Portfolio update March 2018

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Hello fellow freedom and wealth seekers!

March was another great month setting a new personal record for me. After hitting 1.000€ last month, I actually expected March to return a little bit less. But the money just keeps pouring in. We are still dealing with relatively small numbers here but I’m really having fun with this money game. As you can see on the Income history page, things are definitely going in the right direction.

Here is my income statement for March 2018.

P2P Investments: 

Bondora returned 51,03€ (-75,51€ less than last month)

Twino returned 16,72€ (-1,58€ less than last month)

Swaper returned 104,64€ (+44,11€ more than last month)

Robocash returned 72,24€ (+15,84€ more than last month)

Crowdestate returned 32,72€ (+20,63€ more than last month)

Mintos returned 47,67€ (+21,88€ more than last month)

Real Estate:

First property returned 660€


Blog returned 151,96€ (+78,95€ more than last month)


1.136,98€ (+104,32€ more than last month) which equals
37,90% of my first goal (+3,11% more than last month)

Comments on the returns


Even though most platforms returned more than last month, Bondora’s “net interest returned” keeps going down the rabbit hole. I think it will just be a matter of months until the returns will be negative. The only positive thing is that the total repayments on the platform have been quite stable returning 800-1000€ every month.

I stopped reinvesting in November 2017 and started withdrawing from the platform. I feel quite confident that I will get all invested principal back eventually but I don’t expect to get much profit out of it. Bondora’s own “Yield to maturity” calculator says expected return = 3,63%.


All investments on Crowdestate paid on time this month. Last month the “Global Nord Timber OÜ” project was a few days late but they’re back on track now. Crowdestate explained that “There was some mixup with bank accounts.” Everything is good and they are publishing a lot of new projects every month.


The first project “TESLA TAXI Park Riga” was successfully funded and if I’m not mistaking the first interest repayment should be made on the 5th of April. I asked Gunars Udris, head of Product & Services, to post a payment schedule as soon as possible. I think it would be nice to have a better overview of payments just like other platforms provide.

Their next project is a Cryptocurrency Mining Farm with a 3 month loan period and a stunning 36% yearly interest rate. That means if you’re investing 1.000€ you will receive 1.090€ after 3 months. A high yield investment like this is definitely a “make or break” kind of investment for a new platform like Crowdestor. If this project fails to pay or is late on payments it will ruin the trust in the platform. I think it’s pretty risky to offer such a project as their second investment but they must be pretty confident since they dare to do so.

If you want to invest in the project I’d suggest using TransferWise to wire the transfer. I used the service myself for my investment in Crowdestor and the money arrived less than 12 hours after I sent them. That’s fast for international payments which normally takes 2-3 days. And there’s a good chance that’s it’s cheaper than using your regular bank as well.


Mintos is still crushing it with cash back campaigns and lots of loans offering 14% and buyback guarantee. You can still get up to 5% cash back if you invest in 60 month loans from Mogo. The campaign was extended once again, this time to 16.04.2018.  It’s a great opportunity to invest in Mintos if you plan to get involved in the platform.


Swaper never fails to amaze me, it’s definitely one of my favorite platforms at the moment. I have a current XIRR of 14.7%.

On March 20th they should have launched their Russian loan company which would bring even more loans to the marketplace. However, they had to postpone it one month, so mid to late April is now expected. Even without the Russian market there’s almost no cash drag, funds are invested daily.

I added another 1.500€ to my investment in late February which gave a nice bump to the returns in March.


March was a solid month for Robocash as well. As you may remember, I bumped up my investment from 3.000€ to 6.000€ last month and it shows immediately in the income graph.

When I talked to Robocash last month they revealed they’re working on a “loyalty program”. More information about this is expected to be announced in April. I can’t wait to hear more!


March was a new record month for blog income. The only way I generate income from the blog is when you choose to sign up with one of the platforms using my affiliate links. I don’t want to display banner ads or any other disturbing content.

Sometimes you get extra benefits from using my links, eg. on Mintos you will get an exclusive 1% bonus on all investments you make within the first 90 days from your registration. You would not get that if you sign up directly on Mintos.com.

When this blog reaches a significant amount of readers I will try to negotiate other exclusive deals for you guys only. I really appreciate your support.

Until next time

On April 5th I have a meeting with the seller of what could turn out to be my second property. We will visit the property, have good look around and discuss financing options again. If I manage to buy this property (with 6 apartments!) I would get a lot closer to my first Financial Freedom goal. I’m really looking forward to seeing the place.

