Financial Independence Europe Podcast – featuring me

Financial Independence Europe

My first English podcast interview

I was recently interviewed by Alvar and Araminta from the Financial Independence Europe blog. They are very enthusiastic and do a phenomenal job with their podcasts.

If you are interested in Financial Independence in Europe you definitely want to jump in and start listening. I hope you will enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed participating in it.

What we talk about:

  • Reaching FI in Denmark
  • P2P lending and what it’s about
  • The best research strategy
  • Crowdlending vs index funds
  • How to get started with P2P
  • Real estate
  • My FI journey

Let’s get to it!

You can find the show notes here

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Everyone deserves to know about Financial Independence, don’t you think?

7 Replies to “Financial Independence Europe Podcast – featuring me”

  1. Hi Jorgen, I will look forward to hear the podcast tomorrow morning on my way to work. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Jørgen,

    I have became familiar with what you’re doing thanks to this very podcast! I have gone through all of the reviews you have made and will probably use a few of your affiliated links.
    Few years ago I have joined two services of P2P lending in Poland but was not impressed especially when some of the loans I have participated in defaulted.

    I definitely need to diversify as most of my investments are RE and RE-related.

    Keep up the good work Jørgen.


    1. Hi Łukasz,

      I’m pleased to hear that! I really like podcasts, it’s a great way to learn. I haven’t heard of any Polish P2P lenders, but it sounds like I’m not missing out on anything 🙂


  3. Hej Jørgen
    In the podcast you mentioned having an accountant doing the Tax part of the investments declarations for you.
    Can you be more specific on how do you use, which kind of info do you submit to this person, how many times per year and the costs related?
    Did you start right away or after investing a set amount of money?
    Thanks =)

    Mvh Rita

    1. Hi Rita,

      I started working with my accountant not too long ago. In the past I have been unsure how to do the tax filing, so I wanted someone professional to take care of this.

      My accountant have asked for yearly reports and account balances from each platform. 1 time per year should be enough. That said, I’m working on creating a company for my investments and blog, so things can change a lot in the near future. I’m not sure what the total expenses will be.

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