Portfolio update August 2019

Portfolio update May 2019 : P2P investments Envestio Bulkestate Reinvest24 Viventor FastInvest Swaper Robo.cash Twino Mintos Bondora Crowdestor Crowdestate Grupeer Kuetzal PeerBerry Wisefund reviews

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Hello everyone and welcome to another monthly update!

While I’m on paternity leave and changing dipers on my new born baby girl, the passive income from crowdlending keeps coming in. That’s a great feeling!

What’s not so great is the time required to create these monthly updates. They start to feel like a lot of work and I’m not looking forward to it like I used to do.

I’ve added 2 new platforms to my portfolio in August (Wisefund and PeerBerry) and with every platform there’s more work to do.

Many of you write emails to me and express your grattitude for the blog and I truly appreciate that. Knowing that this content helps a lot of people is what keeps me going. Thank you!

‘Nuff whining, let’s get on to it 🙂

Monthly Income Statement: August 2019

Crowdlending Income XIRR Value
Bondora -378.96€ 6.15% 18 130€
Bulkestate 0.00€ 3.24% 10 100€
Crowdestate 51.17€ 6.92% 7 945€
Crowdestor 762.27€ 16.47% 37 970€
Envestio 412.64€ 21.33% 28 372€
FastInvest 55.36€ 17.02% 5 002€
Grupeer 186.68€ 15.60% 22 299€
Kuetzal 258.58€ 28.47% 25 929€
Mintos 280.79€ 17.52% 22 849€
PeerBerry 0€ 0% 5 000€
ReInvest24 1.22€ -5.46% 984€
Robocash 94.55€ 10.69% 11 349€
Swaper 137.60€ 14.50% 11 634€
Twino 8.92€ 13.20% 3 236€
Viventor 21.57€ 9.18% 5 036€
Wisefund 14.46€ 0% 10 050€
1 892.39€ 11.11% 225 892€
Real Estate Income Equity
Property #1 691€ 39 425€
Property #2 1 162€ 58 518€
Total 3 745.39€ 323 835€

That means I’m 124.85% Financially Free (up 11.64% from last month).

My second goal of 7 000€ per month reached 53.51% (up 4.99% from last month)

Portfolio performance: Historical view

Income from Crowdlending & Real Estate combined was 3 745.39€.
(349.34€ more than last month).

Income from investments August 2019

“Income from Crowdlending” alone was 1 892.39€.
(349.34€ more than last month).

Crowdlending income graph

“Crowdlending (except Bondora)” reached 2 271.35€.
(463.93 more than last month.)

Crowdlending income graph except Bondora


Another bad month on Bondora

Bondora bad investment income graph

232.16€ was recovered in July but I still have 25 838.11€ in defaulted loans.

Bondora recovery Bondora recoveries

Somehow Bondora thinks my portfolio is worth 18 130€.

  • 25 838€ defaulted
  • 1 103€ overdue
  • 3 069€ current

If I remember correctly, Bondora estimates that 40% of defaulted loans will be recovered (before 35% recovery fees!).

If I get all current and overdue loans repaid and 40% of my defaulted loans,  my portfolio would be worth 10 889€ ((25 838 x 0.4) x 0.65 + 1 103 + 3 069). That’s much more realistic in my opinion.

Bondora’s way of calculating expected profit is so misleading that it’s close to fraud. 

To any new readers, I do not recommend investing with Bondora unless you plan to use the “Go & Grow” product only. The Go & Grow product is alright if you’re satisfied with a 6.75% interest rate and instant liquidity.

See more info and screenshot from my Bondora account


I will visit Bulkestate from September 18-20 and I’m really looking forward to that. If you have any questions you’d like me to ask for you, drop me an e-mail or comment below.

I’ll try to convince them to find a way to pay monthly interest, I think that would make them much more popular. But maybe they want to keep the number of investors down so it fits the number of projects they’re able to publish? Who knows…

The average project duration is 12 months, not that long if you are investing for long term. It does make the graph look very boring though without data to present.

Bulkestate investment income graph
My first interest repayment is scheduled for 27.12.2019.

See more info and screenshot from my Bulkestate account


I have 7 delayed payments on Crowdestate now.

