Portfolio update August 2021

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Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

We’ve already lived in Portugal for a month and we love it here. The warm climate makes such a big impact on our moods. Honestly, it feels like being on vacation every day. That feeling will most likely fade when time passes and the kids start in school but I don’t think it will ever go away completely.

I started playing tennis, which I’ve never done before, once a week for 2 hours. We’re all amateurs but it’s surprisingly fun. We are usually 12 people playing doubles on 3 courts.

Our oldest girls will most likely join the local swimming team later this month. They’re looking forward to that as well.

We’re still looking for a car to buy. Currently we’re renting a 2009 Skoda Octavia Estate which honestly is really nice but it doesn’t offer too much space on the back seat. I’ll most likely purchase a used VW Touran, it seems to be a good option for a family of 5. Cars are somewhat expensive here compared to the rest of Europe, but still cheaper than Denmark.

We all got our NIF numbers now (Individual Tax Identification Number used in Portugal) which is essential to do anything here. Our address has been registered at the local “Junta de Freguesia” and we’ve set up a meeting with the “Camara municipal” in November to apply for residency.

Regarding school for our kids, we talked to the local school last week and presented all our papers to them. We had all the information they needed but they requested one of the Danish documents to be translated into Portuguese by approved authority. So we contacted a professional translator who’s now in the process of translating it for us. Once that’s done we should be able to register the kids in school. School starts on September 16th here so we might be able to get it done in time.

That’s all I had to share about our personal life this month, let’s move on to the numbers. Here’s the overview of my current finances:

Net worth: August 2021

Crowdlending Income Invested Value
Bondora* -131.62€ 6 177€ 4 196€
Bulkestate* 2.52€ – 2 567€ 228€
Crowdestate* 0.00€ 4 851€ 5 871€
Crowdestor* 1 102.49€ 67 067€ 83 591€
Mintos* 13.07€ 1 073€ 10 007€
PeerBerry* 88.32€ 6 000€ 7 883€
ReInvest24* 7.56€ 1 000€ 1 203€
Swaper* 0.00€ – 5 886€ 78€
Viventor* 0.24€ 4 083€ 3 348€
1 082.58€ 75 158€ 116 428€
Real Estate Income Invested Equity
Property #1 710€ 18 080€ 47 516€
Property #2 1 167€ 61 200€ 69 906€
Property #3 464€ 41 383€ 50 831€
2 341€ 120 663€ 168 254€
Stocks (DEGIRO*) 84 961€ 127 717€
Crypto 20 650€ 58 488€
Cash 11 225€
Total 3 423.58€ 301 432€ 482 114€

Comparing to last month

My Net Worth rose 40 347€ compared to last month. Most of the gains came from HEX crypto which jumped 68.75% from 0.16$ to 0.27$.

Stocks were almost flat (2,4% gain).


PeerBerry*, ReInvest24*, Swaper*, Robocash* and Bulkestate* performs nicely as usual.

Crowdestor*: All interest on “The Catch” project was paid back but the principal, which was also due, has been delayed. A couple of “Dizozols” projects (Forestland investments and Timberland investments) which I invested in, were both paid back in full in August. My sentiment is neutral until I see repayments from important projects such as Dystopia, INCH2 and the WarHunt movie.

Real Estate

All units are rented out, except one apartment in the third property. The bathroom needs to be extended and renovated before it can be rented out because it doesn’t have a shower yet.

A tenant called because the LCD lights below the kitchen cabinets stopped working. I called a local electrician and asked him to fix it.

I also made an agreement with a property service company to have them maintain the area in front of the second property (remove weeds, snow etc.) Such things are no longer possible to do myself when I live 3000 km away.


My stock portfolio was almost flat in August, ending up ~2.5% higher than July. I added to a couple of positions (NNDM and SKLZ) and bought DOYU.

You can track my stock portfolio here.

Follow me on Twitter to get live updates when I make a trade!

I buy my stocks and trade on DEGIRO*, which I consider the best and cheapest no-bullshit broker in Europe. If you use this link* to sign up we will both receive a 20€ in transaction reimbursement (fee deduction).


The price of HEX rose 68.75% from 0.16$ to 0.27$ since last update and almost 7x’ed from where I bought it at 0.04$.

