Mintos review – Results after 24 months

Mintos review

This Mintos review is 100% unbiased and based on my own experiences after 2 years of investing.

What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Latvian P2P investment marketplace that connects alternative lending companies with investors all over the world. The platform launched in January 2015 and currently serve 38 loan originators and more than 58.800 investors from 69 countries. Loans worth more than 678 million euro’s have been funded since it’s inception.

Mintos has three offices employing 50 people in Riga, Warsaw and Mexico City, with offices shortly opening in Brazil, Russia and South East Asia. By the end of the year, they plan to double the number of employees.

Mintos is the peer-to-peer lending market leader for continental Europe with a 38% market share according to AltFi Data. Less than 3 years after launching, Mintos reached profitability in 2017 with a revenue of 2.1 million EUR and net profit of 196.000 EUR.

Mintos won AltFi’s “People’s choice award” in 2016 and 2017 and I understand why it’s so popular.

Mintos review Mintos review

What kind of returns can I expect?

Click here to see how my Mintos portfolio has evolved over time. The page is updated every month!

I have invested with Mintos since 07.02.2016 and my returns have been very stable and predictable month after month.

My personal net return is 13.21% which is well within range of what you can expect to get. Most loans have interest rates from 10% to 14%. The net average return across the platform is 12.14%.

Mintos review
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Buyback guarantee

At the time of writing a massive 122.188 loans are available on the primary market. Only 567 of these have no buyback guarantee.

But what is the definition of a buyback guarantee on Mintos? It’s essentially a promise from the loan originator, that if a borrower fails to make repayments for 60 days, the loan originator will step in and give you back the invested principal + interest earned for the period you held the loan, including the 60 overdue days.

It doesn’t make it risk free. It simply transfers the risk from the borrower to the loan originator, so you don’t have to worry about each and every borrower in your portfolio. Instead you only have to worry about the loan originator defaulting. If the loan originator has a healthy and profitable business then you will be able to profit.

Personally I think the buyback guarantee makes P2P lending much more appealing to the average investor!

What if a loan originator goes bankrupt?

It’s unlikely that all loan originators will perform flawlessly for all eternity. P2P lending is a booming industry and “survival of the fittest” also applies here. After nearly 3,5 years of service Mintos has experienced problems with 1 loan originator: EUROCENT.

It’s been almost a year since EUROCENT loans were suspended on the platform. Since June 8, 2017, more than half of the invested principal has been recovered. I will not go too much into detail in this post, just be aware that default of a loan originator is likely to happen.

You can read more about the EUROCENT default in the Mintos Blog.

Campaign rewards

Mintos review

In 2018 Mintos introduced campaign rewards. It basically means that you get cash back when you invest in loans from a certain loan originator.

Below you can see some examples of these cashback campaigns.

Mintos review

At the moment I prefer the Mogo cashback campaign, even though the loans provided only carry a 12% interest rate. The 5% cashback can be reinvested in new cashback loans, which gives more cashback which, again, can be reinvested… You get the point? If not, here’s a small example.

Let’s say you invest 10.000€ in cashback loans. You get 5% back which is 500€. If you invest those 500€ and get 25€ back. Continuing to invest those 25€ you get 1,25€ back. Now your account value is 10.526,25€. Some of these loans might even be bought back if the loan agreements are changed. In that case you will receive your invested principal and interest back, which you can invest in new cashback loans.

Long story short, the cashback campaigns can give a really nice bump to your invested amount in a short period of time!

(Update: Mogo cashback campaign has ended for now but it will probably come back at some point in the future.)

Setting up Auto-Invest

Like most platforms, Mintos have an “Auto-Invest” feature so you don’t have to select loans manually every time your account has cash available.

My Mintos portfolio is not diversified much. I’d rather maximize the potential on each platform and spread the risk between different platforms instead, but that’s just a personal preference. I cannot give you any specific advise on who and what to invest in, but I can show you how I have set up my auto-invest.

Mintos review

I have created 2 auto-invest strategies:

  • Mogo buyback loans with 12% interest rate and duration > 61 months (60+ months gives 5% cashback)
  • Min. 15% interest rate and buyback

Mogo loans have first priority. If no Mogo loans are available it will invest in the second strategy.

Unfortunately, the auto-invest tool does not favor higher interest loans. If you set min. interest rate to 12% and 15% loans are available you could get 12, 13, 14 or 15% interest loans.

My auto-invest settings

Below you can see my current Auto-Invest settings. It’s used when no Mogo cashback loans are available. In my opinion there’s no right or wrong, it’s just a personal preference partly inspired by this blog post on I adjust the settings once a month to include new originators and to make sure I get the highest interest rate possible.