On top of that, there’s rumors that the developer of “R. Feldmana 2, LV-1014, Riga” has abandoned the project. Crowdestate promised an update “somewhere in May-June 2019” but have not said a word yet.

I asked their support to give me an update on the project and they told me “Our CEO is in contact with the project developer. I don’t have the information at the moment to provide any details, but once we receive it, it will be added to the project straight away.”

Up until now I’ve been happy with Crowdestate but it’s not the same platforms as it was 2 years ago. They used to have several high yielding development projects, now most of them are 11%.

Due to the falling interest rates and rising problems with borrowers I will start to withdraw my money.

Crowdestate investment income graph

See more info and screenshot from my Crowdestate account


Crowdestor is my favorite platform at the moment. They offer high interest rates, amazing performance (all loans have been paid on time) and a great variety of projects.

Crowdestor investment income graph

The big spike happened because I received my first payment from the “Energy production plant” project which pays interest after the first 6 months and every month after that.

I have 5 092.99€ invested in the project and I received a 496.57€ interest payment on the day it was scheduled. Nice!

I have a few more projects like that so monthly interest on Crowdestor will be significantly higher from December and onwards.

Mafia Stars: The next project everyone is waiting for.

Fixed interest rate of 18% + a possibility to earn up to 14% extra and only 12 month duration.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to read the project details. It looks very promising from the description!

Mafia Stars funding at Crowdestor

See more info and screenshot from my Crowdestor account


All projects on Envestio have paid me on time from the day I started in Jun-18.

They have close to 9 500 investors now so they’re transitioning from small projects into bigger projects.

Envestio investment income graph

The transition phase has caused some cash drag and fewer projects published than usual. The waiting time could soon be over though.

They released 3 projects in August with a total sum of 2 050 000€. Envestio plan to release 4 big projects per month by the end of the year.

Envestio projects August 2019

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0.5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days.

See more info and screenshot from my Envestio account


I’m still happy with the performance on FastInvest.

I’m starting to get a little impatient about information about their loan originators though. If this information was publicly available I’d be happy to throw another 5-10k after FastInvest.

FastInvest investment income graph

See more info and screenshot from my FastInvest account


I added another 5 000€ to Grupeer in August.

Stable and reliable performance like always.

Grupeer investment income graph

See more info and screenshot from my Grupeer account


2 new projects with buyback guarantee were added on Kuetzal in June.

Kuetzal investment income graph

I added 10k to my account in August to invest and the summer cash back campaign gave me another 200€ (2% of 10 000) to invest.

I invested in “High-end Row-House in Marupe #3” which has been fully funded now but Marupe #4 is still available.

Kuetzal high end row house in Marupe

All repayments have been paid according to schedule on Kuetzal as well. If everything goes as planned, I will receive 425.92€ from Kuetzal next month.

Kuetzal payment schedule

If you want to give Kuetzal a go you can use the promo code FINANCIALLYFREE to get a 15€ gift, instantly credited to your account.


I added 2 000€ to my Mintos account in August.

I’d like to bring my Mintos portfolio to 30 000€ hopefully this year.

Mintos investment income graph

If you sign up with Mintos through my link you’ll get an exclusive 1% cash back bonus on all investments you make within the first 90 days from your registration.

See more info and screenshot from my Mintos account


I received my second interest payment on ReInvest24 in August. Income is still low because only 1 of 3 projects I invested in started paying. In a month or two all 3 projects will be paying.

ReInvest24 investment income graph

ReInvest24 realized they need to get projects funded faster so they can start paying investors the monthly return. So they just released a cash back campaign.

The campaign will be valid from 09.09.2019 00:00 until 23.09.2019 23:59

Cashback % levels:
0.5% Cashback from total of 100 – 999 EUR gross investments
1.0% Cashback from total of 1000 – 9999 EUR gross investments
1.5% Cashback from total of 10000 – 19999 EUR gross investments
2.0% Cashback from total of 20000 – 29999 EUR gross investments
2.5% Cashback from total of 30000 – 39999 EUR gross investments
3.0% Cashback from total of 40000 – … EUR gross investments

Cashback amount will be paid out within 24 hours after the campaign ends.

