Portfolio update January 2018

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Here is my cash flow update for January 2018.

P2P Investments:

Bondora returned 132,52€ (-12,17€ less than last month)

Twino returned 19,74€ (-83,11€ less than last month)

Swaper returned 55,77€ (-30,66€ less than last month)

Robocash returned 28,74€ (-2,97€ less than last month)

Crowdestate returned 63,39€ (+39,43€ more than last month)

Mintos returned 14,10€ (+1,07€ more than last month)

This gives me a total of 314,26€ (-88,41€ less than last month)
which equals 10,48% of my first goal (-2,94% less than last month)

Those -88,41€ compared to last month are mostly due to the withdrawal on Twino. So everything is fine. Once the income from the rental property is added from next month, the total income will spike to new heights 🙂

Comments on the returns

Twino returned less because I withdrew most of the funds, leaving only ~1.600€ of mostly defaulted PG loans. I needed the money for the down payment of the rental property I bought.

Crowdestate had the biggest income return so far. I added another 2.000€ in late January because I wanted to invest in the R. Feldmana 2, LV-1014, Riga project which had an estimated return of 23,26%. Unfortunately the payment took 3 days to arrive so I missed it. Dang! Only 200€ from my spare cash balance got invested. Next time I will use TransferWise, to shorten the transfer time. I don’t want to miss an opportunity like this again.

Swaper finally came down to earth. The returns over the past months were substantially higher than the average, due to late loans being bought back. On average 64€ is expected.

I transferred another 3.000€ to Robocash on February 1st. My total investment is now 6.000€.

Real estate

My first property has been bought! We are in the process of handling the final things, like handing over security deposits, rent for February etc.

If you are new to this blog and haven’t heard about the rental property before, you can read more about it in this previous post. I’m in the process of updating the Real Estate page as soon as the purchase is finalized completely.

Crypto currencies

According to the Poll, about 75% of my readers are interested in knowing more about my small crypto currency portfolio. 21% are not interested (which I deeply respect) and 4% are uncertain.

To help those who are interested, I plan on making a new page in the top menu dedicated for Crypto. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready. Those of you who are not interested can simply ignore that page 🙂

6 Replies to “Portfolio update January 2018”

  1. Always nice to follow along in your updates!

    What’s your experiences with Crowdestate? Seems likes it’s very high interest rates, which is why I’ve been considering to start investing with them. 23 % seems like a very good deal!

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Frederik,

      Thank you for following. I only have 6 months experience with Crowdestate. As far as I know all of their projects has been successful so far. I’ve talked with them on different occations and their customer support is great. Their interest rates vary between 10% and ~25%.

      To me, the biggest down side is all the different repayment options the borrowers have. Most of their projects pay everything back in one bullet payment ind the end. I prefer monthly repayments, it enables me to keep better track of my cash flow 🙂

      Kind regards,

  2. You got lucky with not managing to invest to R. Feldmana 2, LV-1014 on Corwdestate.. the project is a mess, main developer dropped it. No updates for 4 months.

      1. Nope, that’s one of the reasons why I’m leaving Crowdestate. A platform with the size of Crowdestate should be able to communicate effectively and the fail to do so.

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