Crowdestor review – Meeting the team in Riga

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What is Crowdestor?

I recently had the opportunity to visit another crowdlending platform in person. This time, meet the Crowdestor team!

Crowdestor is a peer-to-business marketplace where approved companies can attract funding to help grow their businesses. 

I first learned about Crowdestor in February 2018 where I made my first investment and also wrote my “Crowdestor – First impressions” blog post.

More than 3000 people have signed up and completed full registration and verification. Raised funding for projects currently amounts to ~6.000.000 EUR.

It has been a good experience investing with them so far. Interest payments have been paid on time and the first project I invested in has been paid back already. So I was pleased that they wanted to show me more.

I have invested 30.000€ myself and earned 1.744,36€ interest so far. Here is my account overview from June 11th 2019:

You can track the performance of my Crowdestor portfolio on this page: 

It’s updated every month!

Visiting some of the projects

Not only did we have the chance to talk with Gunars Udris and Janis Timma for 2 days, they also showed us some of their projects that are currently available on the platform. 

The INCH2 project

One of the projects available to invest in, is the fast growing and widely popular fashion brand INCH2. They’re signing contracts with wholesale partners and need to up the production capacity. This requires money of course and interest will be paid on a monthly basis to investors.

The INCH2 investment offers a fixed 17% interest rate + up to 5% extra depending on the turn over for the company in 2019. 

They are looking for 100.000€ and 90% is already funded at the time of writing.

Restaurant “The Catch”

On our second day in Riga we had an opportunity to eat at The Catch which is a Japanese Izakaya-style restaurant, focused on terrific raw food and robata-cooked seafood, meat and veggies.

The restaurant in Riga was made as a “proof of concept”. They have done nothing special about the interior or exterior design of the restaurant, they basically just wanted to see if this type of food would be popular.

We had a table booked for 15:00 o’clock but came half an hour early. The place was stuffed! So we had to walk around the city for 30 minutes and come back. 

It was our first visit so the waiter recommended a “tasting menu” where he’d serve a small amount of all their most popular dishes. This way we could try a lot of different things and get more inspiration on what to order on our next visit, he explained.

I didn’t take pictures of all the dishes but here is a small preview for you. Next time I come to Riga (or Berlin soon!) I will definitely come back for more.

My girlfriend loves Chinese and Japanese food, where I’m normally more like “Okay, I’ll go with it if this is what you want tonight darling”. I’m not saying this to promote the platform or the restaurant project in particular, but holy smokes, that food was delicious!! It is hands down the best Asian food I have ever tried. 

The Catch investment offers 18% interest per year and has an 18 month loan period. The project is looking for 100.000€ and 43% is funded at the time of writing.

You can read more about The Catch restaurant on Crowdestor’s investments page.

Real estate projects

The first real estate project we saw was “Development of apartment building Tomsona 6” which is currently available for investment in Crowdestor. 

It’s located in a nice area and as you can see, the project drawing is already in place on the fence 🙂

Current state:

Future state:

The project is looking for 60.000€ and is 58% funded at the time of writing. Interest rate offered is 12% per year and the loan period is 9 months.

The second property we visited, is actually a small treat for you, as we saw another real estate project which is not published on the platform yet. 
So you’ll be the first to learn about it! The project will probably be called “Development of apartment building Matīsa iela 71

Current state:

Future state:

You can read more about the development projects on Crowdestor’s investments page.

Finished real estate projects by the same developer/designer

Andris Riekstiņš, the developer of Tomsona 6 and the upcoming project on Matīsa iela 71, showed us one of the projects he has participated in – project “LEGEND” in Jurmala.

Design and architecture of project “LEGEND” was carried out by OpenAD, the same company that does the design and architecture for Tomsona 6 and Matīsa iela 71.

To see more of OpenAD’s work check out

Project “LEGEND”

Project funding

When you invest in a project at Crowdestor, you will earn interest from the day you click invest. Even if the project is not successfully funded, you will still receive interest for the days between your investment and the deadline for the fundraising campaign.