See more info and screenshot from my ReInvest24 account


I’ve been following PeerBerry for a while and decided to give it a go.

I added 5 000€ in August to start out. I’m looking forward to see how it performs.

See more info and screenshot from my PeerBerry account


Robocash discontinued cooperation with 2 loan originators but all loans will still be paid according to schedule.

I hope it doesn’t lead to another period with cash drag.

Robocash investment income graph

See more info and screenshot from my Robocash account


I added 1 000€ to my Swaper account bringing my portfolio to 10k invested. They have published more loans than before so I hope the days with cash drag are over.

Swaper investment income graph

Swaper runs a promotional offer from 3rd of September to 3rd of October 2019.

New investors who signs up by using my affiliate link gets the Swaper Loyalty Bonus (+2%) on all investments made during the first three months. This means instead of a 12% profit you will earn 14%!

If you invest 5 000€ or more you will get the Loyalty Bonus and continue to earn 14%.

But please, not too many sign-up’s, I need my money invested as well 😉

See more info and screenshot from my Swaper account


Poor month on Twino. I’ve been lucky with the RUB currency exposure in the past months but what comes up must come down.

Twino investment income graph

See more info and screenshot from my Twino account


I added 3 000€ to Viventor in August.

Viventor investment income graph

The loan originators “Aforti Factor” and “Aforti Finance” which apperantly had issues with their system interface last month started paying again. I received principal + interest + late fees for some of my loans on Viventor. Let’s hope the issues will be solved.

See more info and screenshot from my Viventor account


I was introduced to Wisefund in early August.

After chatting with Ingus Linkevics for some days I wanted to try the platform myself. He did a great job answering my questions and, among other things, he showed me proof of funds for their buyback guarantee. That is very rare to find among other platforms!

The Wisefund website is also very well developed and already has features like an “Expected payments timeline”. There’s no secondary market but loan duration has been from 4-9 months so it’s not that important to me.

They have several projects in pipeline, some of them with interest rates above 20%

Wisefund projects 1 Wisefund projects 2

I added 10 000€ to my account and invested it all in the “HoReCa supplies purchase” project. I got the 0.5% cashback right away and invested that as well right away.

Wisefund reminds me of Envestio in it’s early days. They have a professional approach and quality answers for your questions. I have high hopes for the future of Wisefund!

If you sign up and invest through my referral link, you will get 0.5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days.

See more info and screenshot from my Wisefund account

Real Estate

I received rent from all 5 tenants on time in August.

Income from rental properties

I’m going to change a bathroom window in the Second property, the frame is not good anymore.

See more info about my First property and Second property

Savings rate

My savings rate for August was -54.25% (-80.99% compared to last month).

This is the first time I’ve had a negative month since 2016! Several reasons for the many expenses:

  • I pre-paid 65% of our 2 week holiday in Portugal next month. The vacation will cost me ~3 500€ for flights, accomodation and a rental car.
  • A speeding camera caught me on the roads and I received a 400€ ticket.
  • My income is a lot lower while I’m on paternity leave.

While low income sucks it’s nice to get a feeling of being retired. It doesn’t feel like retirement at all though, I have lots of things to do!! I wonder how I could fit in a full time dayjob before, no wonder I was feeling stressed out.

Savings rate 2019

See more info about my Savings rate

Blog statistics

Wordpress blog statistics

Visitors: 11 350 (-3.28% compared to last month)
Page views: 50 198 (+0.93% compared to last month)

1 977 Subscribers (+124 compared to last month)
952 Facebook followers (+50 compared to last month)

Start your own blog

If you have been thinking about starting your own blog then you can save up to 77% if you register before September 8th.

FinanciallyFree is hosted on SiteGround for the incredible low price of 3.95€ per month. I honestly couldn’t imagine a better host for a WordPress site!

SiteGround - Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress

Free international transfers

In Facebook groups and on investor forums I see people praising Revolut for very fast transfers and zero fees. I tested it and I must admit – it’s really good.

It’s probably the cheapest and fastest method to deposit to your investments. You can even get a free VISA card.

