A talk about FIRE with Jean from Mastermind.fm

Hey everyone,

I hope you’re enjoying the summer!

If you have absolutely no clue what to spend your summer on, here’s a tip that will keep you entertained for an hour 🙂

I recently had a good conversation with Jean from Mastermind.fm about Financial Freedom.

In our chat, we talk about:
  • The FIRE movement and differences between the European movement and the US movement
  • How I evaluate P2P platforms
  • What it’s like to live in Denmark
  • How to raise a financially intelligent kid
  • Real estate investments
  • And much more…

I hope you find it interesting!

Listen to it here:

2 Replies to “A talk about FIRE with Jean from Mastermind.fm”

  1. Hi Jørgen,
    I really enjoyed this podcast. How clear and straightforward your speech is.
    I think financial independence varies from one individual to another, but spending less and saving more is the keystone for building your personal wealth and assets. But of course it doesn’t finish there. Investing makes a huge difference from being an average citizen, working your whole life just waiting for a decent retirement pension; or being a financially educated person who is in control of his/her expenses, incomes and assets.
    I agree with you about how affraid a lot of people are of investing. But as I see sometimes, they don’t actually seem to be concerned about being just one or two payroll away from bankruptcy, because they are trapped into the credit/expense cage.
    Anyway, congratulations for your excellent approach to investment and crowdlending world.

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