How was your month of March? Please share below, I love the interaction.

Happy easter everyone!

8 Replies to “Portfolio update March 2018”

  1. Hello Jorgen, first thank you for your interesting blog.
    Robocash seems to limit to 10000 E the amount of money you can put on their account. Can you tell me more about this ? Do you know if the other companies have their limits too ? Keep the balance right to achieve your Financial Freedom.
    Xavier ( from Belgium )

  2. Hi Xavier. Thanks for reaching out.

    Robocash writes this in their FAQ: “The maximum amount to be invested is 10000 euros per year.” I’m not sure how they handle this limit in praxis though. I just wrote to them to get further explanation. I have not heard of any other P2P company with limits to the invested amount.

  3. I asked Robocash if they could explain the 10.000€ limit in more details and why they had this limit at all. This is the reply I got:


    Thank you for using Robocash platform!

    At the moment, the investment limit on the platform is 10000 EUR. Total investor’s funds, which include earned interest, can be higher than 10000, but the sum, deposited to the platform by the investor, must not exceed this amount.

    Regarding your second question, when Robo.cash started working, the limit was required by our Latvian partner bank in accordance with the anti-money laundering regulation. We have foreseen the possibility for investors to raise the size of portfolios upon the expiry of one calendar year after joining the platform. However, we haven’t implemented this option yet and Robo.cash has no investors with investment over 10.000€. With the demand for investments at Robo.cash boomed in the fourth quarter of 2017 the limit served as a tool supporting fair automated investments for all registered users. Considering that experience, we have decided to take a little time here and to raise limits when we integrate the Russian lender Zaymer.ru with its monthly volume sized to 5.7 million euro. We expect that together with the increased issue of loans at the Spanish and the Kazakh lenders the size of the company portfolio will be enough to provide sustainable investments at Robo.cash.

    The integration with new creditors is our core task, and now all the specialists of the company are directed toward this issue.

    We will certainly inform all our investors as soon as there are any further information.

    If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

    Kind Regards,

    Your personal manager
    from Robocash Support Team
    Nekrasova Ekaterina

    1. Hey, came to same issue with Robocash, as personally and with my company account, in both cases up to max, and since pretty smooth platform, would love to put in more cash. When i didn’t know that yet, I wired more and got difference returned right away. So lets see.

  4. Hi Jørgen
    How come you are so confident investing in Swaper when their parent company Wandoo Finance Group have not published any financials?
    Looking forward to follow your financial journey
    Best regards

    1. Hi Lasse,

      Someone else asked a similar question about one of the other platforms once. My answer is the same. I wouldn’t say I’m confident about any of the platforms I invest in.

      Actually I’m more worried about not investing and not reaching financial freedom. I’m not driven by “fear of missing out” but I have a deep desire to reach my financial goals. I already tried the common investing strategies but I never really understood the markets. P2P investing really resonates with me so this is the route I take, combined with real estate as I gain enough momentum to buy it.

      I have a different approach to investing than most other people. I like to communicate as much as possible with the persons behind the platform. If I like the answers and the people behind it, I invest in them. I don’t look much at financial statements. I look for 2 things:

      – Reviews by other investors.
      – The response time and the quality of the answer when I ask questions.

      Those two things tells me a lot about the company. Swaper has a very professional approach to support and care about their investors. Try to call them or write to them with any question or concern you may have. They could have a great team and still fail financially, I know. But that is the risk I take. That’s why it’s important for me to spread out the risk between several platforms.

      Keep in mind, that this is my personal strategy and I have no financial education to back up my strategy. I’m just blogging and documenting my journey, sharing exactly what I do. I don’t encourage anyone else to do the same, unless they have done their own research.

      Thank you for following, I really appreciate having you on board!

      Kind regards,

  5. Hey Jorgen

    Things are looking good i see, especially on real estate field. 🙂 Good luck with tenants.
    Regarding Bondora – i have money there too, but so far seems good. What settings you had that yield goes down so much?
    Otherwise Mintos is my sweatheart lately 🙂 For Crowdestate – good deals there, but damn it I dont understand how come autoinvest sometimes don’t accept my money, and offers run out in the matter of minutes, so not much time to reach.
    Now I’m getting ready to put some money in housers.com, I believe it is right website- more southeuropean realestates. Just to diversify whole thing.
    Keep pushing!

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