Revolut free VISA card

Subscription model to support the blog

I have been contacted by a company that implements subscription models on websites. I initially rejected the idea but they claim that ~5% of my readers would gladly throw a fiver at me every month in appreciation for the content I’m sharing.

I’m skeptical so I have created a poll to see if they’re right.

I’m thinking about creating a detailed “Blog earnings report” to subscribers to those who are interested in this.

Subscription levels could be something like:

  • Junior level: 5€ per month – Pure support and appreciation.
  • Senior level: 10€ per month – Access to detailed monthly Blog earnings report

Please vote and show what you think about this idea (look in the right side column if you’re on PC – Bottom of the page if you’re on Mobile).

Note: Everything you find on the blog today will always be free, subscription and support is a choice!

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96 Replies to “Portfolio update August 2019”

  1. THANK YOU Jørgen ! once again love the work you do! I’m going to have a looksie and see what Wisefund is about…

  2. It seems strange to whine about the work in having this blog and thinking about charging money, when you take into regard the amount of money you made from referals and the like from people reading your blog. Didnt u receive a substantial sum from this blog or am I wrong?

    1. Thor, there’s a difference between charging money and to give supporters a way to show their support. The subscription model is widely used by platforms like Twitch. As I wrote, I initially rejected the idea. However, the company convinced me to at least run a poll to see how the idea would be accepted. Nothing wrong with that?

  3. I wanted to ask your thoughts in the future with P2P lending? With Mintos closing their market suddenly to UK investors, will others follow suit?
    I worry as I am a UK investor.

    1. I think the future of crowdlending looks bright for Europeans. I’m not sure where the UK will be in this Brexit scenario though. In the worst scenario you will not be able to reinvest your earnings or deposit new funds but your current investments will still go on until they are paid back.

  4. An excellent month, I see. And as informative as always.
    You’ll be happy with Peerberry. It must be the most constant platform in terms of performance of all the ones I use.
    As for Wisefund, I also started a couple of weeks ago. I agree it looks very promising. Also started with Monethera (and today with TFGCrowd). The three look very similar. I’m sure you also had a look at those two. I’m curious: why did you decide for Wisefund instead of the others?

    1. Thanks for you feedback Crowdexpert. I chose Wisefund because they have buyback guarantee and could prove they had the money to support the guarantee. Monethera started out copying most of the text from Envestio’s website. I’ll never support a platform who can’t even create their own content. If they are willing to steal text from a competitor I think it sends a clear signal about their work ethics. I’m considering TFGCrowd even though they copied the buyback fund model from Crowdestor. I’ll watch them from the side line for now.

  5. Jorgen, where did you see the details of the mafia stars project on crowdestor? The project banner is not click able so no further details you can get.

    1. Hi Shlomo. I didn’t see all the details of the Mafia Stars project, I’m also waiting for the launch to see the exact details of it. I’ve been involved in other projects with bonus based on the project’s success (INCH2) on Crowdestor before, so I know how it works.

    1. I have many conversations with the people behind the platforms I invest in. Ingus from Wisefund told me they had a few projects in pipeline with interest rates above 20%.

  6. It is really fantastic to see how your investments and investment income has grown over this time. It looks like you are only investing in Europe. Have you considered investments over here in the States?

    1. It’s fantastic that reinvesting the monthly interest itself now amounts to more than I was able to invest from my day job income when I started my journey. The snowball has definitely started rolling!

      I’d like to stick with investments in Europe using EUR, unless I find a really good investment. I’ve not been able to find any investments in the States with higher projected earnings than the projects/loans I invest in here in Europe. Do you know any?

      1. Better, no, but in that range yes. My thoughts are considering spreading the risk between the US and the EU as I do with my stock investments.

        1. That’s interesting, I’ve not seen anything from the US come close to 12%. I’ve also not seen any opportunities with buyback guarantee. Feel free to share some investment ideas from the US 🙂

          1. I see ones regularly from iintoo in the 10 to 12% range. There is currently one I am considering. I also like NYMT, the REIT, as they invest in NYC real estate. Living here I feel comfortable with the risk. Even through NYs crack issues in the 80s, I am old enough to remember it, the value was held.