On other platforms (Crowdestate for example) you will only earn interest from the day the final agreement is signed.

Skin in the game

Crowdestor will always be involved in all projects either as co-financiers (from 2-10%) or as co-developers. I like that! This shows investors that they believe in the investment opportunities presented on the platform.

Buyback fund

Unlike most platforms, Crowdestor doesn’t provide buyback guarantee in the traditional sense. Instead, they have created a Buyback Fund with full visibility of the funds in it. Innovative and very transparent!

Read the details of the Buyback Fund below.

My impressions of Crowdestor

It’s been a busy start for Crowdestor. The first projects have been successfully finished and there’s lots of high interest rate projects in the pipeline. I have personally received full repayment on 3 projects already. It’s still early to say anything about the success rate of future projects though, a platform needs at least 3-5 years to show the real success rate. 

I think they have shown they’re focused and ambitious business men. They’re working hard to make a different kind of crowd investing platform with focus on interesting projects. To me, that is a lot more exciting to invest in, rather that just funding another p2p based consumer loan. 

Don’t get me wrong, I will still invest in normal p2p lending, it’s still good money. It’s just more appealing to know, that my investment is actually going to make a difference for a company. More people will be employed and I will contribute to a growing economy because of my investment.

So far, I have been very satisfied with my investing experience at Crowdestor.

58 Replies to “Crowdestor review – Meeting the team in Riga”

  1. P.S. I know you’re waiting for the FastInvest Review. It’ll be out shortly, I promise!! I just need the final comments to your questions from Simona.

    1. Hi Jorgen, could you please make a bit of clarification on your financial figures, for example “I have invested 15.000€ myself and earned 954,93€ interest so far”
      Is it 15 thousand or just 15?

  2. Hi Jorgen,
    Thanks for the lovely Review of the crowdestor. I like what I see and read and their project However I do not like the fact that they have no buy-back option in place.So I will hold of for the time being.

    What happened with your Fastinvest review? Wasn’t the date set for November 14 to visit those guys?

    Thanks and all the best


    1. Hi Ron,

      I’m glad you liked it! I prefer buyback guarantee as well, it would definitely be a big plus if they had it as well. They are very selective in choosing projects though. They know, that if just one project has payment problems, they would risk the entire reputation and future of Crowdestor.

      I know they’re in the “think tank” to figure out a way to add an extra layer of protection of security. But it’s probably not going to be 100% buyback guarantee.

      I visited FastInvest on November 14-16. The blog post is already written and ready to be published, I just need the final comments to your questions from Simona. I expect it to be out shortly! Sorry for the delay!

  3. Thanks, Jørgen! Great stuff. Funny, I actually just decided today to start investing with Crowdestor! Your review just confirmed that it’s definitely one to watch! I really like the platforms that pays a monthly interest – it just somehow seems more exciting to see cash flowing in regularly (also makes for more interesting monthly updates! :-p ) – even though the interest rates are often a little higher, on the sites that repays your investment in a bullet payment when they exit the project (like crowdestate and bulkestate).
    It took Crowdestor less than two hours to complete the verification process (today), and with a little luck, my funds will arrive on the platform tomorrow (transferred via Revolut today). I really want to get it on The Catch and Tomsona 6 😉
    It’ll be interesting to see if they get fully funded. Any idea what they’ll do, if they dont? I noticed that both bulkestate and envestio will add extra incentives to projects, if they are having a tough time funding them. Maybe they will do something similar…

    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Great to hear that the registration and verification was smooth and fast for you. I have high hopes for Crowdestor.

      I’m quite sure the projects will be fully funded. If the min. value is not reached I think they will cancel the project and repay investors the interest earned from they day they clicked “invest”. They could also go back to the borrower and try to negotiate better terms and extend the deadline for funding.

