Mintos review – Results after 24 months

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This Mintos review is 100% unbiased and based on my own experiences after 2 years of investing.

What is Mintos?

Mintos is a Latvian P2P investment marketplace that connects alternative lending companies with investors all over the world. The platform launched in January 2015 and currently serve 38 loan originators and more than 58.800 investors from 69 countries. Loans worth more than 678 million euro’s have been funded since it’s inception.

Mintos has three offices employing 50 people in Riga, Warsaw and Mexico City, with offices shortly opening in Brazil, Russia and South East Asia. By the end of the year, they plan to double the number of employees.

Mintos is the peer-to-peer lending market leader for continental Europe with a 38% market share according to AltFi Data. Less than 3 years after launching, Mintos reached profitability in 2017 with a revenue of 2.1 million EUR and net profit of 196.000 EUR.

Mintos won AltFi’s “People’s choice award” in 2016 and 2017 and I understand why it’s so popular. I have invested with Mintos since 07.02.2016 and my returns have been very stable and predictable month after month.

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Grupeer review – Sign up process and first impressions

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What is Grupeer?

Grupeer is a P2P platform I have been following on the sideline for quite some time now. (Actually, I think it’s more appropriate to call it a P2B platform, as all their loans are to businesses.)

The company was registered in October 2016 and the platform was launched in February 2017. When I found them in September 2017 they only had a small number of investors so I was a bit hesitant to get involved. I chose to put them on the radar and follow them closely for a period of time.

More than 7 months have passed since then. They have grown in size and credibility and proven their existence to the point where I’m ready to invest. More than 1.000 investors have joined at the time of writing. One of my readers often points out that Grupeer is his favorite P2P platform so I’m excited to get started!

Grupeer’s business model is quite similar to Mintos. They are a P2P marketplace where loan originators can offer their pre-funded loans to investors. By doing this, they have more money available to fund new loans so they can leverage their businesses. I won’t go too much into details here, Grupeer has an extensive “How it works” site and a FAQ site that will answer most questions you may have.

Grupeer is planning to release about 2.000.000€ of loans per month in the near future. The current average is approximately 600.000€ per month distributed between 13 different loan originators. More originators will join the platform shortly. No official financial statement has been released yet but you can find more info about their financials here. Continue reading “Grupeer review – Sign up process and first impressions”


I recently found a new platform called CROWDESTOR. It’s a brand new crowdfunding platform based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Their first project was launched on 2018/02/14 and features a TESLA TAXI Park in Riga. Loan term is 12 months and interest payouts of 17% will be made on the 5th every month. Principal invested will be returned after 12 months.

You can read a lot more about the project here

I was really impressed with my Taxify experience in Tallinn, Estonia. When I saw a project like this, offering a 17% interest rate and monthly payments, I had to invest in it!

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Visiting Bondora’s office in Tallinn

Last week I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia to visit Bondora. I brought my mom who also invested in Bondora. Visiting a company always gives a better impression of your investment decision. Most of my questions had already been answered on email beforehand but we got a chance to meet and greet the people working there which I highly appreciate.

We traveled with airBaltic from Denmark, through Riga to Tallinn. During the visit we were staying at the TALLINK Spa & Conference Hotel, located in the old town of Tallinn. It’s a nice hotel with a very good breakfast buffet and a wonderful Spa area.

TALLINK Spa & Conference Hotel

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Robocash review

Robocash – First impressions

I was a little skeptical investing into Robocash initially. They didn’t have much information available on their website and some parts were written in poor English. Furthermore they had this picture of Dmitry-Balakhnin (Chief Brand Officer) to represent the company. I’m sure Dmitry is a great guy but let me be honest to say I was hesitant to trust him with my money. (They updated the website after I signed up and it looks way more professional now.) Continue reading “Robocash review”