Portfolio update June 2020

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Dear fellow investors, guys and gals, friends and family.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer wherever you are. We absolutely loving it here in Portugal. The climate is so much better than in Denmark.

The girls are attending surfing lessons on Sundays and I enjoy Friday nights out with the guys. I usually spend 10€ on Fridays (going out is so cheap here!) where the surfing lessons are a tad more expensive. But the girls love surfing and it’s a fun and healthy hobby for them, so it’s definitely worth it.

On the investing side, Crowdlending investments are slowly starting to pick up again. Regular monthly repayments should start again from this month on most platforms.

I received some nice repayments from Crowdestor in June, which brought my monthly income back above 3k EUR.

Let’s dig into the details:

Monthly Income Statement: June 2020

Crowdlending Income XIRR Invested Value
Bondora* -398.60€ 1.85% 9 863€ 11 758€
Bulkestate* 0€ 8.58% 10 000€ 10 989€
Crowdestate* 6.33€ 7.27% 5 648€ 6 709€
Crowdestor* 1 071.87€ 12.36% 82 912€ 92 521€
FastInvest* 0.08€ 15.67% 864€ 2 193€
Grupeer 0.00€ 12.00% 20 474€ 24 047€
Mintos* 229.29€ 18.12% 20 000€ 26 366€
PeerBerry* 75.99€ 14.73% 6 000€ 6 676€
ReInvest24* 34.91€ 2.89% 1 000€ 1 032€
Robocash* 96.90€ 12.69% 10 000€ 12 829€
Swaper* 174.54€ 13.97% 10 000€ 13 973€
Viventor* 26.58€ 15.33% 5 000€ 5 697€
Wisefund 0€ 16.39% 17 853€ 20 626€
Scams XIRR Invested Value
Envestio -100% 20 000€ 0€
Kuetzal -100% 24 700€ 0€
Subtotal 1 317.89€ -2.58% 243 974€ 235 422€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1 704€ 42.43% 18 080€ 42 459€
Property #2 1 167€ 2.58% 61 200€ 62 799€
1 871€ 79 280€ 105 258€
Total 3 188.89€ 2.84% 323 254€ 340 681€

Note: I marked Grupeer income as orange for now because it’s future is highly questionable. Read more in the Grupeer section below.

Portfolio performance: Historical view

Income from Crowdlending & Real Estate combined was 3 188.89€.
(1 315.33€ more than last month).

That means I’m 106.30% Financially Free (43.84 percentage points up from last month).


This is my current stock portfolio:

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I added United States Steel Corp to my portfolio in June. It’s currently trading around 7$ which seems attractive to me. It’s close to the 2016 lows and trading above the recent lows in March of 4.90$.

I buy my stocks on DeGiro, which I consider the best and cheapest no-bullshit broker in Europe. If you use this link to sign up we will both receive a 20€ in transaction reimbursement (fee deduction). I don’t receive any commission besides the fee deduction.


I stopped reinvesting in Bondora* a long time ago and I’ve started the slow withdrawal process.

141.59€ was recovered in June but I still have 24 913€ in defaulted loans.

I invested in loans through Bondora’s “Portfolio Manager”. I advise you not to make the same mistake.

If you want to use Bondora’s Go&Grow as a savings account and earn 6.75% interest rate, use this link* to get 5€ free when you sign up.

See more info and screenshot from my Bondora account


I’m have invested in 2 projects on Bulkestate* and the next payout is scheduled for 21.12.2020.

Bulkestate had no issues during the pandemic, which to me, proves they’re a good and reliable real estate crowdfunding platform.

There’s a nice looking project coming up with 15% (+2%) interest rate, 12 month duration and a FLTV of 59%.

All new investors will receive a 5 EUR cash-back bonus upon their first investment!

See more info and screenshot from my Bulkestate account


I’m still withdrawing from Crowdestate*. While I don’t think there’s any doubt that the platform is legit, I have not been convinced about their ability to pick the right borrowers. In my opinion, too many projects have experienced payback issues.

See more info and screenshot from my Crowdestate account


My favorite platform started repaying again after 2½ months of “Covid-19 payments holiday” for the borrowers.

