Grupeer deposit problems

Hey all,

I just wanted to forward a short official update from Grupeer to those of you currently in the process of transferring money to them.

What was the problem?

Grupeer had 3 options available for bank transfers and they are experiencing problems with the one called “ONPEX”.

Deposit information for ONPEX has been temporarily removed from the site, until the issue has been resolved. The two options available “SatchelPay, UAB” and “Baltic International Bank” works without any issues.

Official message


Dear investors,

First of all, we are extremely sorry for your experience and appreciate your patience on this matter.

Additionally, with occurred situation we also experience delays in our mailbox responses but we can assure you that each investor’s case is investigated.

We completely understand that such an issue is of great concern and we take full responsibility on this matter. After receiving the full authorized payment confirmation we will immediately credit the funds to your Grupeer account.

Again, we want to apologize for the inconvenience caused and we hope that this situation will not affect your future cooperation with us.

Kind regards,
Grupeer team



That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to presenting the next monthly update for you next week.


22 Replies to “Grupeer deposit problems”

  1. I was going through the same problem today. First emailed, but after couple of hours called directly to support (Dublin). The lady was very polite and promised to call back with an answer. After about 15 minutes a gentleman which introduced himself as a CEO of the company called me to apologize for the inconveniences, explained me the situation and after a while the money I was waiting for seven days were deposited on my account.

  2. I’m trying to register at Grupeer, but all the confirmation mails and SMS are not working. Frist, I thought this platform is buggy. After reading this I understand the problem. Now starting with robocash and when Grupeer is up and running, they join my p2p portfolio.

    1. Hi Tom. I received this answer from the Grupeer support:

      Normally, everything should work smoothly. From time to time we have some issues with particular Telecom providers.

      In any case, if he is having any troubles, please inform him that he can contact us and we will help him to register (we will call him and identify his mobile number).

      1. Hi Jorgen,

        They contact me by phone. Everything is solved now. Also the first deposit is received in my account. This morning I transferred more money to the account. Waiting for receivement and planning more investments there.

        Thank you for your help and information.

      2. After the deposit last monday (morning) still no funds at grupeer.
        Problems are still not solved. How many days it normally takes for receiving your funds?

        1. Hi Tom. I asked Grupeer for a status yesterday and this is the answer I got:

          “I can confirm that all the customers that have contacted us about this issue have already received their deposits on their accounts – so here the issue is solved. However, we continue to receive notifications (but in smaller amount than before) about the deposits that hasn’t been credited yet (was sent in the beginning of March but found out only today). Each case is continuing to be investigated individually but in majority of situations are solved as fast as received. ”

          So if your deposit has not arrived, you should contact support and they will process your deposit immediately.

          1. Hi Jorgen,

            thanks for the quick response.
            I’ll contact grupeer about the deposit.
            Hopefully it is a one time incident and future deposits goes smoothly.

          2. Hi Jorgen,

            again thanks for the support.
            Funds is available at my account :D.

  3. Hi Jørgen, I haven’t had any problems transferring money to Grupeer (also transferred to the ONPEX bank earlier this month). However, I’ve heard that there are danish banks that a warning their clients NOT to transfer money to ONPEX, as they are considered “unsafe”…
    I now see that Grupeer has removed this bank from their roster.

    Strange… 😉

    I don’t understand why they’d need 3 different banks (now 2).

    1. Hi Nick. They provide different deposit options through banks in different countries to improve the customer experience and strengthen partnerships between Fintechs.

  4. Same issue for my transfer from the 22/03. Never recieved .. in my grupeer account ;-(
    Thanks for the info I did not had.
    Hope they will correct the issue quickly

  5. I made a deposit 7 days ago, still nothing in my account… Compared to Envestio, where its visible in 10 min… i’m getting kind of worried. No replies from the staff to my emails, but i have hope they will fix it soon.

    I switched to this new account nr after they indicated there was a new one in Luxemburg. All this switching between countries and banks makes me wonder if something is going on?

    At least they are transparant to investors about it.

    1. I wouldn’t be worried. They are having issues with 1 out of 3 banks for the first time. I’ve meet the Grupeer team in person and they are always trying to do their best to help investors get a good experience. Let’s hope they’ll sort things out quickly.

      1. Yes Jørgen, they solved it today! It’s just a little bit concerning as an investor to not know where your funds are at… I just got off the phone, and even though they haven’t received the funds yet, they credited my account in advance. Was helped by a very nice lady too. So, problem solved.

  6. Hi, I recently found your blog through a post comment you made on another blog. I started reading your older post and I’m not up to date yet as I would like to pace myself to enjoy the read. Really enjoyed it so far, thanks for sharing your journey!

    I am new to the concept of peer to peer lending and I’d like to ask a more experienced user: if you’d start all over again, say you have 15k to invest, how would you go about it ? Would you split this intro 3-4 parts and invest it or would you split it even more ? What would be your first 3-4 platform would you recommend to a newbie ?

    Thanks in advance !

    1. I’m happy to hear that Daniel!

      With 15k I would probably split it into 3-5 platforms. It depends, if those 15k is the final amount you’d like to invest, or if you want to increase it to 30k or more over time. If 15k is what you want to invest in total, I would definitely go for 5 platforms. The 5 platforms could be Mintos, Envestio, Crowdestor, Grupeer and Robocash. It’s always nice to try different platforms to see which one fits your needs best.

  7. I am getting a constant error in grupeer form that states my phone is invalid.
    It is very strange as I fill in the form correctly. I select the country: Spain, it autonatically adds +34 the i place my mobile number and it continues indication it is invalid. Well, i do not have any other phone number, that si the one, folks, you should fix it

    1. Hi Mirl,

      I had the same issue.
      Sent an email to them with a screenshot regarding this problem.
      They will call you – ask you a few questions to verify your account – and fix the issue.

      Good luck!

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