Portfolio update April 2021

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Dear fellow investors, friends, family and future self.

April was the month where I started to look more seriously into the world of crypto currencies. I’ve been following the sector on the sidelines since 2015 but I’ve always seen crypto as pure speculation. I see myself as an investor, not a speculator. For this reason, I’ve held a small amount of coins to test the technology but never invested larger amounts.

However, some things have improved during the last year, which has changed my view a bit:

  • Wider adoption / acceptance

Large institutions, big companies, hedge funds etc. buy, trade and hold crypto to a degree not seen earlier.

  • Interest on crypto

Like any other currency, borrowing and lending is an essential part of the economy. Getting access to funds without the need of a bank is quite neat.

Interest can be earned by lending out your crypto, but it can also be earned by staking it on exchanges like Kraken or Coinbase* or simply holding it in your FreeBitco.in* account.

  • More use cases

The uses cases for crypto is rising rapidly.  Here’s 16 applications, just to give you an overview.

FreeBitco.in* has also launched a Premium program, where holding FUN tokens gives you certain benefits. There’s a clear roadmap for FUN token, where the coin will be used in online casinos, sports and e-sports betting, poker, social games like Mahjong and Big Two, financial games etc. For this reason, I’m holding 50 000 FUN tokens on my FreeBitco.in account.

Remember the BitTorrent filesharing app? Soon, BitTorrent tokens will allow users to earn a profit from seeding files, by unlocking faster download speed.

So to wrap up…. Even though I’m more interested in crypto than earlier, I’m still somewhat hesitant when it comes to putting serious money into it until we see a decent pullback. Crypto has been on an insane bull-run in the past 6 months and while it seems like it’ll never end – it will! A pullback is guaranteed to happen at some point. This is where I plan to accumulate up 10% of my portfolio in crypto.

The euphoria we’re currently seeing reminds me a lot about what happened in the end of 2017 (need I say BitConnect or USI Tech)? If you were following crypto in back then, you’ll probably remember the crazy amount of YouTube channels sharing their thoughts on various coins. 99% of these channels don’t exist today! Crypto has always been volatile and this time will be no different.

Net worth: April 2021

Crowdlending Income Invested Value
Bondora* -119.60€ 6 944€ 5 399€
Bulkestate* 2.52€ – 2 567€ 218€
Crowdestate* 3.34€ 5 012€ 6 027€
Crowdestor* 2.27€ 68 972€ 86 358€
Mintos* 124.21€ 7 309€ 16 076€
PeerBerry* 81.52€ 6 000€ 7 529€
ReInvest24* 36.94€ 1 000€ 1 150€
Robocash* 45.68€ – 3 402€ 774€
Swaper* 91.62€ 1 585€ 7 427€
Viventor* 0.59€ 4 083€ 5 707€
269.39€ 94 938€ 136 670€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1 545€ 18 080€ 45 493€
Property #2 1 167€ 61 200€ 67 067€
Property #3 464€ 54 793€ 48 277€
2 176€ 134 073€ 160 839€
Stocks (DEGIRO*) 84 961€ 156 441€
Crypto 2 000€ 5 136€
Cash 10 250€
Total 2 445.39€ 315 972€ 469 336€

Comparing to last month

My Net Worth dropped 2 531€ from 471 870€ last month. This was mainly due to falling stock prices.

Crowdlending updates

I continue withdrawing from most crowdlending platforms as loans are paid back. This is not because I have lost trust in platforms like Robocash*, Swaper*, Crowdestor*, Bulkestate* or Mintos*. It’s only because I want to see if I can earn higher returns on the stock market.

Compared to current prices, I think most of my stocks will see a 20-30% increase in value before this year ends. At least, that’s my expectation and the reason for the withdrawals.

April was the first month in a while where I received next to nothing from Crowdestor. Several of the projects I’ve invested in are in the final stage and I expect to see some repayments in the coming months.

Real Estate

If you’re a regular follower, you’ll know that we currently live in our 3rd investment property while it’s being renovated.

The kitchen renovation is 90% done. Just some paint work and other small finishes remains. The bathroom renovation has not been started yet, it’s really hard to find available craftsmen. They’re all booked up until the end of August.

Living without a shower is tough. Fortunately, fitness centers and public swimming pools are opening again soon. We’re looking very much forward to that.


Most of my stocks have tanked recently. There’s been a clear sector rotation going on, where capital is moved from growth stocks to value stocks and crypto. I expect the money will flow back into growth stocks later this year.

Maybe we need to see correction in crypto (Dogecoin crash?) for people to be incentivized to invest in growth stocks again?

Gains in solid conservative plays, like Regeneron, Kirkland Lake Gold and Nokia made the month less disastrous than it could have been.