Kind of crazy but… it’s crypto! I wouldn’t be surprised to see the price reach the 1.00$ mark by the end of this year and >10$ within a couple of years.

If you think you’re late to buy and missed the opportunity, ask yourself how many people you know who have even heard about HEX. It’s being gatekept from coinmarketcap etc, only nomics.com which extracts data directly from the blockchain shows the true numbers. Imagine what happens to the price when it’s being recognized and it goes viral.

Earning trustless interest every day on my 10 year HEX stake is quite amazing. My stake is generating ~228 HEX per day. At the current price of 0.28$ per HEX that is equivalent to 63.84$ per day or just shy of 2 000$ per month (!)

If you’re thinking about buying HEX I recommend you listen to this 4 hour debate between Eric Wall and HEX developer Kyle and decide for yourself.

If you own HEX (or plan to) you should definitely check out the Staker app. It has a lot of cool features, is free to use and it’s ad free! You can get a new HEX wallet directly in the app or connect your existing MetaMask wallet.

You can see my crypto portfolio here.

Free EUR bank account with no fees

I use N26 to transfer to and from my investments. It even comes with a free debit MasterCard. N26 is by far my favorite banking provider!

N26 bank account

That’s it for this month!

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52 Replies to “Portfolio update August 2021”

    1. Did you read the article you link to? Do you understand it? The article concludes that HEX is NOT a ponzi scheme.

    2. As the writer of the article you are referring to (https://hexcrypto.nl/en/is-hex-a-ponzi/ is the English version) I guess you haven’t read the article.

      In the article the conclusion is that it’s not a ponzi and that it could be the best investment you will ever make. Jørgen seems to be doing well and I have been a Hexican since day one which is already over 1.5 years ago.

      My life has changed forever because of it.

  1. Be carefull, no one talks about HEX because it is a scam!! Make your own research…!!!

    1. I’ve done tons of research Miguel. Lots of people yell scam but in fact, they just heard some influencer say it’s a scam and they simply trust and forward that opinion without thinking.

      Please step forward and tell me how it’s a scam. No one has been able to tell how it’s a scam yet (because it’s not). I’m certain you’ll not be able to tell why it’s a scam either.

      HEX promotes holding, you have your own keys and it encourages people not to trade. There’s no affiliate links. Of course, exchanges and influencers will tell you HEX is a scam, because they cannot earn any money if people stop trading on their margin platforms.

      If you’re certain HEX is a scam, gather some money and reach out to Rackham Rishel; He is willing to bid anyone 1M USD that PulseChain will not be rug pulled. It’s quite possible he’ll make the same bet about HEX.

    1. Of course, that was one of the first articles and videos I found. I encourage you to watch the video included in the article you linked to and listen carefully to what Richard says. Decide for yourself who the fool is. I guess there’s a reason why the interviewer only has 358 subscribers after more than 2 years on YouTube.

      People are really concerned about Richard making money on his product. In which other business are shareholders concerned about the owner making money? Satoshi owned 100% of Bitcoin in the beginning, was that a problem? To go a step further so the SEC cannot suddenly say HEX is a security, Richard insists on keeping the owner of the origin address a secret. In one interview Richard says he wish he could tell who the owner of the origin address is, because that would make it so much easier for everyone. But due to law and regulation, people could expect work from the owner of the OA, which in return could make HEX a security. ETH and BTC is not a security, why should HEX be? Even ETH might get in trouble and be classified as a security when it switches to proof of stake. So no wonder Richard is defensive, who wants to have KYC in Crypto?

    1. Jørgen,

      I would be treading carefully around anything Robert Kiyosaki recommends. Not a representation of honesty. Just do a bit of research on him…

      1. Robert Kiyosaki recommends HEX? He only recently heard about it, I don’t even think he has bought any yet. He is holding Bitcoin and ETH.

  2. HEX looks interesting and I might get into it. I think it is fair that monetary inflation is distributed to the holders. The thing that makes me a little apprehensive is that proponents analogize HEX to investing in CDs. But AFAIK when you buy a CD, the bank is investing in productive assets, it’s not like the bank is just distributing new currency. It seems a little disingenuous comparison, but maybe I am too hung up on words or maybe I am misunderstanding something…

    1. Actually, when you put your money in the bank, the bank only uses that money to prove they have the asset. It’s just a digital number on their balance sheet. This way they can borrow 10x that amount from the federal reserve at near zero interest rates, which then can be lent out. The comparison between HEX and a CD is a simple reference for people to easier understand the HEX staking concept. It’s not a 1-1 comparison, there’s some differences.