          1. I am not sure. I have not yet invested with them yet either. At this point I am exploring my options. I think I will in the next year.

  7. I have been reading your blog for a while and used some of your links to get started myself – I’m building slowly but you inspired me to start my own blog – maybe we could do a guest post for each other at some point. Thanks for the info.

    1. Glad to hear that you were inspired to start your own blog Jane. It looks great! I’ve only done one guest post in the life span of FinanciallyFree but maybe we can figure out something. Keep it up!

  8. Hey Jørgen, thanks for taking the time on sharing your ramblings. You’ve been doing this for long time know, so no wonder why it must feel like work to you.

    In respect to your subscription levels, I must say that I’d not pay to see anyone’s blog income, and I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with it, perhaps I’m the weird one.

    Another idea would be to add a volunteering donation option, so people can donate money straight to you Paypal account and avoid third parties (and also fees?) – just a thought.

    Anyway, I wanted to ask you something regarding Wisefund:

    Is the buyback fund ring-fenced? How can investors be sure that this cash is not being spent on other things? Is it transparently displayed?

    Answering these questions requires effort, hence this is when a donation options would make sense to me, as people can contribute for the effort you put.

    1. Hey Tony, good to hear from you again!

      I’m not a subscriber of anything myself. I’m just running the poll to test the theory, to see if 5% would really subscribe as they claim. I have a hard time believing that statement so it’s good to get some feedback.

      I watch some gamers on Twitch from time to time and I’m always amazed about all the subscribers they get in a session. It’s not uncommon that 20 people subscribe during a 4 hour session. The subscribers get nothing in return besides a few custom chat icons but they like to show appreciation to the streamer. Subscriptions should be better than donations because you can make them reccuring.

      The buyback on Wisefund is provided by 3rd party, almost like insurance (but they’re not allowed to call it insurrance). In case of default the 3rd party will pay out the principal amount to investors. From that point they will own the claim on the borrower and will start recovery. I’ve seen the buyback guarantee legal papers with the 3rd party, I don’t know if they will share them publicly.

      I do spend a lot of hours every month answering questions from readers and followers. I take my time to answer everyone (even though my response can be a few days delayed if I’m busy).

      1. Hi Jørgen,
        Regarding Wisefund’s Buyback Guarantee, I found in their Terms of Use section 6.15 “The User is obliged to grant the power of attorney to legal advisers cooperating with the Portal and to instruct them to represent the User’s rights if the default by the Borrower or the Affiliated Company occurs. In this situation the User is obliged to cover all the expenses for such representation and debt collection and pay the fees for these services.” When I questioned the support staff, they said that the Buyback Guarantee may not be offered on all loans when, presumably, the lenders will have to pay for the recovery if the loan defaults (like on Bondora)

        1. Hi Rob,
          It’s common for investors to pay for collection in case of default. The collection fees only apply to loans without buyback guarantee though. I’ll only invest in loans with buyback guarantee so it shouldn’t affect me, right?

  9. Hi Jørgen.
    Congrats for this amazing post.
    Regarding 5€ support, my advice is: do whatever you feel comfortable with. Keep on enjoying blogging and your investments, that’s the point!
    You’re taking a lot of risks while investing in a very young and complicated market. And you share a lot of info and do a great job sharing your experience.
    Of course you earn money from blogging, what’s wrong with that? So, if you want to ask for 5€ monthly donation? It’s completely up to you!
    Keep on following the yellow brick road!

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this subject Alberto!
      I must admit that I have not been keen on introducing subscriptions. But I’ve also learned to keep an open mind and to be ready to try out different solutions. When they told me “5 people out of 100 would like to subscribe to show appreciation for your content” I thought “Why not test that theory in a poll and see how people react to the idea?”. If you never ask you’ll get a no 100% of the time.

  10. A brilliant read as usual. I was just thinking of when the next update was due. I am hoping to be more cash flow positive to begin investing in the next while. Thank you.

    1. Hi Vad. XIRR includes my the signup bonus of 15€, Summer Cash Back bonus and the 0.5% new investor bonus. That’s why XIRR can be higher than the interest on the projects.