Remember, you can see my stock portfolio here and follow me on Twitter to get live updates when I make a trade.

I buy my stocks and trade on DEGIRO*, which I consider the best and cheapest no-bullshit broker in Europe. If you use this link* to sign up we will both receive a 20€ in transaction reimbursement (fee deduction).


I bought 26 FLOW tokens and staked them on Kraken. They pay 4.6% interest and the tokens can be unstaked at any time. Interest payments are paid out every week. This was my first purchase at Kraken and I must say; I’m not impressed with their user interface! Maybe it needs some getting used to.

I’ve transferred 3 500€ to my Coinbase pro account. I’m not sure what to buy yet. I’ve been thinking about getting some HEX but, as any other coin, the price has been parabolic the last week, so I’m waiting for a pullback.

Speaking of HEX does any of you know Richart Heart? I’ve been following him for a while and seen lots of his videos. He seems to be an intelligent, genuine down-to-earth guy. Question is, can he be trusted, or would he use his IQ for wrongdoings? I’d love to hear from you if you have any insights.

Free EUR bank account with no fees

Do you live in Denmark, Poland or Sweden? Having an N26* bank account will save you from currency exchange fees when dealing with euros!

I use N26 to transfer to and from my investments. It even comes with a free debit MasterCard. N26 is by far my favorite banking provider!

N26 bank account

That’s it for this month!

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29 Replies to “Portfolio update April 2021”

    1. I wrote off my Wisefund and Grupeer investments a couple of months ago. While the webpages still exist, there’s no progress in recovery of funds. Wisefund is either a very poorly managed company or a scam, I’m not sure.

      1. There is indeed little progress in the legal process that Grupeer is pursuing, according to what the company has announced on its blog. Because I too am stuck with some money I invested in them, I want to believe that within the next year they will start returning funds to investors. What do you think?

        1. I have no idea of what’s going to happen with Grupeer. From my experience of visiting them several times, I want to think that they’re sincere. We should see some progress during the next year if they intend to pay investors back.

  1. Hello there, great update once again.

    There’s a saying that a vast majority of people can not outperform the marktet/S&P500 index funds, yet here you are trying to do that.
    What makes you believe that you can do it?

    Thanks for the reply.

    1. I follow some people who have been beating the S&P index consistently for a decade. I’m up more than 75% from my initial position last year, so even with a small set-back I still have faith in the strategy.

        1. Yep, any monkey could throw a dart and be up 75% from April 2020. Producing consistent returns will be harder.

  2. Hey Jorgen, I’ve been following the blog for some time.
    I noticed that you are studying about crypto and I have to confess, I’m in this space for a quite long time and It is easy to get lost in the beginning. Well, you are right on do not enter the market right now I would say that almost everything is in the all time high.
    My advice…
    Study about stable coins and AMM(Automated market maker). https://swop.fi/docs/faq#0.1

    I would start buying stable coins and put them on a pool from those AMM. Then I would only buy something with the profit.

    Search for swop.fi, uniswap.org and exchange.pancakeswap.finance

    1. You’re right Trevor, it’s a jungle to navigate for beginners. Having thousands of coins to chose from, each with different selling points, doesn’t make it easier. Thanks for the advice on AMM, I’ll look into it. Do you know anything about HEX?

      1. I do not know, but taking a look at the https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/hex/ I can see that this coin is less than 2 years old and in the last month it grew like crazy. Someone might think that it is time to buy, but in crypto you have to think in the opposite way. I mean, you have to be away from it until it has a huge correction.
        Others advice:
        1 – Do not be greed. Profit is what you looking for.
        2 – Again, study about stable coin. USDC/USDT/USDN/BUSD
        3 – Study about pools/farms on AMM market. There are some pools that gives you 20-40% APY in stable coins – https://swop.fi/infohttps://pancakeswap.finance/farms/
        4 – Binance is the biggest exchange it is interesting having an acc there.
        5 – Elon Musk no nothing about crypto, but he has ways to impact the market.
        6 – Never buy something when all time high
        7 – Do not be greed. Did I say that? Few profit is always better than debt.
        8 – Do not do day trade. 99% of people that do it loses money. You are not 1% they are usually bots.
        9 – Doge has no value, no project, no development. Stay away it will dump like crazy some day.

        Sorry for the late response.

  3. Hey, thank you for your update! I enjoy reading them very much. I am glad you started to look into Crypto. Have you considered DFI? Defichain is a completely decentralized Blockchain that will offer decentralized lending, tokenization, stocks, futures, options and more. On top of that you get over 90% on staking, which you can also unstake at any time. You can get 30$ in DFI for free on cakedefi (referral link removed) and you can use their staking and liquidity services as well as their lending services, too. Check it out if you like.