      I know they have other projects in the pipeline where the borrower is looking for 500.000€ or more. In these cases it makes sense to split it up into smaller batches or tiers like Envestio does. As an investor I prefer to know the full amount initially though, so I don’t get surprised when additional tiers are added later on.

      1. I agree, the tier xx annoys me a little too. At least they could indicate when they open the project that it’s tier 1 of x. Anyway, as you also note in the review, it’s really cool that you get to feel like you’re actually helping people/a community with your investments 🙂 That’s also why I like these type of investments. I’m not a huge fan of the classic p2p (Mintos/FastInvest etc.) really – but they too have their merits I guess…

  4. Well, in portfolio update was mentioned that FirstInvest review will be released on 20th November. So its already 28th, but ok, never mind about that.

    I would prefere to not even think about investing in FastInvest. If it takes close to two weeks to answer questions, then I can imagine what can happen with your invested money.

    1. Hi Alnis. I’m sorry about the delay. Simona answered all my questions in person when I visited FastInvest. When visiting, I decided it was better to spend the time talking to get as much information as possible, rather than spending the time on writing down all the answers to my questions. I sent the questions to Simona afterwards. The day we left, she travelled to USA for business meetings and came home just a few days ago. We all have been very busy lately.

  5. I’m so ambivalent about all these small P2P/B platforms.

    On the one hand, each of them offers some added value compared to the competition. On the other hand, investment platforms are not grocery shops – we don’t need one on every street corner!

    In finance, size matters. It adds stability. Banks are required to meet certain capital requirements, otherwise they’re simply not stable enough to guarantee the safety of their customers’ money.

    The same is true for investment platforms. If they only have a handful of borrowers, and their only capital comes from the small margin they make on interest payments – they can’t provide stability. What good is Envestio’s default guarantee if they don’t have hundreds of thousands of Euro in the bank? And how can they accumulate such capital when they have to compete over each client with Crowdestor, CrowdEstate, Grupeer, BulkEstate and others?

    I believe in the concept of these platforms, but it seems inevitable that at least some of them will fail – only because of the competition. It’s a shame, and can be prevented if they join forces.

    1. I appreciate your comment Ido. When you look at the recent growth in P2P platforms it seems kinda crazy. However, small businesses have always attracted funding from private investors. Until recently they had to know someone or get introduced to investors through their network. It was hard to find investors but it still happened on a large scale. Now it’s just easier on the internet.

      Some of these “business project funding platforms” existed as private investment funds before they decided to create a platform and invite other investors in. Even without a platform they would still exist, their growth would just be slower. They are actually “joining forces”, not with other platforms like you would like to see, but with other investors. These platforms will not necessarily fail or succeed more than private investment funds have failed or succeded in the past.

  6. Thanks for your review, Jørgen, it makes interesting reading.

    It is re-assuring to know that Crowdestor always takes part in every project as co-financiers and/or co-developers, but it would be even better if they detailed that involvement in each project description.

    Regarding INCH2, I worry about them repaying the loan. Looking at reviews on Trustpilot, customers have difficulty getting their money back when they cancel orders due to failed delivery on-time of their goods.

    1. Hi Rob,

      The comments on Trustpilot clearly indicates that INCH2 needs money to ramp up the production to keep up with the demand. Their boots are too popular and they can’t deliver them fast enough. From a consumer point of view it’s terrible that refunds are not always happening in a fast and professional way.

      They are selling A LOT of boots though, I was just informed about their sales from Black Friday. From an investor point of view I’m not concerned.

  7. Kudos to you, Jørgen. I just received this from Crowdestor:

    Thank you for your investment in the Tomsona 6 project.

    After yesterday’s article in investment blog Financially Free ( about Crowdestor, numerous investors have expressed interest to participate in Tomsona 6 project asking to prolong deadline for the funding campaign. We will extend the term of a fundraising campaign for Tomsona 6 until next Friday, 07.12.2018.

