Portfolio update February 2018

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Here is my income for February 2018.

P2P Investments: 

Bondora returned 126,54€ (-5,98€ less than last month)

Twino returned 18,30€ (-1,44€ less than last month)

Swaper returned 60,53€ (+4,76€ more than last month)

Robocash returned 56,40€ (+27,66€ more than last month)

Crowdestate returned 12,09€ (-51,30€ less than last month)

Mintos returned 25,79€ (+11,69€ more than last month)

Real Estate:

First property: 660€


Blog returned 84,01€ (-47,89€ less than last month)


1.043,66€ (+597,50€ more than last month) which equals
34,79% of my first goal (+19,92% more than last month)

Comments on the returns

I hit a huge milestone this month. More than 1.000€ in in return from my investments!

I’m fealing very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. I even bought a small present (a small weekend snack box) for my tenants to show my appreciation. Maybe it’s weird but I know they’re less fortunate than me at the moment and I like to give something back, even thought it’s just a small gift.

Both apartments paid their rent on time on my first property. They paid 1.462€ in total but I reduced this number to 660€ to reflect the expected income. You can read more about how I calculated the expected return here.


On Crowdestate the Global Nord Timber OÜ project was a few days late with the payment and they didn’t pay the full amount. Crowdestate expected a payment of 18.187,50€ but for some reason only 14.092,44 was received. No official explanation has been given yet. For this reason I have not included the payment in the February overview, it will be carried over to next month.


I withdrew 2.200€ from Bondora in February. I stopped investing on November 30th and I’m happy about my decision. Not necessarily because it’s a bad investment but it will take 5+ years to withdraw everything so I might as well start now.


The first project is nearly funded, but there’s still room for more. Minimum target is 45.000€ and maximum is 80.000€. If you want to be sure to get the deal, I’d suggest that you use TransferWise to wire the transfer. I used the service myself for my investment in Crowdestor’s Tesla project and the money arrived less than 12 hours after I sent them. That’s fast for international payments which normally takes 2-3 days. And there’s a good chance that’s it’s cheaper than using your regular bank as well.


I started transferring money to Mintos as I announced a few months back. 4.000€ were added so my total investment is now 5.000€. It’s a great time to invest in Mintos if you plan to get involved in the platform. You can get up to 5% cash back if you invest in 60 month loans from Mogo.

I experienced that some of those loans were bought back within a few weeks due to small changes in the loan agreements (that’s how buy back guarantee works). When you receive your principal and interest back you can reinvest this money into new loans and get another 5% from the same money. It’s a really good campaign that can boost your investment significantly.

According to this article from a fellow P2P blogger, Mogo is the highest rated lender on Mintos. I share the same opinion which is why I don’t mind having most of my loans with Mogo.


I also transferred 1.500€ to Swaper in February which brings my total investment to 6.538€. Swaper is definitely one of my favorite platforms at the moment. On March 20th they will launch their Russian loan company which will bring even more loans to the marketplace. The future certainly looks good for Swaper.


This month I decided to display my blog earnings as well. I haven’t earned much so far and that was never the intention when I started blogging less than a year ago. Most of the income has been reinvested into google ads, trying to get some traffic to the site. It’s really just a hobby of mine and a way to interact with like minded people. I’m sure my family got tired of hearing about investing a long time ago so it’s nice to have some conversations going here. On the other hand, if I use and like a product why not tell about my experiences? I hope my journey will make it easier for you to decide whether the investment opportunities displayed on this page suits you or not.

Crypto currencies

For those of you interested, I created a Crypto page to display my small crypto portfolio. I don’t plan to give it much attention, I really just have it to be a little bit involved in this new era. I might add a graph to show how the value evolves from one month to the other, but don’t expect much more than that.

Until next time

“Quote of the month” for this month can change your life completely if you really grasp it. Do yourself a favor and read it over and over until you get it!

“The accumulation of great fortunes calls for Power; and Power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge. BUT that knowledge does not have to be in the possession of the person who accumulates the fortune.” – Napoleon Hill

Thanks for following ladies and gentlemen. May March be prosperous for all of you 🙂

9 Replies to “Portfolio update February 2018”

  1. Do you think that Swapper is better than Mintos at the moment? What are its advantages?

    1. Hi Eduard,

      It’s hard to say which one is best. You can get 14% loans with buyback guarantee on both platforms. However, you need to invest at least 5.000€ on Swaper to get the 14%. One advantage on Swaper is that you can probably sell your loans a lot faster if you want to have your cash back, due to the scarcity of loans. I’m not sure what the situation will look like after March 22th when they add the Russian loans.

      The advantage on Mintos is the current campaigns and that you can spread your risk through several different lenders if you want to. I’m very pleased with both!

      1. Thank you for reply!
        I invest in Mintos for almost 2 years, and also very pleased with it, but as my portfolio in Mintos is quite big enough, I am looking for other platforms too (in fact I invest in more then 8 platforms I think:) but I agree with you, that in Mintos some time you can not sell your loans quite quickly.
        So may be I really have to try Swaper

  2. I read about Robocash in your reviews usually, but still didn’t make account there. What about secondary market there?

    1. There is no secondary market, but it’s not really needed. They only offer very short term loans (7-21 days). You can read my Robocash Review here.

  3. Jørgen, did you notice, that you can invest max 10.000 € in Robocash? I asked them, and they told me that they are dealing with that problem, may be in future you could invest more

    1. Hi Eduard,

      Yes, according to their FAQ the maximum amount to be invested is 10.000€ per year. I started in July 2017 so I would assume I’m allowed to invest 20.000€ by July 2018. It’s not going to be a problem for me, as I won’t reach the limit any time soon 🙂

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