    Thank you for your articles 🙂 always love to read them. Have a great week! Hope everything goes well with your third property!

    Kind regards


    1. Hi Bastian,
      Thanks for commenting! I’ve not heard about DeFiChain. There’s so many crypto coins, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them. I thought HEX was nuts for offering up to 40% on staking. I see DFI tops that with 90%. Not sure what to think of it. I’ll look into it, that’s for sure!

      Sorry, I had to remove your referral link. If I allowed it, the comments section would be flooded with referral links.

      All the best,

  4. Hi Jørgen,

    Very nice post. I have a bit of a question, your portfolio seems very balanced between Stocks, Crowdlending and Real state, which one of those do you plan to reduce to create room for Cryptos?


    1. Hi Juan,
      When a correction to the crypto bull run comes, I’ll most likely reduce crowdlending to add to my crypto portfolio.

  5. FYI, 4000 investments funds in Germany have just been allowed to invest up to 20% of their capital in cryptocurrencies …

  6. Hey! I’m soo happy you are thinking about getting into HEX. I got in on the first day of the launch back in 2019 so I think I can help you out. Richard Heart is one of the most straight forward, honest, no bullshit guys in crypto. Hex represents the ideals he constantly talks about (delayed gratification, no day trading, true decentralized DEFI without no off switch).

  7. How satisfied you are with Crowdestor? I see you have invested quite a lot there. Is their loan portfolio good quality? How they are managing defaults?

    1. Hi Toms,

      Overall I’m satisfied with Crowdestor. There’s still room for improvement on managing delayed projects. Some delay and uncertainty though, is one of the prices investors have to pay for getting 20-30% interest on their loans.

      You can see the public statistics of the Crowdestor loan portfolio here: https://crowdestor.com/en/statistics

      Pre-covid all projects were paid back on time +- a couple of days. After March 2020, it’s been a different story where most projects are delayed. I’m still seeing full repayments from time to time so it’s not all bad. The big question is how defaults will be managed. There’s not been enough cases and not enough time has passed to come to any conclusion on this. I’m very selective when I reinvest money into new projects.

  8. Hi Jorgen,

    I’ve been looking at your blog for quite some time now, have enjoyed the status updates that you’ve been giving. It gives a very feasible result, and I would lie to myself if I’d say that you didn’t help me on my own way to FIRE.

    I understand that P2P hasn’t really worked out as any of us would have expected, nevertheless I quite liked the idea of generating a monthly cashflow which is supposed to be stable with expected returns. It gave a clear path, if everything went according to plan, to retire. Currently you quite seem to be in the speculative segment with Crypto & Stocks. I personally have the feeling it is quite defying the purpose of what you wanted to achieve, being an investor and not a day trader. Is there any reason why you went for more speculative assets? Personally I don’t get why you didn’t go for stable ETF’s with a mix of bonds to generate a more stable income. There are plenty of models that gives you a range of expected returns, Sharpe ratio most notorious, in which you can just invest and the chances of things going wrong are heavily decreased compared to your current portfolio. Furthermore there are plenty of stocks that give an 6%-9% dividend, I think these stocks are safer options than the more speculative ones.

    Besides that why did you switch from monthly income to net worth? Isn’t that exactly the opposite and what you tried to achieve? A stable monthly cashflow, not instantly dependent on net worth.

    1. Hi Rick,
      Thank you for commenting. I’m happy to hear that my journey has helped you getting into the mindset of creating wealth for yourself.
      Monthly cash flow is still one of my highest priorities when I invest. However, currently it’s harder to achieve reliable monthly income from trustworthy sources. I’m still an investor, I very rarely make any shortterm trades! The reason why I’m not going for stable ETF’s / Bonds is simple; The amount of money I currently have is not enough to FIRE if I invest in traditional low-yielding investments. Thus I try to get better returns in riskier assets. I want to give it a short to see if it works out, if not, physical labour is on the table again.
      Monthly cash flow is still calculated and displayed in my portfolio updates. I just added total net worth as well and made it the superior measurement. The reason being, that “total net worth” is the metric used by traditional FIRE bloggers.

  9. In 2019 I followed you and invested in Fastinvest, Wisefund and Crowdestor… I guess i lost all my money. So my fault to just step in, but it is a bit hard to see a this good news. Of course I like to see everbody happy, but it is tough…

  10. Just curious, why You are not increasing your positions on Reinvest24 since 2019? To me, this platform is one of the best in terms of return and management.

    1. I like ReInvest24, they seem to be genuine and trustworthy people. For a long time, ReInvest24 was the smallest platform of all though. I prefer liquid investments and they didn’t have a secondary market. They do now, but now I’m decreasing most of my p2p positions.

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