    Good job! Keep up the good work 😉

  8. Honestly, I’m still more convinced of the variety of projects and the Envestio’s default guarantee

    1. I understand Carlos. Crowdestor is just getting started, they will have to prove themselves. There’s still room for diversification in my portfolio though, and I think they offer some interesting projects with good returns as well. I’ll take both 🙂

  9. Hi Jørgen. Thank you so much for all the extensive information about your trips to the Baltics. I love it. Such a different view. What is you affiliate link for this platform? Interesting and diverse projects.

      1. Hi Jørgen,

        Can you please tell me how can you share an affiliate link as I couldn’t find on crowdestor? Is it because you have a special agreement with them or can anyone become an affiliate?

        I would have a similar question for bulkestate, but I saw that you also don’t share an affiliate link with this platform. I saw on their website that you could create an affiliate account which is pretty complex for my needs. I’m just looking for something basic similar to envestio or kuetzal to share it to my friends.

        Another question is if you know if also companies can invest through crowdestor. I send them an email 2 months ago but it was completely ignored. I wrote another email yesterday but best case I will get an answer next week.

        Thank you for your efforts and looking forward to hear from you.


        1. Hi Ovi,

          Crowdestor, Bulkestate and several other platforms only offer affiliate links to verified publishers.

          I think it’s possible to invest in Crowdestor as a company but I’m not 100% sure so you’ll need to get in touch with them.

  10. Hi Jørgen and thank you for a great blog. I was wondering since you are investing into multiple crowdfunding platforms and making reviews, how do you test the credibility of the services and the companies behind them? And do you complete an end to end financing round before investing a bigger amount? And by “end to end” I mean 1) invest to a project, 2) gather back the money with interest and 3) withdraw it back to your account/bank.

    It’s unfortunate, but there are a lot of hoaxes going around making people invest money and giving out nice graphs representing value growth. And eventually people won’t get their money back or out of the service.


    1. Hi Mika,

      To test the credibility and service of a platform, I talk to the platform team and try to ask the right questions – and then I go with my stomach feeling. That’s why I recommend you always do your own research before investing in anything.

      I don’t do what you call “a complete end to end financing round”. We have a have a big community here and on Facebook, it’s not really necessary. If anyone experiences a problem everyone will know right away.

      I’ve not heard of any hoaxes in European P2P platforms. Feel free to mention some names if you know any 🙂

  11. is there any kind of promo or referral program? I checked their site and I can’t find any.

  12. Hello Jorgen,

    I really appreciate your blog about p2p lending! May I have a question about exit strategy from crowdestor? Is it possible at this time?

    Thank you for answer,

    1. Hi Zbynek,
      You can withdraw from Crowdestor when you receive your principal from any invested project. Project duration is often 1 year or less.
      There’s no secondary market yet but I think they will introduce it in the future.

  13. Hello Jorgen! I want to congratulate you for this blog! I just wanted to ask you, can you withdraw to a revolut account from Crowdestor? i added money from my bank account. Thank you and happy earnings!

    1. Hi Jorge,

      I think you can, if you deposit money from your Revolut account first. You need to prove that the Revolut account is actually yours.

      1. Hello again.

        Ive sent them an email and today tgey answered me that i have to add at least 2€ from revolut and then i can withdraw money to revolut.

  14. Crowdestor is always on time to pay interest, but are there any late or defaulted loans? thank you

    1. None of the loans I’ve invested in have been late. The fur project was a special deal where they would be able to benefit from buying and selling discounted assets of a potentially defaulting company. Other than that, no defaults so far.

  15. I been invested in mintos and bondora only from very early on. Only last month deciding to diversify into two new platforms. Only €500 in both Envestio and Crowdestor. Do you now have any concerns about these platforms in light of the ongoing Kuetzal debacle ? Hard to know what to believe. Many are speculating many more are rotten. 6.75% in go and grow suddenly does not seem so bad.


    1. I’m not concerned about Crowdestor, I know their team which has been the same since the beginning. I’m watching Envestio’s new team closely.