  3. So what real-life problem does Hex solve? Can you buy stuff with it? Can you run apps on its chain?
    The only thing they advertise on the official site is that it’s an investment instrument, you stake it and you get awesome APY. But why does its price grow? Because new people are lured to the pretty APY numbers and buy it to also get awesome returns. Doesn’t it sound like ponzi to you? The only reason your investment has grown is because of those new people. Like all ponzis it will fail eventually, and you’re lucky if you can pull your profits out of it in time. Or wait, but the system punishes you for pulling out early…

    1. You could ask the exact same questios about Bitcoin. Only, HEX offer return to stalkers instead of miners. Staking is not required, just as mining Bitcoin is not required. You can just buy it and hold it. Does Bitcoin sound like a Ponzi to you?

  4. Hello,
    Welcome to Portugal!
    I’m glad that you guys are living and enjoying Portugal.
    I’m also an expat living here next to Lisbon for almost 3 years.
    ( wife + 2 kids )
    Hope you enjoy summer, see you soon.

  5. Hi Jorgen,

    Nice blog and some impressive achievements!

    Because of you’re investment on hex im also in it at a small amount. I staked the hex but where do you recieve you’re daily interest? It says i have already some rights of a small amount over the past 2 days but can’t see it in my wallet.


  6. Hello,
    One quick question about HEX. In coin market cap I saw that is a total of
    “Total Supply

    HEX as supply. Is it not too much? I mean where the price could go in the future? (comparing to other coins with the same supply).
    Thanks for your information! Keep up the good work!.

    1. Hi Lazar. You should always use https://nomics.com to see real data from the blockchain. HEX total supply is 572,465,133,183 but most of it is held by the origin address, which means it will most likely never be for sale. Check out https://hexdailystats.com/ and you’ll see that only 57,964,449 HEX is currently available in the liquidity pool (and the number is continuously falling). The liquidity determines the price. It looks like we’re finally getting a dip, so I’m tempted to add to my bag with then next 2 weeks.

      This site provides a lot of useful HEX links: https://www.hexnoob.com/

      1. Thanks a lot for this useful information. One more question. I just play around whit metamask, ethhex.com and 1inch.io and I transferred few hex to test the fees. And I saw that the conversion is very high in fees (gas fees I think). Is there any alternative to buy HEX? 😀
        Thank you

        1. It’s very expensive to do transactions on Ethereum now. Saturdays and Sundays are usually cheapest: https://ethereumprice.org/gas/ This is why Richard Heart has created https://pulseChain.com, which will be released by the end of this year. When it is out, you’ll be able to buy HEX, costing you only pennies in transaction fees. But if you buy HEX now, you’ll have HEX on both chains (free automatic copy on PulseChain).

  7. Thank you for this information. Have you heard about EGLD? They also have small fees and a lot of transactions per second, but their project try to solve other problems. https://elrond.com/

    1. Elrond must be the definition of a promise coin. I’ll be surprised if it’ll be able to deliver 1/50 of what is tries to do.

  8. Hi Joergen, Thanky ou for a great blog. Could you please give advice on how you have managed to keep PeerBerry’s return at 15,5%. Do you experience a lot of cash drag, if having auto investment above 15%? My return is about 11% currently. Thanks for advice. Jarkko

    1. Hi Jarkko! My returns on PeerBerry are higher than I would be able to achieve if I started out now. In the beginning, for a limited time, they offered +2% to all investors who reached out to them. Additionally, the early interest rates were higher than they are now. I have quite a few >15% loans with 1-2 year duration. Currently the highest rates I see are 11.5%. I expect my future compounding returns on PeerBerry will be closer to 11-12%

  9. Hello Jørgen,

    do you have estimation on how much money is probably forever lost in Crowdestor? Or do you expect all projects will be repaid?

    1. I have no idea meta. Many projects will be repaid in full but I also expect some to be partially repaid and 1-2 projects completely lost. Recovery takes time.

