look a little more challenging. Any advice on those in particular?

    1. Sorry, I cannot help you with that. My philosophy is to pay for knowledge which I don’t have and focus on the things I’m good at. This also goes for taxes, which is the reason why I hired an accountant 🙂

    2. Janis, Mintos can generate tax reports. Check Tax report under My Account and select your country.

  9. Hi Jorgen, I see you’re posting 660 euros profit from first property but one of your tenants paid 10 euros less this month.

    1. That’s right Christos, good point. I was debating with myself which number to put in. I entered 660€ because I have 2 months rent deposit and 1 month of prepaid rent from the tenant. So the 10€ is not considered lost, I will get the 10€ one way or the other.

      I’m still thinking about updating the statement to 650€ for November though, to reflect the real cash flow.

  10. ‘While real estate has higher earnings potential it’s also more work. I will buy more real estate for sure, the question is only when.’

    To quote one of my mentors: ‘Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy and wait.’
    But seriously speaking when you buy you can use a company to outsource everything you are not good at just as you mentioned under one of the comments here.

    1. You’re right Luke. It’s expensive to outsource maintenance when you just own one building. When you have several properties it’s almost a necessity to outsource.

      I have been looking at a second property for almost 6 months now, if it’s still available when I have enough money for the downpayment I’ll see if they’re willing to negotiate 🙂

  11. Are you doing your calculation in xls? Would you be willing to share some template? 🙂

  12. Hi Jørgen, Thanks so mucho for the work! Your income is definitely well deserved.

    After trying in Mintos I’m considering investing in PeerBerry, have you try it? What do you think?

    Thank you so much.

    BTW, I linked to your blog as a resource page in my Mintos review post 🙂

  13. Thanks as always for your monthly posts!

    Any red flags from FastInvest? I’ve got some capital there and see they are taking some time to give you all the needed feedback?


  14. Jørgen what do you think about invest in Mintos platform in a foreign currency like RUB?

    1. Hi Rui, I made few investment in Mintos using KZT because I was attracted by the 18% interest rate. Considering exchange fee (I’m EUR based), and currency fluctuation actually I closed the transaction at 13,5%…not too high to take the risk in my opinion.
      RUB is almost the same of KZT if you look at the EUR/RUB EX chart.

      All the best!

  15. Hi Valerio;
    I’m EUR based too.
    About KZT, the fee is € 1.25 if you exchange 100EUR and to RUB is € 0.70 per 100EUR.
    I need to manage the currency fluctuation (another risk), but could be interesting.
    Thanks for your input


  16. Hi Jørgen, congratulation for your blog. I am not entirely clear about your p2p selection, notably how do you choose or discard them.

    1. Hi Paul,

      As you might know, there’s a huge amount of p2p platforms available (more than 50 just in Europe). After analyzing all of them, the ones I have in my portfolio are the ones I find most appealing. What is right for me might not be right for you though, which is why I always advise people to do their own research. I’m not a professional, I’m just a casual investor showing what I invest in and how it works out for me.

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