I’ve still not received the repayment from the “Fertilizer Export Financing” project, which should have been paid back on 2020-05-30. I’m guessing it’ll be paid back in July.

While most other platforms struggle to fund their projects, Crowdestor’s projects are funded quickly.

The latest Equity Campaign of 200 000€ was funded in less than 2 minutes. I invested 10 000€ (money which was paid back from a finished project) into the Equity campaign. My plan is to convert the loan into shares in a year from now.

There’s several upcoming projects with interest rates ranging from 15-26%.

See more info and screenshot from my Crowdestor account


While FastInvest* managed to update the website layout in June, our withdrawals are still pending.

I’m still waiting for a withdrawal from May 4th and another one from June 12th.

FastInvest also introduced “payment holidays” for their borrowers which mean I hardly received any repayments in June (only 0.08€).

According to the investments list, I should start to receive repayments again from 27.07.2020.

I’m curious to see if I have received my last ever withdrawal from FastInvest or if withdrawals will be processed in July. I’m still hopeful though – if they were planning to shut down it would be weird to spend time and money updating their website layout.

See more info and screenshot from my FastInvest account


While it’s clear that Grupeer is facing a lot of problems, they continue to communicate to investors from their blog. Apparently, they’re planning to resume repayments from some Loan Originators within the next couple of months. I’ll have to see it before I believe it though.

According to Grupeer’s own “Portfolio performance audit”, 44% (20.84M EUR) of their portfolio is facing financial difficulties. We should get an update on the 20.07.2020.

See more info and screenshot from my Grupeer account


While many loan originators are struggling on Mintos*, I get the impression that they’re doing a good job handling the situation and getting money back to investors. Several of the defaulted loan originators made substantial repayments to investors in June.

Mintos does a good job giving updates on each and every Loan Originator on their blog.

See more info and screenshot from my Mintos account


I use PeerBerry* as my children’s savings account.

The interest rates on PeerBerry are quite low at the moment. I hope it reflects lower risk as well, but who knows?

See more info and screenshot from my PeerBerry account


I received my first principal repayment from a successfully exited project on ReInvest24*.

I reinvested the principal and interest into 2 new projects, which should raise my monthly earnings a bit. Looking forward to see how that goes!

If you want to try ReInvest24 you will get 10€ instantly credited to your account if you sign up with my ReInvest24 referral link*.

See more info and screenshot from my ReInvest24 account


Robocash* recently announced, they have finally raised the 10k EUR investment limit to 180k EUR. That should give plenty of head space to most investors.

See more info and screenshot from my Robocash account


Record earnings month on Swaper*.

The 60 day buyback kicked in for many loans which explains the higher than usual repayment.

See more info and screenshot from my Swaper account


Viventor* was bought by Lotus 597 B.V., a Dutch Investment company, part of the Gielen Group that also owns Atlantis Financiers NV – one of the loan originators on Viventor. I’m not sure what to think of this. Hopefully it’s for the better, but you never know what happens when a new owner takes over a company.

See more info and screenshot from my Viventor account


Wisefund implemented a 3 month grace period in March. According to the “Expected Account Transactions” list in my Dashboard, projects should start paying again from 30.07.2020.

Last month it said 30.06.2020 but maybe they forgot to update the schedules? Anyway, 3 months have passed now so I should definitely see some repayments in July.

See more info and screenshot from my Wisefund account

Real Estate

I received rent from 4 tenants in June. One apartment is currently vacant while it’s being renovated.

See more info about my First property and Second property

Savings rate / expenses overview

My total expenses for the month were 1 802€ including 900€ rent (the full rental amount).

See more info about my Savings rate

Blog statistics

Visitors: 7 116 (-7.07% compared to last month)
Page views: 21 364 (-9.81% compared to last month)

3 120 Subscribers (+25 compared to last month)
1 561 Facebook followers (+16 compared to last month)

Quote of the month

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If you live in Denmark, Poland or Sweden having an N26 bank account will save you from currency exchange fees when dealing with euros.

N26 bank account

That’s it for this month!

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27 Replies to “Portfolio update June 2020”

  1. Nice update. While the stock portfolio is looking well balanced I am not a fan of the P2P lending deals, too obscured mired in unregulated territory. But then again my warning signal always flashes when I see ROI advertised at 10 % or greater. €10 on a Friday night out with the boys, I be straight over !