  11. Hi Jørgen.
    I m reading your blog for a few months and I have to say that you have done a lot of work and you have been inspirational to others. Congratulations for your work and consider the donation approach mentioned above. Thanks a lot for sharing your journey!

  12. Hi Jørgen,
    doesn’t Bondora offer to purchase your portfolio back if you decide to transfer everything into G&G?
    If they decide to offer you more than the 10 889€ you think your portfolio is worth, shouldn’t you take the offer?

    1. Hi Sebastian,
      Even Bondora know that their investments are bad so they will not buy them into the Go & Grow
      Bondora rejects buying my portfolio

  13. Hello Jørgen, I would love to give something back, but i dont like the subscription model. A tip-me-once button or maybe 1€ for your excel files so that i can use them to start monitoring my own investments would be more subtle.

  14. Hi Jørgen, i hope you continue to make these monthly updates, it’s great work. Your feedback is excellent and as someone who is new to P2P i have found the information you provide to be of great benefit. I’m sorry i opened up a swaper account only last week and have missed the opportunity to use your affiliate link.

    1. Thank you Colm, I will most likely continue to make these report for many years to come. I’m sorry you missed the +2% bonus for 3 months on Swaper. Next time you want to sign up to a platform you’ll know where to look for good offers 🙂

  15. Hi Jorgen, thanks a lot for so detailed post. I believe you did a great decision investing in Peerberry. i started 8 months ago and I cannot say nothing bad about it: easy and smart to use and most of my investments are in current status (much better than robocash or mintos). Also, this week I detected an increase in the late investmens in robocash, not quite sure if the leave of 2 originators have any impact. What I’m sure in that for the next months Peerberry will be the platforms to add funds until I reach the % assigned in my porfolio.

  16. Great update, thank you Jørgen! Really enjoy your updates, as well your others posts. Hopefully there will be some more soon, when the kids give you a little more time 🙂

  17. Congrats with the newborn! 🙂

    Aren’t you worried about that mobile game project in Crowdestor? I am in a related field and know that very little percentage of mobile games gain success nowadays … so I wouldn’t really expect a return on that investment tbh

  18. Hi Jørgen, thank you for the all the insights you’re sharing with us, really helpfull. I’m investing with Mintos for over two years now with good results and never lost a penny. Lately I noticed a severe increase in loans that are late, with multiple loan orginators. It’s almost 28% of my portfolio (around 5000 euros, excluding grace period, otherwise it would be 33%), which I find quite a lot, definitely compared to the beginning of this year. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. You’re welcome Pieter!
      It’s very hard to say why you have more late loans than usual. It all depends on which loan originators and how long duration you choose. I have not noticed any change in my portfolio, only a small part of my portfolio (around 10%) is late. See screenshot from my Mintos account here

    2. Hi Pieter,

      I’m experiencing quite the same with Mintos. For me it is that 1/3 of the loans that are late are from two originators of which 75% of the loans I have from them are late. You’re not alone in this boat. Small question to Jørgen as the specialist. Would you recommend selling these loans or do you have enough faith in Mintos that everything will be fine? Personally I find this a bit worrisome since I have worked myself at a credit company, but maybe I’ve just gotten the unlucky loans.

      1. Hi Michael. If you don’t like the amount of late loans from a loan originator, I would recommend you to remove that loan originator from your auto-invest. Then let the the loans you have run out and let them be bought back. I’m mainly investing into long-term loans and most of my loans are current.

        1. Hi Jørgen, thanks for the reply I think that might be the best option indeed.

          Fyi at the beginning of every month I’m always looking forward to see the update. I understand it’s not always easy to maintain, but at least you always left me satisfied 🙂

  19. Hi Jørgen, it seems like your referral link to Wisefund is missing. Could you please post it here to be sure Iam using the right one 😉

  20. Hi Jørgen, it’s been a while! I hope you are well?
    Smart move to put a poll up for that question. I do feel that is not what blogging is about and you were right to trust your feelings and get them confirmed (so far).

    Being a father and a landlord (let alone having a fulltime job) is a tough job, so I fully understand writing each month becomes harder. I started feeling it too recently. Luckily you inspired me to implement a couple of ways to optimise the time spent on it.