  16. Quick question:

    As opposed to other platforms like Envestio…

    – Is there any explaination why Crowdestor would not provide the Borrower’s name or Tax number before you book the investment?

    I’ve just invested in one project (Beach Volleyball courts in Tallin) and noticed that there was no mention of borrower (TehniAir OÜ) until I completed investment process and received the PDF of the contract.

    I woud always like to check who is actually getting my money* before I commit to an investment and I see no chance to do this at Crowdestor.


    *Not happy to see that TehniAir OÜ company revenue was only 29k in 2019 and they are about to onboard an investment of 210k in 2020.

  17. i can’t find wahunt remake anywhere on internet except on crowdestor and crowdlending rocks sites. regarding mickey rourke i could only dug out that he is involved in 2 movies atm ( and none of them is warhunt, maybe you know a way to look into it a bit closer Jørgen, because this doesn’t look good

    1. Hi Marin. Mauro Borrelli explained they started shooting the Warhunt movie in a video in the project description. Borrelli also says they’re getting funded by Crowdestor.

      I don’t have any confirmation about the actors. I guess sites like movieinsider are not always getting all info in real time?

      1. tyvm Jørgen, i like crowdestor too, i guess you know why alarms go of these days at sightliest suspicion, love your blog, keep up the good work

  18. Hi Jorgen, what do you think of the real projects that have expired and are not reimbursed on time, as they have always done?

  19. I was expecting a loan fully repaid 2 days ago on 22.03.20, unfortunately I did not receive it, probably because of the Covid virus and the 3 months gratis period that Crowdestor announced because of it, i was so close. Other have the same experience? My loan is the Eclectic Building that had news that it was completely finished in 27th February if I am not mistaken.

    1. Yes, we’re all in the same boat Tsvetomir. I’m also invested in that project and didn’t expect it to be affected by the virus situation. We’ll see what happens over the next couple of months.

    2. I see my old comment, i will update here that i was fully repaid with interest 3 months after.

  20. Hello Jorgen:
    The principal of deal in Crowdestor named Renovation of eclecticism style was payment due on 22Th mars. But it has not been credited on my account. Do you know something?
    Ive wrote to jannis but get no answer.

    1. Hi Fernando,
      See the email you received from Crowdestor on March 20th. No interest or principal repayments will be forced upon borrowers for 3 months because of the Covid-19 virus.

  21. Jorgen please.
    I’ve not received this email from Crowdestor about a moratorium or temporal extension of debt.
    Could yo please sent to me this email
    Muchas gracias

  22. Hi Jorgen, what do you think of Crowdestor’s last email? What will be your choice between A, B, C, D and E?

  23. Is it easy to withdraw funds from Crowdestor? I heard you can’t withdraw from Mintos because of the “money laundering” check.. they freeze your account

    1. Withdrawal requests are usually processed within a couple of days on Crowdestor. I’ve not heard about problems at Mintos. No one has mentioned frozen accounts on Facebook. If it was a general issue the group would be flooded by complaints.

  24. HelloJorgen
    Your beloved Crowdestor is delaying payments beyond the scheduled date.
    Fertilizer Export Financing and Timberland investment. And there will be more.

    1. Hi Rault. As with any high risk investment, some road bumps are expected. A delayed payment doesn’t necessarily mean a bad investment. You’ll find delayed payments on any platform.

  25. Yes Jorgen but that frustrates expectations and diminishes credibility and confidence and so further than we are in this bad situation ( Covid, Kuetzal, Monethera, Fast invest, Grupeer and so on).

    1. At least Crowdestor is informing investors of what’s going on. If you’re not a member of the official Crowdestor Facebook group already, make sure to join.

      It doesn’t matter what you invest in, there will always be some uncertainty and things don’t always go as planned. And it will always be frustrating. Some people dislike uncertainty so much, that they never invest at all. This means that they will have to work for money all their life. I’m okay with some uncertainty and deviations from original plans, as long as it doesn’t happen in every project every single time.

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