Hi and welcome to my blog!

I’m 38 years old and live in Denmark with my girlfriend and our two kids. I started my journey towards financial freedom in August 2015.

I’m not financially free yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that I will be. Hopefully within 5-7 years. I’m saving and investing as much as I can every month until my goals have been achieved.

I believe anyone can achieve financial freedom regardless of their current income; it all comes down to a few simple steps:

1. Simplify your lifestyle
2. Earn as much as possible
3. Invest the difference

My passive income goals:

First goal: 3.000€ per month (at this level I will be financially free)
Second goal: 7.000€ per month
Third goal: 20.000€ per month

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If you’d like to contact me, my email address is jwolfdk@gmail.com