Mintos review          Mintos review         Mintos review

Secondary Market

The secondary market on Mintos is HUGE (even bigger than the primary market). A lot of people try to make extra profits by selling loans with a mark-up, or to sell with a discount that is smaller than the cashback they just received.

If you wish to sell your investments and cash in before your loans reaches maturity you can do so on the secondary market. Due to the sheer number of loans available you might have to give a small discount to get any attention from other investors. Unless you have been able to get some high interest loans, those might be able to score you a nice premium.

Market expansion and growth

The rapid expansion and addition of new loan originators over the years is quite impressive. However, I’m a little concerned about the quality of the loan originators they add. Some are very small and some have not been in business long enough to prove their eligibility for existence. Investors have to do a lot of research before adding any new originators to auto-invest. Or take a leap of faith and trust 100% in Mintos’ ability to only add healthy originators to the platform.

Mintos review: Conclusion

The biggest plus about Mintos is probably all the options you have for diversifying your investments. On the other hand it may also the biggest con; there’s so many loan originators and options which makes it hard for new investors to know what to invest in. You have to select and adjust your strategy as new originators join, when new campaigns arrive or when interest rates change due to market competition. If you don’t adjust, you may experience cash drag when no loans fit your criteria. Or you might miss out on higher interest loans if you set the bar too low. That said, I only spend about 30 minutes on a monthly basis, which is not much compared to what I get in return.

If you’re looking for a trusted P2P platform with a long working history and prime diversification options there’s no way around Mintos. They have a really well working platform and good support as well. Combined with the generous buyback campaigns, Mintos is a must have platform in your P2P portfolio.

Bonus: Get 1% extra on your first investment

I have arranged a deal with Mintos, which gives you an exclusive 1% bonus on all investments you make within the first 90 days from your registration if you sign up through one of my links. You will not get this bonus if you sign up directly on

Please share your opinion

Are you already an investor at Mintos? If so, please share your thoughts on the platform in the comments section below. Does it meet you expectations? Are you satisfied with the returns? Do you try to diversify as much as possible, or do you prefer to invest in a few loan originators? How much of your portfolio would you be willing to invest into a P2P platform like this?

Other options

While you’re here, be sure to check out My Portfolio for other great investment opportunities. You can compare the returns I get from the platforms every month.

10 Replies to “Mintos review – Results after 24 months”

  1. I’ve been on Mintos around 3 months and loving it! My net annual return is around 10% and I’m delighted monitoring the progress with my auto-invest settings.

  2. Hi Jørgen,

    Congratulations on the great site and thank you for sharing your story.

    A question on Mintos – what is your view on the short-term loans? Currently there are plenty of them with high interest (14%) and a buy-back guarantee.
    Any reason why we should invest in anything different?


    1. Hi Kaloyan,

      I like the 14% short-term loans with buyback and invest in them myself. Only reason to invest in something different is if you want more diversification in your portfolio. A loan originator can go bankrupt and in that case the buyback guarantee isn’t worth anything.

      1. Hi Jørgen,

        Yes, this risk always exists, both for short and long term. Currently there are 8-10 originators offering such loans which seems good to me.

        I was wondering whether the frequent reinvesting comes with some “downtime” for the money.
        A recent case I had was a short term loan which was returned in a day but technically the money were away from my account for 2 days. The interest paid was for only 1 day. I’ll contact Mintos for detail. Have you had any similar observations?


        1. I haven’t had any similar observations, but I also didn’t look for it so I could have missed it. I don’t think it impacts the returns much, in most cases the loans are held for more than 2 days. You should receive interest for for every full day that you have the loan.

  3. Dear Jorgen,

    first of all let me thank you for you great work! I have been looking for a source of inspiration to start my investment journey and eventually I found your (amazing) blog.
    I’m 24 year old consultant with a 1500€ net monthly income and a monthly saving average of 400€ and around 15k savings. I am thinking about investing the first 2k + 150€ every month divided as follows:


    As far as you experience taught to you, do you think this may be considered a decent/reasonable “first step”?

    P.S. i am aware you do not provide investment advice, i am just looking for an “experienced opinion”

    Thank you once again for you work,

    1. Dear Luca,

      If I was brand new to Crowdlending, I would spread my first investment into all 3 platforms (maybe 700€ in each). That would give me experience of each of platform and it would be easier to decide which platform deserves my money next month. It’s also good for diversification and to experience the difference between peer-to-peer and business/project loans.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Hi Jorgen, very impressive 🙂
    A question. How do you organize your affiliate commission?

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