    So thank you for the continued content, always a good read and thank you for insping me to start investing & create my own content. I hope that in return gives you a little bit of continued motivation for you.

    Take care!

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for commenting, it’s been a while!

      To my surprise, it looks like the subscription company is right, about 10% of people who have responded so far would consider subscribing. That’s a lot more than I would have thought. Maybe I’ll find a way to provide even more value to subscribers, such as portfolio tracking spreadsheets etc. We’ll see, I’ll have to think more about it.

      I’m happy to hear that you have been inspired and continously provide value to your readers as well. Keep up the good work 🙂

      All the best!

      1. Hi Jorgen
        I also follow you with pleasure and I really appreciate your posts.
        This is why I always use your referall links when I sign up for the various platforms. I think this is already a good remuneration for you efforts.
        I would also consider the idea of ​​paying eg 1 euro for the xls file, this would be helpful.
        so, hope you will continue to share your experiences, as you see they are very inspiring to a lot of people.
        Wish you and your family all the best!

        1. Hi Brik,
          Thank you for your feedback and your support! I like the idea of offering investment tracking spread sheets as a subscriber benefit, I’ll definitely consider that.
          I will continue sharing my journey for many years to come.

  21. Hi Jørgen,
    Another great update! Let’s keep seeing that interest from Crowdestor roll in.

    1. Thanks Matt! Don’t you just love reading those “Payment of Interest rate” emails and watch the Euro’s being added to your account? It’s much better than getting a window envelope in the old mailbox 🙂

      1. Half the time I don’t realize the money going in. I usually get a surprise when I log in to purchase the next great deal!
        I think they need an upcoming transactions from all payers!

        1. I couldn’t agree more. I hope “upcoming transactions” will be one of the new features when the new and updated website is released!

  22. Hi Jorgen,
    Awesome post, as usual. I would like to ask you to ask to Bulkestate, if they have plans to start providing more information about the Borrower.
    I started investing in them 3 months ago, and I have realised that there is very little information about the borrowers, many times they don’t even put the name of the company. When I start to invest in a platform, I run some security checks, which include the borrowers, and Bulkestate makes it very difficult.
    Thanks for your help!

  23. Hi Joegen, I’ve been following you for a while, and I’ve also seen that you’ve been at least crowding for longer.

    I would like to know why you do not invest in IUVO, because I imagine you know it, but if you have not invested it is for some reason, and I would like you to share it if possible.

    Greetings and thank you.

    1. Hi Miguel. I don’t like the fact that IUVO doesn’t pay interest on delayed or defaulted loans. I believe I can achieve better results on other platforms, that why I don’t invest in them.

  24. Thanks for sharing, another good month! I agree with you, polls are great way to figure out opinion of readers before taking the action.

  25. Hi Jørgen
    With regards to your Kuetzal profile, you wrote that you only invest in buyback guarantee loans but I see “Alborg Petrol” on your list which is not listed as “Buy-back” on their website. Did you change your strategy or is it just their site?

    Thanks for all the quality content!

    1. Hi Daniel. I decided to put 200€ into the Alborg Petrol project, just to follow its progress. It’s just a fraction of my Kuetzal portfolio.

  26. What do you think about Envestio listing the Dolomite Mining project in separate tiers in quick succession? They’re up to Tier 3 in 2 weeks, which seems kinda shady. Normally projects go through steps in achieving “something” before requesting new funding.

    1. Hi Laurens. Did you read the project description?

      “In order to start the planned project Dreimanis Ltd. Is planning to attract an investment of EUR 2,000,000 in several tranches. The total amount may be increased afterwards based on the actual demand.”

      1. Yes, but it’s strange that they don’t just release it in one go. One tier for 2 million.
        I have a feeling Envestio will spin this as “look, we release 3 projects” instead of one. It’s just a strange construction.

        1. Why is it strange? It’s safer for investors when it’s turned into smaller tiers, where each loan is allocated to a specific part of the project. Grupeer does the same.

  27. Hi Jørgen

    Im looking for 1-2 sites that offers short term loans (1-60 days with buyback), where I can get returns about 12%.