  10. Hey Jorgen! Thanks for your tips! I tried to look at PulseChain, what does it mean that the sacrifice is over and we shouldn’t sacrifice anymore?

    1. Hi Jan! Indeed, the PulseChain sacrifice phase is over and you should’t sacrifice anymore. If you’re interested in PulseChain you should wait for it to launch (will probably take 3-6 months from now) and then you’ll be able to buy it on market terms.

  11. No updates for September? 😂 Just wanted to know if you are buying more HEX right now?

  12. Hi Jørgen. I found your blog just after I listened to you on Financial Independence Europe Podcast. I am a Portuguese doctor and I am on the process of moving to Denmark. Portugal is great indeed, just not for the Portuguese people. I intend to come back when I reach my financial independence, so I will be following your blog frequently! Thank you for sharing this information. I hope you enjoy living here and if I can help you in some way, feel free to ask me!

  13. Hey Jørgen,

    Any new updates? 🙂
    I think I’m not the only one who’s curious on how you’re doing and getting some good hints & tips.

  14. Any thoughts on HEX crypto? It has sunk quite heavily since the post. A good time to buy or is it going towards zero?

    1. I think it’s a great time to buy. I bought mote recently myself. HEX has dipped more than 50% 12 times in the last 2 years. Always comes back stronger.

  15. Hej Jørgen, synes det er surt du ikke kommer med månedlige updates, jeg har fulgt siden de glade crowed lending dage, og håber du genoptager månedlige opdatere med din gode gennemsigtighed, god jul

    1. Hej Jesper. Jeg startede bloggen op fordi jeg var fascineret af p2p lending og måden man kunne få månedlige renteudbetalinger på. Antallet af forsinkede betalinger er steget betydeligt og buy-back garanti virker kun når den bagvedliggende virksomhed er sund. Jeg har mere eller mindre mistet interessen for crowdlending og er gået mere og mere ind i crypto, specifikt HEX, PulseChain og snart “PulseSwap” (sidstnævnte kommer til at hedde noget andet). I HEX får man “rente” (inflation) hver dag uden at der er nogen 3. part involveret. Så den model opfylder faktisk hvad jeg søgte i P2P lending. Hvis jeg genoptager bloggen skal der laves en del om. Samtidig er jeg ikke alt for vild med at skilte med crypto beholdninger, da der ikke er nogen hjælp at hente hvis man bliver hacket. Så jeg går stadig og tænker på om jeg kan lave en blog der fortsat giver værdi for læserne.

  16. Hi Jørgen, All,

    I also staked some HEX on go.hex.com/stake. The stake period is over. Now, to “end my stake” I have immensely high gas fees. Is there any way to avoid that? (I use the metamask wallet)

    I bought about $200 worth of HEX for staking. The gas fee to end the stake is about $85.

    I’d appreciate any advise.
    Thanks, Manfred

    1. Hi Manfred,

      Unfortunately, Ethereum has become incredibly expensive to transact on. Short-term stakes with small amounts of money are not profitable. This is why Richard Heart is creating PulseChain, which is a fork of Ethereum.

      Your best option is probably to let the stake “bleed” (1% per week) until PulseChain comes out. This way you will at least have a copy of your stake on PulseChain, which will cost next to nothing to end-stake.

      All my stakes are more than 5k worth and more than 1 year.

      Vitalik (founder of ETH) announced they’re working on a solution to lower the fees, which should be implemented within the first quarter of 2022.

      Keep an eye on https://etherscan.io/gastracker. Sundays are usually the cheapest days to transact on. Right now it costs about 40$ to end a stake. Price varies depending on load on the Ethereum network.

      1. Jørgen, thank you so much for this detailed answer.
        Yes, letting it bleed is probably the way to go for now.

        1. You’re welcome my friend. I can’t wait for PulseChain to launch. It will completely change the incentive for short term staking.

  17. Hey Buddy, been a long time, hope all is ok. I miss reading your monthly updates.

  18. Hey Jorgen,
    how are things going? Are you still in Portugal? I am looking forward to hear an update from you.

    1. Hey Thomas. Yes, everything is good. I’m still in Portugal and enjoying it here. I’m switching more and more to crypto so maybe I’ll do an update on that at some point.

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