  2. Thanks for yet another great update 🙂

    10€ is crazy cheap for a night out!

    Btw what are your thoughts on EstateGuru and Kameo?

    1. It’s incredible cheap. We pay 1.5-2 EUR for ½ a litre of beer and snacks are dirt cheap as well.

      EstateGuru has earned it’s reputation for a reason, I think it’s a decent platform. I just don’t see the need for more real estate in my portfolio at the moment. I don’t have much experience or knowledge about Kameo. I was in other Danish platforms back in 2016-2017 but found that the risk was quite the same as Baltic platforms but the rewards were lower. According to other Danish entities, it’s not legal to operate this kind of platform in Denmark with investments less than 100k EUR per investor per project. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I decided to stay out of it.

      1. Thank you very much for a fulfilling answer, Jørgen. I will look a bit more at EstateGuru – i am not invested in real estate yet, so that looks like a good next step for me.

        1. You’re welcome John. You should have a look at Bulkestate as well. They’re like a smaller, more exclusive version of EstateGuru which only takes on the safest and highest yielding projects. Bulkestate has not had one failed project yet.

          1. Sounds very interesting. I’ll take a look at Bulkestate too – Thanks!

    1. I eyed out a possible double bottom going back to 2016. US Steel Corp has been hit hard in the latest years but I believe real estate will be a major factor in the next decade and builders need steel as well.

    1. Thank you gentleman. I’m only interested in European p2p platforms. I don’t see the need for exposing myself to other currencies (other than my stock portfolio which is exposed to the US dollar).

  3. Hi Jørgen,
    is there any information about the Crowdestor equity campaign? You mentioned that for previous rounds you had to invest 5k min to convert the loan into equity. In general I don’t like that any project’s info in Crowdestor is only available AFTER the project is open for investing.

    1. Hi Salvatore. The 5k minimum is not per round but for all rounds combined. Information about the equity is confidential, so I’m not allowed to share it. Maybe you can get some information if you reach out to Crowdestor support or Janis directly. I would also prefer information about projects to be available several days prior to the release date.

  4. Interesting that you’re still updating this blog, given how much money you lost in those scams, how many people lost money because they listened to you, and how abysmal your returns are. After all this, don’t you realize you don’t know what you’re doing investing in this asset class, how come you’re still bold enough to try and teach others, and why don’t you just buy ETFs? You’d have made multiple times the return you’re showing, which, let’s face it, is actually negative, because at the very least that Grupeer balance is not really. Or you’re hoping to recoup some of your losses by gaining referral income to platforms you don’t understand out of gullible investors?

    1. Hi Serge. Let me help you understand what this blog is about. I document my journey towards financial freedom, with it’s ups and downs, successes and failures. The blog is primarily for my own benefit, so that I can look back on the journey down the road, let’s say, 10 years from now. You will not find recommendations here and I’m not trying to educate others – I’m only documenting what I do. I never claimed to have a crystal ball, nor did I expect the journey to be straight forward without any road bumps. If my documentation is not relevant or of any value to you, there’s plenty of other financial blogs to follow.

  5. Hi Jorgen,

    I just found your blog today,and let me congrats you for all this amazing work and for all information you sharing with us investors.

    I am Portuguese as well, so if you need any kind of advise i am more than welcome to help you out.

    Thanks and I hope you like “SUPER BOCK”.

  6. Hello fellow Grupeer investors,

    Do you fill in all the information required in the kyc questionnaire?

    I personally feel highly uncomfortable to give an almost bankrupt company such detailed information.

    What do you think about it? Do You know what are the consequences when we so not fill out the questionnaire?

    Thanks for your answers.

    1. Hi Fresh,
      Of course we fill in KYC information. You already gave Grupeer most of the required details upon sign-up. Now they need the information in their new KYC system to be able to comply with the updated requirements from the banks. They can only reopen their bank account and pay you back if KYC procedures are followed. If you don’t fill out the information you will not be able to withdraw your funds.

    1. It seems the Crowdestor website was down for two days due to a DDOS attack. They say they have now migrated to AWS (Amazon services). It’s still slow, but it’s usable now.

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