    Still investing at Mintos and Peerbery and Im satisfied with them.
    Didn’t like Robocash, and Fastinvest returns at short term is to weak, about 9%…

    What do you say about Viventor and Swaper for this purpose ?

    1. Hi Håkon,

      What did you not like about Robocash? Viventor and Swaper are great for short term lending, you can get 14% with buyback guarantee on both platforms.

  28. Thanks for your apply about Viventor and Swaper.

    Robocash platform looks like something from 20 years ago.
    Had some strange cashdrags when other investors with similar autoinvest was fully invested.

    1. You’re right, the design is very simple, it’s working great for me though. I had cash drag a few months ago but not anymore.

    1. Hi Janis. I haven’t checked recently. They promised to rewrite the texts so it’s possible it has changed now. I have several examples with screenshots which I sent to them a few months ago. They say they hired a copywriter and the plagiarism was his fault. They would hire another one to have it fixed.

  29. Hi Jorgen, congrats on getting as far as you have in just a short space of time. Your savings rate is frankly astonishing! Good on you.

    Thanks for your help. I’ve enjoyed reading about your journey.

  30. Well done on your progress. I’m based in EU too and wondering how you manage income taxes on P2P incomes. Sorry if this has previously been addressed.

    1. Income taxes vary from country to country. In Denmark its considered capital income, which you just report on your yearly tax statement

      1. So when you post your earnings from your investments is it before or after paying taxes?

        1. I post all my earnings are before taxes to make it easier for people to compare their earnings to mine. Tax varies a lot depending on where you live, how much you earn, if you invest through a company or as a private person and many other individual circumstances.

  31. Hi Jorgen, congratulations for the amazing blog.
    I’m new to this kind of investment and i have a question about IRS.
    Do i have to declare my loan earnings to the IRS?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rui,
      I’m not a tax advisor but my best guess is that all earnings (from any job or investment) has to be declared to your local tax authorities.

  32. Hi
    I currently only invest in Mintos in regards to crowdlending and im thinking about adding 2 more. But not sure which ones to go with, considering how many there are out there.
    Which 2 would you recommended the most to go with Mintos?

    1. Hi Cesc. I cannot answer your question without knowing more about your preferences, risk tolerance, investment horizon etc. I really like the business project based platforms like Crowdestor, Envestio, Kuetzal and Wisefund. If you want a more detailed answer, you can write me an email and give me some more insights into what kinds of investments you’re looking for.

  33. Hi.

    Regarding wisefund.
    Your investment only starts accumulating interest when the loan is fully funded, right?

    1. Hi Lars. No Wisefund pays interest from the day you invest! Unless the loan doesn’t reach the funding limit and is cancelled. In that case you only receive your principal back.

  34. Hi Jorgen.

    The true value for me of your blog is that kind of “due diligence” you perform on the different platforms. All those trips, interviews to CEO and company´s stuff and even visits to some of the projects and headquarters of the companies is what I really appreciate. Excel sheet has no value at all (apart from the many hours of your time). I mean that any one (or almost anyone) could/should know how to do it, but sharing the analysis and your own experience on every single platform is what makes it valuable. How much is worth not having invested in BONDORA or CROWDESTATE after reading your reviews and own experience for most of us??…A lot at least for me.

    I would definitely pay something to have access to your insight into the companies. The more deep you go in the more valuable is for me. Perhaps You should explore the option of paying different prices for getting different services as it is obvious that not everyone thinks the value lies on the same place…

    Congrats for your blog and keep walking…;)

  35. Hi Jørgen.
    What are your thoughts about the situation for 2P2 lending, when we experience another big market crash like in 2008. This is all new so no lessons from the past here.
    I think some of the platforms could be in serious trouble as defaults could skyrocketing…
    What do you think what will/could happen?

    1. Hi Sw,
      There’s a podcast called “030 P2P Lending Deep Dive; minimising risk, surviving recessions and auto-invest strategy” in the about section where we talk about what we think would happen to p2p loans in a financial crisis. I recommend you listen to that one 🙂

  36. Hello jorgen, the income from lending and real estate are gross or net? Thank you. Luciano

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